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International Programs

Learn what you can do NOW to get an edge in the competitive job market when you graduate and significantly increase your chances of getting that great job you want, even if you are a freshman!

The Bumpers College provides structured international experiences that will enhance your career and academic opportunities upon graduation. The goal of these activities is to increase knowledge and skills that will increase your success in the job market on graduation.

Reasons To Study Abroad

Most employers are looking for graduates who have had a study abroad experience or have worked overseas as an intern. Why is that?

  • Students who have lived and worked overseas have developed a more flexible attitude, deal with new situations and work closely with people with different views, opinions and outlooks on life. These skills are essential for you to be successful in today’s workplace and are what employees are looking for during a job interview.
  • Professional and academic experience while living and working in a new country is highly regarded by potential employers as providing evidence of flexibility, confidence and maturity.
  • Many companies operate in a global marketplace and want employees who are internationally aware.
  • This is a great confidence building and personal growth opportunity, enabling you to improve your communication skills and increase your awareness of the world outside of your home environment.
  • Your professors are internationally connected to universities and companies around the world that provided valuable work and life experience, while you gain new perspectives on the world. They can provide you with the opportunities you need to enhance your professional growth and expand your personal horizons.

Diversity of Study Abroad Experiences

  • Formal Coursework at overseas universities
  • Courses you would normally take at U of A taken in a different country
  • Internships with international companies
  • Gain ‘real world’ work and an international experience at the same time
  • Mini-courses offered in specified subjects over 2-3 weeks
  • Short term experience to sample study abroad
  • Guided study tours
  • Focused supervised tours related to your our major to provide an international perspective on your studies



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International Rice Research Institute Leader at U of A for Global Food Seminar Series
Robert Zeigler is the featured speaker for this year's first Global Food Opportunities Seminar series in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas.