Bumpers Student being advised

New Student Orientation


Welcome to New Student Orientation within the Bumpers College:

We are excited you are joining us next semester and cannot wait to meet you. At orientation, we strive to provide our family-friendly atmosphere to meet you where you and your family are in this journey.  

To better frame the Bumpers College portion of orientation, please watch the college presentation and take time to review requirements needing completion prior to your advising appointment. These few steps ensure you are aware of the many opportunities in the College, that we are on the same page and you are set up for success from day one. Make a list of any questions you have. We look forward to discussing these with you during individual advising appointments and/or anytime you feel the need to call. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out about the orientation process, questions or concerns. You can reach us in the Bumpers College Student Services Office in the Waldrip Student Center (AGRI-205), Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at 479-575-2252 or aflsdean@uark.edu.

Welcome to the Bumpers College Family! 

- Bumpers College Student Services Team

To-Dos Before My Advising Appointment:

  1. If you have not, please log-in to your UARK email account and start checking daily.
  2. Please log-in to UA Connect: uaconnect.uark.edu.
    • Address Holds and/or To-Dos by clicking each item and following the prompts
    • Holds will prevent you from being able to enroll; To-Dos need to be addressed as soon as possible
    • Completion Plan Hold requires your input for removal
      • If your MMR (Shot Record) is not on file, send to Pat Walker Health Center immu@uark.edu prior to advising appointment 
      • The 8-Semester Degree Completion Plan Hold requires your input for removal and will be completed at your advising appointment
    • When logging in, remember your user ID is the same as your email (e.g. xxxxxx@uark.edu) and the password is the same as the one you set for your email
    • Click “Notifications”
    • You will notice there are Holds and To-Dos
  3. While in UA Connect:
    • Click “Manage Classes” and select term you are starting (Ex. Fall)
    • You may have been pre-enrolled into the upcoming semester classes by your Academic Advisor based on:
      • If you received course credit not listed in degree audit, let your Academic Advisor know when you meet
      • Concurrent credits require you contact the institution where you earned the credits (not high school) requesting an official transcript be sent to UA Registrar’s Office
      • AP/IB credits need to be requested from College Board to be sent to UA Registrar’s Office
      • How to submit transcripts/credit: UA Registrar's Office
      • Previous concurrent college/AP/IB classes completed we have received
      • Specific program/degree requirements listed in UA Connect Degree Audit
  1. If you know a class needs to be changed due to external time conflicts, classes previously completed, etc., look at options in UA Connect; be prepared to discuss changes with advisor
    • Click “Manage Classes,” “Schedule Planner” and follow prompts for undergraduates
    • Tutorial provided in Bumpers College Technology Help, below
    • Be aware UNIV 10051 University Perspectives is required; you have been placed into specific sections with students in your major; class will not be changed unless swapping into AFLS 102H3-Bumpers College Honors University Perspectives

What to Expect During My Advising Appointment:


    • Opportunity to meet with academic advisor to discuss upcoming class schedule; also opportunity to ask questions and learn about degree requirements

    • You are encouraged to attend orientation with parents/guardians so all may understand academic requirements and as well as opportunities

    • We value family involvement, however, during advising, you must attend on your own; first step to taking ownership of your academic career

    • Make list of questions parents/guardians and you have for your advisor; share what you learn with family after your appointment; will help begin conversations valuable to academic experiences and keep everyone in the loop

    • Your academic advisor meets with you on scheduled orientation date

    • Must have your UARK email account and Authenticator App set up, as well as, know your password

    • Notes will be sent to you after appointment highlighting discussion and any contacts needed for follow up

    • For questions after appointment, contact your academic advisor directly or call Bumpers College Help Desk (info above)


Note: If you are not advised during new student orientation, you will be dropped from pre-enrolled classes for the semester; if a cancellation is needed or major changed, contact U of A Admissions Office

Bumpers College Help Desk:

Please do not hesitate to reach out about the orientation process, questions or concerns. You can reach us in the Bumpers College Student Services Office in the Waldrip Student Center (AGRI-205), Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at 479-575-2252 or aflsdean@uark.edu.

Need to change your major, orientation session or have other questions for NSO? Please see the U of A New Student Orientation FAQ.


For major specific questions, connect with a member of our advising team


For program specific questions, reach out to a member of our student services teams.