Frequently Asked Questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions and reach out to the Student Services Team when you need help. We are here for you!



Q: Who is my academic advisor?

Your assigned academic advisor is listed in your UAConnect Degree Audit. If one is not listed, please contact the Waldrip Student Center (AGRI 205) for help (479) 575-2252 -or-

Q: I am having difficulty in some of my classes. Where can I find a tutor?

1. General tutoring assistance:

2. Contact your class instructor to see if any offerings are available.

Q: How do I know what classes I need for my major and/or minor?

Major and Minor degree checksheets are available in the Undergraduate Programs information.

All students have access to their personal Degree Audit for all declared majors and/or minors through their UAConnect Student Center. These degree audits are updated automatically with course enrollments as students change their schedules and reflect exactly which major, concentration, minor, and catalog year the student is specifically pursuing.

Q: I am thinking about adding a minor and/or double major. How do I look at the possibilities and/or requirements before speaking to an advisor?


The degree audit link in UAConnect allows students to run "What If" audits to help them with decisions about possible changes to their degree plans (majors, concentrations, minors, and catalog year requirements).

Q: How do I transfer course work or AP/IB credit to the UA?

An official transcript with your final grade must be sent from the institution where the credit was earned to the U of A Registrar’s Office. AP/IB credits must be requested from College Board to be sent to the Registrar’s Office as well. Please visit the Registrar's Office Transfer Credit page for further information.

Q: How do I know if a class will transfer to the U of A from a Community College?

Please use the course equivalency guide to determine how a class will transfer for credit to the U of A.

Q: I am having personal problems. Who can help me?

There are numerous resources available to assist students who may be experiencing personal issues that prevent them from making successful academic progress. First, students are encouraged to visit with their academic advisor. If you would rather speak to someone outside of your department, feel free to contact Lucas Simmons, Senior Advisor & Student Experience Coordinator, in the Waldrip Student Center (AGRI 205), at 479-575-2121, email, or make an appointment through UA Success.

Students can also receive assistance by contacting CAPs (Counseling and Psychological Services) at Pat Walker Health Center on the corner of Maple and Garland. Schedule an appointment by calling 479-575-5276. For additional information, visit the CAPs website.

Q: How do I declare or change my major and/or minor?

Please complete our degree change form and reply to your confirmation email to complete your request. If you have any questions about your form, email

If you are a student from another college planning to add a minor, you must declare the minor in the College where your degree is housed.

Q: I am not sure about my major. Are there any resources to help me explore my options?

To explore your options in Bumpers College take a minute to look over our majors. If you are struggling with the decision of what to major in, you can schedule a meeting with Mr. Lucas Simmons, Senior Advisor-Student Experience Coordinator, in the Bumpers College Student Services Office.

Additionally, please take a moment to complete the free MyMajors Assessment that can help you determine an appropriate UA major, based on your interests.

Q: How do I calculate my GPA?


 Your cumulative GPA can be found in your UAConnect Degree audit. 

Q: What is the Grade Exclusion Policy and how do I apply for it? 

The Grade Exclusion Policy allows undergraduate students to improve their University of Arkansas (UA) undergraduate cumulative grade-point average (GPA) by requesting that the university exclude up to 9 credit hours in courses taken at the UA in which a grade of “D” or “F” was received. The excluded courses will no longer be used to compute the UA GPA or be counted as credit. Please confer with your academic advisor prior to submitting the petition.

Q: How do I withdraw from the University?

Withdrawing from the University (withdrawing from ALL your classes) is done through your UAConnect Student Center under the drop down links for “Other Academics” or by notify the Office of the Registrar in writing.

Detailed information on can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Q: How do I develop a resume and find job opportunities?

This should begin your freshman year, starting with you instructors and academic advisor. Additionally, The U of A Career Development Center is available to assist you with your resume and job searches.

Q: How do I apply for graduation?

Applying for graduation is done through your UAConnect Student Center under the drop down links for “Other Academics.” This link is activated once you have completed at least 90 credit hours.

Detailed information on can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Q: How do I request an official transcript?

Official transcript requests are done through the Registrar’s Office. Options and instructions are found on the Registrar's website

Q: Any additional questions?


The Bumpers College Student Services Office is always available to assist you. We encourage you to stop by our office in the Waldrip Student Center in AGRI 205 at any time. You can reach us by phone (479-575-2252) or email (