Elected by unit,
terms end in December of the year indicated
(last revised 1/1/2013)
Unit Representative
AEAB Qiuqiong Huang (2017)
AECT  Don Edgar (2018)
ANSC  Jason Apple (2017)
CSES  Kristofor Brye (2017)
ENTO  Fred Stephen (2018)
FDSC  Andy Proctor (2018)
HESC  Jacquelyn Mosley (2017)
HORT  Garry McDonald (2017)
PLPA  Ioannis Tzanetakis (2018)
POSC  Sami Dridi (2017)
Chair  Nick Anthony (2017)
Chair-Elect  Doug Karcher (2018)
Ex Officio  
Interim Dean Lona Robertson
Interim Associate Dean Michael R. Evans

Director  and Associate

Vice President-Research

Clarence Watson
Faculty Senate Representatives
Bruce Ahrendsen, Navam Hettiarachchy,
Don Edgar, Kate Shoulders,
Ioannis Tzanetakis
Promotion and Tenure (1-year term, elected by units in spring,
committee elects Chair) (last revised 8/20/13)
 AEAB  Bruce Dixon
 AECT  Leslie Edgar
 ANSC  Hayden Brown
 CSES  Kris Brye
 ENTO Timothy Kring 
 FDSC Andy Proctor 
 HESC Robert Harrinton 
 HORT John Clark, Chair 
PLPA Ken Korth 
POSC Walter Bottje 
 Off Campus Rep Karen Moldenhauer 
  Ex-Officio Michael Vayda 
Agriculture Curriculum Committee
(last revised 1/30/15
Unit Representative
AEAB Mike Thomsen, Chair
AECT Jeff Miller, Secretary
AGST Ed Gbur
ANSC Ken Coffey
CSES Mary Savin
ENTO Donn Johnson
FDSC Navam Hettiarachchy
(non-voting representative)
Kathy Smith & Laura Herold
HORT Garry McDonald
PLPA Clemencia Rojas
POSC Nick Anthony
Dean's Office (non-voting) Mike Evans


AFLS Curriculum Committee meeting dates (to be held in Rosen Center Conference room #201):

Friday, February 10th – 11:00a – 12:30p

Friday, March 10th – 11:00a – 12:30p

Friday, April 14th – 11:00a – 12:30p

May meeting schedule is TBA



(last revised 5/30/12)

Kelly Way, chair
APST: Laurie Apple and Kathy Smith
HDFS:  Tim Killian & Glenda Revelle
DIET:  Cindy Moore
HRMN:  Robert Harrington
Nick Anthony (Agriculture non-voting representative)
Student member:

(Last revised on 10/6/16)

Unit Representative Term Expiration Date
DEAN  Michael R. Evans, Interim Associate Dean (ex-officio)  
DEAN  Kaitlin Gragnano  
AEAB  Hannah Shear 2019
AECT  Jill Rucker 2018
ANSC  Fred Pohlman 2019
CSES  Kris Brye 2019
ENTO  Allen Szalanski 2019
FDSC  Phil Crandall/Cathy Hamilton (ex-officio) 2019
HESC  Dede Hamm 2019
HORT  Doug Karcher 2019
PLPA  Clemencia Rojas 2019
POSC  Gary Davis 2019


Unit Representative Term Expiration Date
(Associate Dean)
Michael R. Evans 2018
AEAB Andrew McKenzie 2018
AECT Kate Shoulders,Chair 2019
ANSC Ken Coffey 2018
CSES Jason Norsworthy  2019 
ENTO Allen Szalanski 2019
FDSC Sun-OK Lee  2018
HESC Lance Cheramie 2019
HORT Margaret Worthington 2020
PLPA Burt Bluhm 2019
POSC Sam Rochelle 2019

 (Last revised on 5/31/12)

Department Representative
Agricultural Economics and AgriBusiness  Fendley Ragland
Agricultural Education, Communications and  Technology Casandra Cox
Animal Science Brian Kutz
Crop, Soil, & Environmental Sciences  Holly Yeatman
Food Science  Susan Cannon 
Horticulture Marilyn McCord
Human Environmental Sciences  Laura Gamble
Poultry Science Gary Davis