Mary Siebenmorgan

Mary Siebenmorgan Food Science Ambassador

As an Arkansas native, the University of Arkansas has always been near and dear to my heart. Growing up on a farm throughout my childhood has made me conscientious of where our food comes from and the importance of agriculture to our society. My interest in food science and horticulture led me to Bumpers College.

The U of A and Bumpers College has been more than an educational experience for me, but a doorway into endless opportunities. My involvement as an ambassador, a Honors College student, and the Food Science Club Vice President allows me to connect with students and faculty that further my commitment to the University and  my own interests.  My interests began to flourish after working as a laboratory and harvest assistant at the University of Arkansas’s Fruit Research Station.  This  opportunity has  led me to working on undergraduate research and given me the desire to continue my education after my undergraduate career to pursue a graduate degree in Food Science. Once attaining a graduate degree, I would like to be employed in the fruit and wine industry.  


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Scranton, Arkansas

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