Russell Tooley

Chief Administration OfficerRussel Tooley

Simmons Foods

  • Tooley oversees human resources, legal, government and community relations, the Lean/Continuous Improvement team, and aviation
  • Agricultural Business and Economics, Arkansas State University (1986)
  • DPC member since 2012

Q & A with Russell Tooley:

Why agricultural business and economics?

I wanted to be in the agriculture field.

What do you enjoy most about your job/career?

It’s always changing.

Something others may be surprised to learn about your field?

It’s very dynamic, there are a lot of opportunities and there’s great pay.

If not a Bumpers College graduate, which of our majors would you have chosen?

Agricultural business.

Why do you serve Bumpers College through the DPC?

To help connect the industry with the university, and to maintain alignment with current trends and needs.

Something industry leaders and hiring managers should know about Bumpers College students?

The college is great with their students. They very much care about their success and care about them individually.

What should high school students thinking about careers and majors know about Bumpers College?

It’s a great college with great faculty.

Something you and the DPC have accomplished you are proud of?

Adding leadership classes to the curriculum (agricultural leadership concentration and minor).

Favorite quotes?

Donnie Smith, “Failing is okay, but failing to execute is not.”

If not in your current field, what might you be doing?

Non-profit work helping communities.


Being outdoors and bow hunting.