Administrative Forms

Administrative Drop/Add 

Students may drop/add courses on UAConnect during the schedule-adjustment period or during the first five class days of a major semester. Students who drop classes by the end of the first week of classes in the fall and spring will have their fees adjusted. A course dropped during the first 10 days of class of a major semester will not show on the official academic record. After the first 10 class days and before the drop deadline, a student may drop a course but a "W" will be recorded. Students may not drop a full-semester course after the Friday of the tenth week of classes in a semester. Check the form for correct student ID, College (AFLS or GRAD), Career (UGRD or GRAD), course ID, credit hours, and a reason for the drop/add. Drop/Add forms must have the signature of the instructor, the advisor, and department head. Form should be sent to the Dean's office for processing.

Administrator Evaluation Form

Evaluation Procedures for Administrators of Bumpers College and Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station

Change of Class Schedule 

This is an interactive PDF form that is to be use to make changes to the schedule of classes.

Curriculum Change Form Online

A variety of links to forms necessary for the curriculum change process. Major curriculum changes include: add a course, change a course, inactivate/delete a course. Minor curriculum changes include change a course and reactivate a course. There are also links from this page to view pending course changes at different levels of the approval process.

Description of Special Problems

 This form is completed by the instructor for each student enrolling in a special problem section. It should outline the expectations of the student to complete the special problem. The form should be submitted to the Dean's office within the first three weeks of the semester.

Early Alert Form

Graduate Faculty Application Form 

This form is used for initial approval of graduate faculty status of for any upgrade of status for graduate advising. The form is routed thought he senior member of the college representative on the Graduate Council for submission to the Graduate School.

Non-classified Support/Program Personnel Annual Performance Review Form and Rating Form

Program Changes

This is the electronic program/unit change form that is used to submit changes to degree program requirements.

Request for Special Topics class 

This form is used to describe the proposed course to be offered. It should have clear objectives, state a need for the class, and include a topical outline of the proposed course. This should be presented to the departmental curriculum committee, and approved by the department head. This approval must take place before the courses are submitted for the schedule of classes. Normally this time frame is one year in advance of the instruction of the course.

Request for Student Information 

The advisor or departmental representative completes this form specifying the criteria and need for the student list. The Dean's office will provide the list but all personally identifiable information for each student will be omitted.

Time Tabulation Worksheet  (New worksheet to come soon)

This spreadsheet is used for 9- and 12-month faculty to calculate the percentage of instructional load for the previous year. It is submitted with the faculty service review form during the evaluation period.