Future Students

Why the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences?

Careers that Matter-- that's why. Although there are many reasons to pursue a major in our college, the most important is that Bumpers College is dedicated to developing graduates ready to solve the global challenges facing food, family and the environment. We have 14 dynamic and interrelated majors to choose from to meet your career goals. Are you interested in advancing into a graduate degree or professional school? Many of our majors meet qualifications for advancement into medical, dental, pharmacy, law and graduate school. 

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About the College

Learn more about our history, mission and vision that shape our college and our namesake, all established under the terms the Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862. 

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Undergraduate Programs

The Bumpers College has 14 majors and 25 minors to prepare students for rewarding professional careers developing sustainable solutions for food, family and environmental issues. 

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Graduate Programs

The U of A Graduate School, in cooperation with the Bumpers College, offers a variety of masters and doctoral programs in agricultural, food and life sciences. 

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Transfer Students

Students who intend to transfer with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Arts in Teaching from a community college in Arkansas should follow the transfer guides to select the course work that will fulfill the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences or the Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences.

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Thanks to our generous supporters, the Bumpers College awards more than $930,000 in scholarships to students seeking degrees in food, family and the environment annually.