Awards and Honors Guidelines

Guidelines for Award Nominations

Bumpers Scholars

Application Guidelines for Dale Bumpers Distinguished Scholars (PDF)

The Bumpers College annually names three students to be Dale Bumpers Distinguished Scholars.  Undergraduate transfer students who have participated in ACTA will be given first consideration as the Bumpers Undergraduate Scholar.  Distinguished M.S. and Ph.D. Scholars are also awarded.

List of Research, Teaching, Extension, Student and Alumni Awards

Application Guidelines (PDF)

  • Outstanding Alumnus(a)
  • Alumni Society Outstanding Advising Award
  • John W. White Outstanding Teaching Award
  • John W. White Outstanding County Extension Educator Award
  • John W. White Outstanding Extension State Faculty Award
  • John W. White Outstanding Research Award
  • John W. White Outstanding Student Award
  • John W. White Outstanding Team Award

While all awards relate to specific activities, it is understood that many research and Extension activities are not mutually exclusive. Awards for Extension and research are open to all Division of Agriculture and Bumpers College faculty, regardless of appointment, whose contributions to either Extension or research qualify them to be considered in a given category. Award recipients will be recognized during the annual Honors Convocation of Bumpers College.

Adherence to the respective guidelines may be used by the selection committees in considering the appropriateness of any applicant. Failure to comply may result in rejection of the application. Selection committees are required to consider only those materials stipulated in the nomination guidelines. Due dates for nomination materials will be announced each year by the office of the appropriate Associate Vice President. All nominations should be turned into the office of the appropriate Associate Vice President by the announced closing date.

Other Awards Guidelines: