Ruth Ann Buckner

Bumpers College Honors ProgramRuth Ann

Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because being in the kitchen was the only place, I felt like I could just completely lose all sense of time and worries. I absolutely believe my passion is with food and I love sharing it with others.

What are you hoping to do with it?

I hope to work in a product development of a company and long term I hope to open my own restaurant.

How do you stay involved with your department?

I currently am a mentor for Bumpers Honors freshman as well as this ambassador position for which I am representing the Bumpers Honors department and the Food Science department.

 What is your favorite class and/or professor?

My favorite professor is Dr. Howard. He is a food science professor and he is so incredibly brilliant and so kind. He genuinely wants to see his students succeed.

How are you an engaged U of A student outside of the classroom?

I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and currently serve as the activities chair. I love watching a good Hog football game and enjoy watching the razorback gymnastic team.

What is your favorite thing about Bumpers College?

Bumpers College is my home because it is like my actual home. The advisers and professors are genuine in their efforts to help students succeed, and the classes are small enough that you develop a relationship with the professors.

Why did you want to be an ambassador?

I love Bumpers College and I love my major and I love nothing more than to share that love with other students so that they can feel the same love!

What is your advice for an incoming freshman?

Do what you are afraid to do. Do what that voice in the back of your head says you can’t do! Follow what your passions are in your career path so that you can continue doing what you love for the rest of your life.

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