Kenley Bramall

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Why did you choose your major?

I chose to major in both agricultural business and agricultural education, communications and technology because of the broad subject matter in both. I really enjoy math and analytical thinking, so business was a no brainer for me. I also am a people person, so choosing to pair business with communications made perfect sense! Learning how to best communicate with consumers, and people in general, really excites me for the future.

What are you hoping to do with it?

In the future, I would like to do marketing and communications for an agricultural firm.

How do you stay involved with your department?

I stay involved in my department in many ways. AECT has a big table where students hang out to do homework or wait for their next class. Professors and admin are always passing by and sharing information with us! We also have a group message that many of our students are in to help build relationships and spread news.

What is your favorite class and/or professor?

I have not taken a Bumpers College class that I didn’t love! My favorite professor is by far Dr. Rucker in AECT. She truly cares for her advisee's and goes the extra mile to make sure that we are getting the most out of our time at the University.

How are you an engaged U of A student outside of the classroom?

I am involved with many clubs and organizations outside of the classroom. Currently, I serve as the President of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. I am also a member of the Agricultural Business Club.

What is your favorite thing about Bumpers College?

It is hard to choose a favorite thing about the Bumpers College. Our professors want to see students succeed both in and out of the classroom, our Dean is always readily available to speak with students, our classes are small and the overall environment is a family. Bumpers College feels like home.

Why did you want to be an ambassador?

I wanted to be an ambassador so that I could share all of the awesome opportunities the Bumpers College has with prospective students. Bumpers Ambassadors played a crucial role in my personal recruitment and knowing that I now have the same impact on someone else is amazing.

What is your advice for an incoming freshman?

One piece of advice I would give to incoming freshmen is get involved. Involvement is critical to student success. Clubs and organizations around campus can help build your personal and professional skill set and give you incredible opportunities to travel and/or meet industry professionals. Professors often serve as club advisers, so getting involved also helps you build a relationship with them which will help you get through the next few years!


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Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Leadership and Agricultural Business