Sydney Delossantos

Horticulture Ambassador

Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because I knew no matter what, the world has to keep eating. I wanted to major in something that was different; something I could take an interest in wherever I went. Not very many people can say they know a horticulturalist.  

What are you hoping to do with it?

I hope to own my own flower shop after I get some firsthand experience out of the classroom. The thought of arranging bouquets and decorating for weddings seems exciting and fun. 

How do you stay involved with your department?

I follow a lot of the social media accounts Dale Bumpers has to offer, including the Horticulture Departments. I go to Hort club activities outside of school when I have spare time and try to meet new people along the way. 

What is your favorite class and/or professor?

My favorite class in the Horticulture Department has to be floral design. It is solely based from hands-on activities and introduces students to the same kind of arrangements and ideas that the industry requires. 

How are you an engaged U of A student outside of the classroom?

Outside of class I am involved as much as possible with club activities. I have a job the requires a lot of time, but I am sure to set aside time and energy to participate with friends and the Dale Bumpers activities.

What is your favorite thing about Bumpers College?

My favorite thing about Bumpers College is the fact that I am able to meet new people every day, yet, still see my friends regularly. Coming from a community college, having a family of friends is a big deal to me and Dale Bumpers offers those kinds of relationships at a university level.  

Why did you want to be an ambassador?

I was recommended to apply by a professor and staff member of the Horticulture Department. I was skeptical at first because I hadn’t been at the U of A for very long. I trusted both of my recommenders and looked up to them greatly, so I applied knowing that they thought I was worthy of the position. Next thing I knew, I was getting emails stating that I had received the position!

What is your advice for an incoming freshman?

Get to know the instructors, staff, and faculty! Talking to them is probably the best way to find out information for classes and events. The more you involve yourself with the school/department, the more you will be asked to help with stuff. Also, encourage yourself to get out of your comfort zone and make things happen you usually wouldn’t do. You’ll make a lot of mistakes but that is part of the growing process. 

About Sydney

Seligman, MO

Major/Concentration: Horticulture, Landscape, and Turf Sciences