Bumpers College Student Ambassadors Spring 2024

The mission of the Dale Bumpers College Student Ambassadors is to promote, empower, and inspire the Bumpers College family by upholding these defined core values:

  • by being inclusive
  • by being knowledgeable and resourceful
  • by remaining professional and approachable
  • by appreciating diversity
  • by showing the family aspect of Bumpers College
  • by being servant leaders.


Have questions about becoming an ambassador?

If you have questions about what ambassadors do, how to become one, or even if the current team is available for a college event, please contact Laykyn Rainbolt, Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator, at


Applications for Fall 2024 Ambassadors are  CLOSED.



2023-2024 Ambassadors

Caroline Cheek

Caroline Cheek- Lead Ambassador, Environmental, Soil and Water Science, and English Rhetoric & Composition

When arriving at the U of A as a freshman, I had no idea how much Bumpers College would equip, guide and offer me in my academic journey. The faculty, staff and students shaped and encouraged my path, and granted me opportunities and relationships I wouldn't trade for the world. I want every student to be emboldened as a learner and as a person the way I was. I serve as an ambassador to do just that and am so excited to see what the next few years bring.

Abby Lunn

Abby LunnFood Science

I wanted to be an ambassador because of how passionate I am, not just for my major but for Bumpers as a whole. I love the community like atmosphere and how easy it is to get to know people on a personal level. I am so excited to be representing Bumpers College!


Abby Slaughter

Abby Slaughter- Poultry Science  

I pursued this ambassador position to help incoming students feel at home. I remember coming in as a new freshman and I had no clue about the inclusivity I would soon experience. It was something I definitely didn't expect, especially as a student in the agricultural college. I want to be able to welcome new students and existing students who feel alone, with open arms. I am so excited to share and add to this amazing community that I love so much!


Emma Richards

Emma Richards- Animal Science with a minor in Ag Business  

I am originally from Madras, Oregon, and am studying animal science. Before transferring to the University of Arkansas, I had no idea the lasting impact Bumpers College students and faculty would have on my education, or of the amplified commitment to academic success and career development leaders within the college would instill in me. I look forward to my time as an ambassador and to inspiring others much like I was when I began my educational journey at the U of A and encourage all students to boldly pursue their dreams.

Evan Seay

Evan SeayAgricultural Communication and Agricultural Leadership with a minor in Horticulture

I became an Ambassador because from freshman year the Bumper college has helped me a lot academically, mentally, and physically. This college has been there for me from highs and lows, it was the least I could do to give back and help other students who wish to pursue a degree in Bumpers College!


Hellen Vejerano

Hellen Vejerano- Animal Science  

 I decided to be part of the Bumpers College ambassador program because this college has given me wonderful personal and academic growth opportunities. Even though being a freshman can be terrifying and overwhelming sometimes, my main goal is to help students feel they belong here and share our passion for agriculture.


Jimena Rodriguez

Jimena Rodriguez- Animal Science

I have always enjoyed connecting with new people and finding that common ground with them. I love sharing the opportunities that I have been given through the U of A, but especially from Bumpers College. Being a Bumpers Ambassador has combined my favorites aspects of being a student at the University of Arkansas, into one. 


Josh Uptigrove

Josh Uptigrove- Agricultural Education and Ag Systems

I am from Scranton, Arkansas, majoring in agricultural education, communication and technology, with a double-concentration in agricultural education and agriculture systems. One of the things that gets me excited about Bumpers College is the close-knit, family-like atmosphere within the college. You get all the benefits of a flagship, D-I university but with a greater ability to build close connections with faculty and peers. This is something I have found vital to my success, and something that I think every college student should be able to experience. Go Bumpers!


Joshua King

Joshua King- Environmental, Soil & Water Science with a minor in Pest Management 

I love being a Bumpers College ambassador because it has enabled me to connect with the future of Bumpers and help other students navigate the multifaceted university lifestyle. Especially, as a transfer student, I know how difficult starting a new life can be, but with the multitude of opportunities and connections at Bumpers, every day is filled with new experiences and joy. I love it and I know you will, too!


Karley Williams

Karley Williams- Agricultural Education and  Agricultural Communications with a minor in Poultry Science 

I am from Lamar, Arkansas, studying agriculture education with minors in agriculture communications and poultry science. Being from a small town coming to the University of Arkansas was a huge transition. Within Bumpers I found family, friends and a purpose, which made the transition so much easier. As a Bumpers ambassador I want to help incoming and current students find their family, friends and purpose.


Kelly Duggins

Kelly Duggins- Agricultural Education

As a Bumpers College ambassador, I want to ensure every student feels at home on campus. As a recent transfer student, I understand the importance of finding a home and community in a new school, and I know Bumpers did that for me. In just a short time, the Bumpers community brought me friendships, opportunities and lifetime memories I will always be grateful for. I hope I can provide that to any student across campus. I am beyond excited to be representing Bumpers College! 


Lizzie Tribout

Lizzie Tribout- Agricultural Business

When touring the U of A as a high school student, I was told that Bumpers College made this huge campus feel small. After completing my first year at the U of A as a Bumpers student, I can confirm that Bumpers has given me a home away from home. I am an ambassador because I want to reassure current and future students that adjustment to college life can be difficult, but Bumpers makes this adjustment less stressful and more manageable.

Mali Ilhuicamina

Malinalxochitl Ilhuicamina- Food science (food technology concentration) with a minor in Natural Resource Management 

I decided to become a Bumpers College Ambassador because Bumpers College has given me a wonderful experience! The administration has helped me connect with like-minded students, teachers, and programs, which have supported me throughout my university career. I also wanted to join to develop my own leadership abilities so that I could be in a position to help other minority students have a sense of belonging on our campus!  

Max Smiley

Max Smiley- Agricultural Business Major with a minor in Horticulture

My admiration for the University of Arkansas fuels my desire to seize every opportunity it offers. Upon discovering the Bumpers College ambassador program, I recognized the ideal avenue to reciprocate the institution's generosity. As an aspiring leader and education advocate, being appointed an ambassador is an extraordinary privilege. I am dedicated to imparting insights, expertise and passion for the college to prospective students, their families and visitors, guiding them toward a fulfilling higher education journey. Serving as an ambassador empowers me to showcase the life-changing potential of a Bumpers College education, instilling confidence in others to pursue their aspirations boldly.

Molly Parker

Molly Parker- Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business

I am an ambassador because I want to share my passion for agriculture with other students. I love meeting new people, and I love telling people about how much I love Bumpers College!


Noah Boggs Riley

Noah Boggs RileyHuman Development and Family Sciences

I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the University of Arkansas and the unique opportunities it provides students. When I discovered the Bumpers College Ambassador program, I knew that it was the perfect way for me to give back to an institution that has given me so much. As an aspiring leader and advocate for education, becoming a Bumpers College Ambassador is an incredible honor. I am passionate about sharing my experiences, knowledge, and enthusiasm for Bumpers College with prospective students, their families, and visitors, and guiding them towards choosing the right path in higher education.  I am driven by the desire to make a positive impact and create meaningful connections, and serving as a Bumpers College Ambassador allows me to do just that by sharing the transformative power of a Bumpers College education and inspiring others to pursue their dreams confidently.

Schyler Angell

Schyler AngellAgricultural Communication with a minor in Event Planning 

When I began at the University of Arkansas, I did not know anyone else attending. Within my first few days of classes, I felt so welcomed by the faculty and the Ambassadors team. Those individuals helped me become involved within the college, find professional development opportunities, and build lasting connections. I am so thankful to have had that support as a new student, and I am excited for the opportunity to help others in a similar way.