Mandy Kordsmeier

Vice President of Business Development for National Accounts Mandy Kordsmeier

Orian Rugs

  • Kordsmeier manages the day to day business for national accounts, such as Walmart,, Sam’s Clubs and Target
  • Apperal Studies, University of Arkansas, Bumpers College (B.S. 2008)
  • DPC member since 2012

Q & A with Mandy Kordsmeier:

Why apparel studies (now apparel merchandising and product development)?

I really loved the idea of managing a P&L (profit and loss) while still incorporating the creative side of business with trends, merchandising and consumer behavior.

What do you enjoy most about your job/career?

I love the challenge of working with the world's largest retailer while finding the right items at the right cost, and most importantly value. The relationships created have allowed me to build a strong professional network.

Something others may be surprised to learn about your field?

The amount of trend that goes into rugs and the technology is fascinating from an efficiency standpoint. Orian is the largest U.S. manufacturer of woven rugs and the looms are powerful machines!

Why do you serve Bumpers College through the DPC?

Being connected to Bumpers through the DPC has been a great opportunity to reconnect with professors and also be a part of implementing new classes and programs for students.

Something industry leaders and hiring managers should know about Bumpers College students?

Bumpers College is such a well-rounded education with hands-on experiences with study tours, international trips with an impact, advanced technology based classes, the opportunity to learn applicable career and life skills, and passionate professors and staff that really care for the future of their students.

What should high school students thinking about careers and majors know about Bumpers College?

You have your whole life to work and it’s important you find a career path that is something you find challenging and enjoyable. The opportunities within Bumpers College are endless!

Something you and the DPC have accomplished you are proud of?

One of my favorite things has been the professional development class (Professional Growth and Critical Career Skills) with top students, and having speakers from many different industries come share their career experiences.

Favorite quotes?

George H.W. Bush, “Be bold in your caring, be bold in your dreaming and above all else, always do your best.”

If not in your current field, what might you be doing?

I have been a buyer and I have been on the sales side, but would love more experience on the design side of the business. Or if we are getting really crazy and thinking outside the box, I could easily be a personal shopper or professional organizer. If I had not been an AMPD major, I would have studied political science and pursued law school.”


Hanging out with my family - my husband Justin and our daughters Mabry and Macie Kay. We love going to Razorback games and the beach. I love to read, shopping and spending time with friends.”

Favorite blogs, sites, social media accounts you follow for fun or work?

Social influencers are actually playing an important role in sales, especially in the home decor space. A few that I like on Instagram are:  My Texas House (she actually works a lot with Orian), The Spoiled Home, Kbstyled (I just want to be friends with her - she is classy, well-spoken and has great style), The Sister Studio (Instagram) is a fun one for all things motherhood and fashion on a budget.”