Scholarship Letters of Appreciation Guidelines

Guidelines for Scholarship Letters of Appreciation

If a scholarship has more than one donor, please write a single letter addressed to all donors.

 Bumpers College reserves the right to return letters to the author for edits/corrections.  Signed Letters of Appreciation must be accepted by the Bumpers College Scholarship Office before scholarship funds will be released.



Letters of Appreciation must:
    • NOT include your address or date  
    • Be TYPED
    • Have 1” margins
    • Do not create stationery that includes the college or university logos. Only blank paper or non-college stationery will be accepted.
    • Be one page in length
      • Single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs
      • Do not indent the first lines of paragraphs
    • Use a 10pt or 12pt font (Times New Roman preferred)
      • Be error free (spelling, grammar, correct college name, correct scholarship name, and correct donor)
      • Note the college name is: Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences or      Bumpers College                                                            
    • Follow this format:
      • Salutation – “Dear name” – Donor first names are not included in the salutation.
      • Paragraph 1 – Express your appreciation to the donor for your financial assistance through the scholarship.  INCLUDE the CORRECT, FULL name of the scholarship (See award letter).  DO NOT include the scholarship value, instead use a general thank you for this “generous gift,” “wonderful scholarship,” “much appreciated assistance,” or a similar phrase.
      • Paragraph 2 – Tell the donor about you.  What year you are at the UofA (incoming freshman, new transfer student, junior, etc.), your major, your hobbies, other interests.  New freshmen, include what high school you are graduating from and in what activities you have been involved.
      • Paragraph 3 – Tell about your future plans:  what career you want to pursue, if you want to study abroad, or if you want to earn an advanced degree.
      • Paragraph 4 – Thank the donor again.  Let them know how important this scholarship is, and if you hope to help future students through scholarship donations after you begin your career.
      • Closing and Name – Leave enough blank space for your signature to be placed between the closing and your typed name.



  • Email your letter as a .doc or .docx attachment to Kaitlin Gragnano,  Project Director for Scholarships, Development and External Relations within two weeks of your award notice date.


You will receive your reviewed letter of appreciation via email from

  • Within one week, print your reviewed letter on 8 ½” x 11” plain paper.
  • Sign this copy with blue or black ink and bring it to the Bumpers College Deans' Offices in AFLS E108, or mail the signed letter to: 

                                                        Bumpers College Scholarship Office

                                                        1 University of Arkansas, AFLS E108

                                                        Fayetteville, AR 72701