Katie Long

Animal Science Ambassador

Why did you choose your major?

I chose to be an Animal Science major because of my goal to go to vet school after I receive myBachelor’s. I also saw Animal Science fitting because I have an interest in animal agricultureand enjoyed learning about it.

What are you hoping to do with it?

I am hoping to go to vet school and become a veterinarian after graduating.

How do you stay involved with your department?

The Animal Science department is one where you are able to feel like family. I stay involved by going to class with my peers and talking to my professors anytime I need help, whether that be with questions about class material or life. I also make an effort to be involved in other activities like the Pre-Vet Club or Animal Science REPS.

What is your favorite class and/or professor?

My favorite class thus far has been Principles of Animal Nutrition with Dr. Maxwell. That’s been the first class that I’ve taken thus far that has truly given me an insight to what my future may look like.

How are you an engaged U of A student outside of the classroom?

I stay active in a variety of clubs or activities, which include serving as a Senator for the Associated Student Government this past year and the Public Relations officer for the Pre-Vet Club. I’m also an Animal Science REP. All these things allow me to be plugged in with our community, as well as find ways to learn about subjects I’m interested in, network with people, and make friends.

What is your favorite thing about Bumpers College?

There is such a sense of community in Bumpers college that is just so rare when moving to a larger school. The professors and their willingness to help students is profound. You’ll make friends with many of your classmates in Bumpers because of the close knit family experience. Bumpers has a wide array of different people with even larger backgrounds, and the community is an experience you don’t get with many other colleges.

Why did you want to be an ambassador?

I wanted to reach out to future and current students and be a helping hand to them. I want to help new students transitioning in and I want to reach out to current students who may need a hand in finding ways to get involved in our department.

What is your advice for an incoming freshman?

Try to be involved in clubs or events on campus, as it really helps with the transition and getting to meet new people on campus. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of that will allow new experiences and chances to buff up your resume.

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