Claire Madison

Claire Madison AMPD Ambassador

My name is Claire Madison and I am the 2017-2018 ambassador for the Apparel Merchandising and Product Development department. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where I was exposed to the apparel and retail industry at an early age. A family friend opened a boutique in the neighborhood when I was very young. I was able to see a business grow from the ground and eventually, I became involved. I was able to work at the boutique, take trips to the market, and learn the ins and outs of the business. I am an AMPD major because I fell in love with the industry from such a young age.

I wanted to be an ambassador so that I may help prospective students more easily grasp what it is like to be an AMPD major. I hope to help provide positive insight that helps students along the way. In the future, I would like to explore a career within brand management of companies. With an AMPD major and Marketing minor, I hope to find success within the apparel industry. 


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Dallas, Texas

Apparel Merchandising and Product Development

Apparel Merchandising and Product Development