Seminar Schedule

Spring 2012

Friday, 11:30 am, AGRI 332

 Date  Speaker/Topic
February 3 Michael Stiles, UA -- Safety Training
February 10

No seminar

February 17

Michael Reiskind, Oklahoma State University
"Mosquito Ecology and Disease Transmission at Various Scales"

February 24

James Strange, USDA-ARS-PIRU, Logan, UT
"Molecular Approaches to Bumble Bee Conservation Issues"

March 9 Claudio Gratton, University of Wisconsin

“Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes: can we balance our needs for biodiversity and production?”

March 16 No seminar
March 30  Jeff Holland, Purdue University
"The Flow of Insect Ecosystem Services Across Landscapes"
April 6 Duane McKenna, University of Memphis - Student-invited speaker
April 13  James Harwood, University of Kentucky
"Disentangling the spider's web"
April 20   

Bob Coulson, Texas A & M University
"Entomology in a Landscape Ecology Context"

April 27

Barry Pittendreigh, University of Illinois