Marshall Stewart

CEOMarshall Stewart

Greenway Equipment Inc.

  • Stewart manages and supervisew the operations of 28 John Deere dealerships in Arkansas and Missouri
  • Business Administration, University of Central Arkansas (B.S. 1988)
  • DPC member since 2015

Q & A with Marshall Stewart:

Why business?

I was most interested in economics, due to the class Economics of Entrepreneurship.

What do you enjoy most about your job/career?

Being in an industry that I’m very passionate about.

Something others may be surprised to learn about your field?

The intensity, due to such tight windows.

If not a Bumpers College graduate, which of our majors would you have chosen?

Agricultural business.

Why do you serve Bumpers College through the DPC?

To help ensure that when students graduate they are prepared and able to be contributors when they join organizations for work. Also, to help guide and prepare the college for the future.

What should high school students thinking about careers and majors know about Bumpers College?

Even though agriculture is arguably the oldest industry, there is huge opportunity in this industry with the current trends.


Hunting and golf.