Great Plains AG*IDEA Consortium

The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (IDEA)

Great Plains IDEA is a partnership of 20 public university members providing access to the best educational opportunities by collaboratively developing and delivering high-quality, online academic programs. Great Plains IDEA is an academic alliance that offers fully-online graduate and undergraduate coursework and program options in high demand professional fields.

AG*IDEA is an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA and is a national consortium of land grant universities offering programs and courses in agriculture disciplines.  AG*IDEA students are working professionals, educators, innovators, researchers, family members and community leaders. The fully-online certificates and courses of AG*IDEA provide flexibility, enabling students to balance career advancement with professional, social and financial commitments.

Great Plains IDEA began as a collegial group of Human Sciences academic administrators who shared a common interest in educating rural professionals through the use of distance technologies and shared courses. The website for the Great Plains IDEA Human Sciences programs provides information and resources pertaining to the programs offered by the consortium.

 You can contact the Campus Coordinator, Cathy Hamilton, at Bumpers College for further information. 

Programs offered through Bumpers College:

These programs are offered here that University of Arkansas through Global Campus and administered through Bumpers College.  Students interested in these programs should apply to the Graduate School here at the University of Arkansas. Once the Graduate School has reviewed the application it will be forwarded to the appropriate college and program.  

AG*IdeaMaster of Science in Agricultural and Extension Education through a partnership with AG*IDEA Agricultural Education 

The 12 hours of core courses required for the program are available online from the University of Arkansas. Elective courses may be selected from additional U of A courses or from courses offered in the AG*IDEA alliance. Contact  Dr. Donna L. Graham  for more information regarding this program.

GP IDEAMaster of Science in Human Environmental SciencesGerontology through a partnership with Great Plains IDEA

The M.S. in Human Environmental Sciences offers a focus of study on gerontology though Great Plains IDEA. Students will work with an adviser to develop a program plan emphasizing the study of the aging processes and individuals as they grow from middle age through later life.  Contact  Dr. Tim Killian  for more information regarding this program.

A "home" institution is where students apply for admission, enroll in all courses, and ultimately receive their degree from. Courses will be taught by the "teaching" university, one of the institutions participating in the program. Students log into the course at the "teaching" institution. At the end of the semester, grades are reported on the transcript at the "home" institution. There is no need to request a transcript or transfer a course from the teaching institution.

Courses offered through both Great Plains IDEA and AG*IDEA are charged at a "Common Price" per credit hour. The Common Price for Summer 2024 is $600 per graduate credit hour and for Fall 2024 is $610 per graduate credit hour.

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Students interested in applying for either of these programs can also find more information and resources at our Global Campus websites