Junior MANRRS students
Jr. MANRRS is a K-12 program through the National Society of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) for middle to high school-aged and younger students to expose them to career pathways and educational possibilities in the food, agricultural, environmental and related sciences. The first Junior MANRRS chapter in Arkansas is affiliated with Arkansas Lighthouse Charter Schools, and members are affiliated with the National Society through membership with the UARK MANRRS chapter.


  • provides an opportunity to increase historically underrepresented K-12 students’ direct exposure to a land-grant university and mentorship via UA MANRRS collegiate members
  • improves diversity in underrepresented areas of agriculture and related sciences by dispelling agriculture “myths”
  • exposes underrepresented K-12 students to important “soft skills”, applied research, and opportunities to present at regional and national conferences


Jr. MANRRS students attend monthly meetings, field experiences, and participate in projects, like developing a chicken and egg project, working with local farm stands, applying for leadership scholarships, working with community partners to create a community resource guide for families to learn about sustainable food systems, writing a children's book for elementary students to understand the impact of agriculture, and hosting a STEM fair for the local community. Arkansas Lighthouse Wendell Scales (co-PI) is the major Advisor and Ms. Jill Herrin is the AR JR MANRRS Educator, working with the major faculty Advisor (Mosley, PI) from UA MANRRS. Together, these partnerships have created the first official AGRI-STEM pathway program for underrepresented students in Arkansas.


There are currently 14 members (7th and 8th graders)

Jr MANRRS, UA MANRRS, and 4-h Students


JR MANRRS and UA MANRRS, as well as AR Tech MANRRS and Crystal Bridges partners meeting at the 4-H Vine Center (September 2023) for Professional Development, Team Building, as well as archery, fishing, and canoeing day

Program Partners


Arkansas Lighthouse Academy


Bumpers College


Crystal Bridges