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1. General tutoring assistance:

2. Contact your class instructor to see if any offerings are available.

Current Bumpers College major and minor degree checksheets are available at:

Please be sure you are referencing the checksheet for the catalog year for which you are enrolled, as changes do occur within a program. However, all students have access to current degree audits for all declared majors and/or minors through their UA Connect Student Center. These degree audits are updated automatically with course enrollments as students change their schedules and reflect exactly which major, concentration, minor, and catalog year the student is specifically pursuing.

In addition, the degree audit link in UA Connect allows students to run "What If" audits to help them with decisions about possible changes to their degree plans (majors, concentrations, minors, catalog year requirements).

There are numerous resources available to assist students who may be experiencing personal issues that prevent them from making successful academic progress. First, students are encouraged to visit with their academic advisor. Their contact information should be available to you in your Student Center in UA Connect. If you would rather peak to someone outside of your department, feel free to contact Vicky Watkins, Retention and Curriculum Coordinator, in the Bumpers College Dean's Office at 479-575-2121, email, or schedule an appointment with Ms. Watkins in UA Success.

In addition, students can also receive assistance by contacting CAPs (Counseling and Psychological Services) at pat walker Health Center on the corner of Maple and Garland. Schedule an appointment by calling 479-575-5276. For additional information, visit the CAPs website at:

If you are a Bumpers College student who has made a decision to change your major within our college or change or add a minor from any program across campus, please visit the Bumpers College Dean's Office in the Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences (AFLS) building room E 108. We are next door to the University Health Center at the corner of Maple and Garland.

If you are not a current Bumpers College student, but would like to change to or add a major from Bumpers College, please come to the Bumpers College Dean's Office (AFLS E 108) and we will make the change per your request and set you up with the appropriate academic advisor.

If you are struggling with the decision of what to major in, the Career Development Center in the Arkansas Union room 607 is always available to assist you. Or visit their web page at:


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Grade forgiveness permits a student to improve his or her GPA by repeating a maximum of two courses (up to 9 hours) in which a "D" or "F" was earned. This applies only to courses taken and repeated at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

To apply for grade forgiveness, students must file their request with the Registrar's Office, Hunt Hall 146, before graduation.

Students are limited to two requests as a UA undergraduate.
Lecture/lab co-requisites taken together count as one usage.
Both the original grade and the new grade appear on the transcript.
Grades received because of academic dishonesty are not eligible.
Some institutions will not recognize grade forgiveness.