Food Science

Why should I major in Food Science?

Food Science majors are prepared for a variety of challenging and rewarding careers in all aspects of the food industry. Three concentrations match students with their interests. Graduates are in high demand for a wide-range of positions in the food industry as well as business, governmental and educational organizations associated with food and related products. Food science graduates are also well-prepared for graduate and professional programs such as medical, dental and pharmacy schools.

What can I do with a degree in Food Science?

There are multiple career options for a Food Science graduate. Depending on the concentration area chosen, graduates can be employed in any facet of the food industry. 

  • Food Safety
  • Packaging
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Research & Development

What does a Food Science major study?

Courses of study for Food Science majors vary depending on the concentration area. Students should select a concentration that best matches their interests.

Course requirements for Food Science concentrations can be found in the UA Course Catalog. There are also printable PDFs of the checksheets and semester-by-semester degree plans available in Box.

How can a Food Science student be involved?

The Food Science Department and the University offer a variety of outlets for students to gain professional development experiences.