Zena Hicks

Zena Hicks Lead Ambassador

I am a senior majoring in Animal Science. I grew up on a small farm where we raised hogs and cattle. I chose animal science for two reasons. The first is that I grew up with livestock and knew that I wanted a career working with them. The second reason is that I thought I wanted to go to veterinary school. My career goals have since changed, but I still love my major and am happy that there are several career options within animal science. 

I applied to be an ambassador because I wanted to help freshmen students get connected within the department, and I wanted to be able to talk to high school students and let them know about the great opportunities in the Bumpers College. My career goal is to get my PhD and be involved in some type of Research and Development, either in academia or industry. I am president of the Block and Bridle Club and I am on the Meats Quizbowl Team. 


About Zena

Chadwick, Missouri

Animal Science

Lead Ambassador