Food, Nutrition and Health

Why should I major in Food, Nutrition and Health?

This program is in place for students who are passionate about food and nutrition and desire a career path alternative to becoming a registered dietitian.  It's also appropriate for students wishing to have a career in medicine, other health-related careers or research. Students gain a foundation for the promotion of food and nutrition and its relationship to overall health.

What can I do with a degree in Food, Nutrition and Health?

Graduates in Food, Nutrition and Health pursue careers in wellness, public health and much more.   Some of the career opportunities include:

  • Public Health Promotion
  • Nutrition & Wellness Promotion
  • Nutrition Research
  • Dietary Management in Foodservice Operations

What does a Food, Nutrition and Health major study?

Students get a well-rounded course selection covering topics from culinary nutrition and quantity foods to recipe modification and sports nutrition.

Degree Checksheets:

Semester-by-Semester Degree Plan:

To view degree plans prior to 2018-2019, see Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation Degree Archives.

How can a  Food, Nutrition and Health student be involved?

There are organizations, clubs and internships for FNAH students to become involved in. Contact your advisor to determine ways to expand your student experience. 

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Quick Facts

School of Human Environmental Sciences

Average Starting Salary:
*based on CDC Grad Outcomes Survey

Graduate School & Employment Placement Rate:

Internship Required:

Commonly Paired Minors:
food science, business, biology, chemistry, communications, journalism

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