Student Forms

 AFLS Overload Petition (19-21 hours)

The student completes the student information, Proposed Schedule of Classes, and Reason for Overload sections. The advisor completes the Recommendations of Advisor section and signs the form. The student takes the form to the Dean's office for processing.

AFLS Scholarship Application

The Bumpers College Scholarship Application is available online only from January 1 - February 15 each year.  Applications must be fully completed and submitted by 11:59 PM February 15th. Some scholarships require additional materials which are listed separately from the scholarship application.  Additional scholarship opportunities are also listed separately and should be reviewed individually.

Change of Major/Minor Form

Students wishing to change their degree must complete this form and reply to their confirmation email to finish their request. If you have questions about this form, please contact

Course Substitution Form

This form must be submitted by an official Bumpers College Academic Advisor. It will then be sent through a review process.

The request will be sent from the advisor to:

  • Departmental Reviewer – initial approval for major, if department chooses to have this step
  • Department Head or designee as assigned by Department Head – final approval for specific major
  • Director of Student Records (Jody Davis, – final approval and processing
  • Administrative Manager for the Department – informational documentation for the department
  • Student for whom the substitution is submitted -  informational to know the request has been submitted

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as FERPA, is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of student education records.

Students can declare their 3rd Party Release in their UAConnect account by updating their profile.

Financial Aid Appeal

The student completes the Student Aid Appeal Cover Page, writes an appeal letter to the Student Aid Committee detailing the circumstance, and includes any supporting documents. The student's advisor completes the appeal form. The student takes the form and other documents to the Dean's office for processing.

Out of Career Form

The completion of the Out of Career Form is necessary when a graduate student wishes to enroll in an undergraduate level course or when an undergraduate student desires to enroll in a graduate level course for undergraduate credit. This form may require the signatures of the instructor, adviser, or department chair. It is submitted to the graduate dean's office.

Petition for Acceptance of "D" Grades for Transfer Credit 

Petition of Transfer Credit 

After the student completes and signs this form, it is returned to the Dean's office for recommendation. This form and all required materials should be submitted at least one month prior to the term for which admission is being requested.

Petition to Academic Standards Committee

Students complete Parts A and B; part C by the student's academic dean who will forward the petition to the Office of the Registrar. Petitions should reach the Registrar's Office by 4:00 PM three working days preceding the meeting of the Committee. The Academic Standards Committee calendar can be found online.

Petition to Use Grade Exclusion Policy

The Grade Exclusion Policy allows undergraduate students to improve their University of Arkansas (UA) undergraduate cumulative grade-point average (GPA) by requesting that the university exclude up to 9 credit hours in courses taken at the UA in which a grade of “D” or “F” was received. The excluded courses will no longer be used to compute the UA GPA or be counted as credit. Please confer with your academic advisor prior to submitting the petition.

UA Overload Petition (22+ hours) 

Students who wish to carry more than 21 hours per semester must first request and receive favorable action from the Academic Standards Committee. The Dean's office has these forms.