Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships for students seeking rewarding careers involving food, family, or the environment are made possible by generous gifts from many firms and individuals. We greatly appreciate the support of our benefactors. The Bumpers College was able to award more than $1 million to students last year.

The criteria for these scholarships include academics, financial need, interests, organizational involvement, etc. Because most Bumpers College scholarships are one-year awards, all current and prospective Bumpers College undergraduate students are encouraged to apply each year.  ALL applicants who are U.S. citizens are requested to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible each year.

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How to Apply | How to Accept | Acceptance Deadlines


The 2023-2024 Bumpers College Scholarship Application is now CLOSED.

The scholarship application process for current students is open from January 1-February 15 every year. 

For more information, email  or  call 479-575-2596

How to Apply:

 The Bumpers College scholarship application will be open January 1 - February 15.

All Current, New Freshman, and New Transfers students are encouraged to apply. Incoming students must be admitted to the University of Arkansas and have activated their account in order to access the application.

Student who are changing their major to a major within Bumpers College must do so by February 12 for the purpose of scholarships. This also includes incoming students.

Application Instructions  for Current U of A Students, New Freshmen and New Transfers:

  • Read the University of Arkansas Scholarship Application Instructions
  • Login to Academic Works using your University of Arkansas credentials
    • Username: the characters before the in your UA email
    • Password: the same one used to login to your UA email and UAConnect
  • Complete and submit the General Application before February 15th, 11:59 p.m. CST
  • Complete and submit the Bumpers College Application by February 15th, 11:59 p.m. CST
    • The Bumpers College application will only be recommended to you after you have entered at least your UA ID number and saved the General Application.
  • Complete and submit any other available application(s) for which you would like to be considered for funding by February 15th, 11:59 p.m. CST

ALL students completing The Bumpers College scholarship application are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible.

NOTE: To be considered for Bumpers College college-wide and departmental opportunities, students must complete and submit both the General and Bumpers College Applications by the February 15th deadline. 

How to Accept:

  • Scholarship award notifications (including offer details and acceptance requirements) will be sent to University of Arkansas email accounts (current and incoming students) and mailing addresses (incoming students only).  We encourage all recipients to use their scholarship award offer(s) as confirmation for all appropriate notifications to local news media, educational entities and interested organizations.
  • Recipients of new scholarship awards must record their intent to accept or decline each scholarship award offer by mailing or emailing a signed intent form (pdf) or by completing the online intent form (requires login with UA credentials).
    • NOTE:  Current students with renewable Bumpers College scholarship awards for which this is not the first year  to receive the funding odo not have to record their intent to continue the receiving funds.
    • Student Ambassadors do not have to log in to record their intent to accept their Ambassador scholarship
  • Recipients of scholarship awards with a letter of appreciation requirement, must submit a drafted letter written to the listed scholarship donor(s) for review and a final signed copy upon approval.  Please follow the guidelines provided for letters of appreciation (pdf) included in your  scholarship award offer. 
    • NOTE: Current students with renewable Bumpers College scholarship awards will need to submit a letter of appreciation for each year they are a recipient of funds.
  • Recipients of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences departmental scholarship awards will receive a departmental participation form through their uark email.   This form must be completed and returned to the department.

NOTE: Funds will only be released to student accounts after all required acceptance materials are received.

Acceptance Deadlines

All college-wide and departmental scholarship award recipients must adhere to the following deadlines (unless otherwise indicated in award notifications):

  • June 15th: Intent forms due
    • Submitted using the online form, or by emailing or mailing a signed copy
  • July 1st: Drafted letters of appreciation due
  • August 15th: Approved signed letters of appreciation due
    • Submitted in person or mailed
  • All mailed materials should be sent to:
    • Bumpers College Scholarship Office
      1 University of Arkansas, AFLS E-202
      Fayetteville, AR  72701

All Bumpers College scholarship award offers are made based on the information provided in the Bumpers College Scholarship Application.  To remain eligible for scholarship award funds, please note:

  • All scholarship award offers are considered “pending” until your eligibility has been confirmed and may be amended or rescinded if your eligibility changes. Verification of eligibility includes, but is not limited to, verification of a maintained cumulative grade point average and current-year FAFSA information.
  • Funds will only be released to student accounts after all required acceptance materials are received (i.e. letter(s) of appreciation and Intent Forms).
  • All recipients are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress while receiving Bumpers College and associated departmental scholarship award funding.
  • Unless otherwise stated, scholarship award funds will be applied directly to your student account, half per semester, pending confirmation of the stated criteria and provided you are enrolled in a qualifying Bumpers College degree program as a full-time undergraduate student (minimum of 12 credit hours) each semester. Any exceptions to hour requirements are noted in the scholarship award criteria.
  • Bumpers College scholarship awards and associated departmental scholarship awards will be withdrawn if you change your major outside the Bumpers College, or if the information provided at the time of application has changed such that you are no longer eligible for a scholarship award.
  • Awarded and/or disbursed funds may be adjusted if additional financial aid or adjustments to existing financial aid results in total funding that exceeds your calculated Cost of Attendance (COA) as defined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Departmental scholarship awards will be withdrawn if you change to a major outside the awarding department.
  • Spring payments are contingent on continued full-time enrollment in a qualifying degree program.
  • If you will be graduating in December or do not need full-time hours to graduate in your final semester, please contact the Bumpers College Scholarship Office (479-575-2596; immediately.
  • By accepting the scholarship award(s) offered, you agree to have your picture taken by our Communications Department, at a date to be determined, for use by the Bumpers College Scholarship Office and to participate in scholarship activities as your academic schedule permits. By accepting you also authorize the University of Arkansas and Bumpers College to share limited statistical information about you with the donor(s) and/or steward(s) of this scholarship award and other outside entities as required for scholarship evaluation and awarding purposes.