HESC Curriculum Minutes -- Sept. 20, 2006

School of Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Began: 4:00 p.m.
Adjourned: 5:20 p.m.

Voting faculty present: Apple, Killian, Wallack, Way, Webb, Whan

Ex-Officio: Warnock

Proxies: Kelly Way for Allen Powell

Others present: Alice Griffin (AFLS)

Dr. Tim Killian called the meeting to order.

Agenda – An agenda was not given due to this being the first meeting of the year.

1. Election of Chair – Dr. Killian called for the election of a new chair. Dr. Whan nominated Dr. Killian upon his agreeing to be a candidate. Dr. Webb seconded the motion. A vote was taken and all in attendance voted "YEAH" with none opposed or abstaining.

2. Approval of minutes –
The minutes of last meeting had not been circulated. Therefore, Dr. Whan suggested that we table the approval of the minutes until the next meeting.

3. Old Business
Dr. Whan called for a discussion of HESC 4303 Professional Development and the option of using the Career Development Institute (CDI) to fulfill this requirement. Dr. Webb indicated that Interior Design had developed a syllabus with the requirement of the CDI courses to fulfill the HESC 4303 hours. The remaining programs indicated that they moved the hours into elective area for 2006-2007 check sheets.

4. New Business
Dr. Whan called for discussion of HESC 1501 Orientation due to the large number of upper level students taking this course. Discussion led to the conclusion that the upper level students in that class are probably transfer students. It was suggested that a transfer student orientation class might need to be developed. Discussion also led to the UAConnect restricting students from enrolling in classes if they have not had the orientation class. It was concluded that we wait to see if this restriction will help solve the problem of upper level students taking orientation.

Ms. Wallack introduced the development of an Interior Design Minor. Dr. Whan had concerns involving the number of hours that was suggested for the minor and that they were not all in the Interior Design program. It was suggested that the HESC courses that were required should be listed before the ARCH classes and that ARCH may not need to be listed, but that "or equivalent" should be added next to each of the required courses. There was a call for vote for a 1st reading with revision discussed. Dr. Apple made the motion and Dr. Whan seconded. The vote was taken and all voted that this be accepted as a 1st reading.

Discussion was called by Dr. Apple regarding lower level foreign language being used as upper level hours. Alice Griffin stated that the college advising manual clearly states that "junior/senior level credit will be given for any level of foreign language course taken". Since APST is the only area that requires foreign language in HESC, Alice asked that the APST faculty waive the statement on check sheet stating that 6 hours of elective must be at the junior/senior level. She would like this in writing so she can correctly clear APST students for graduation.

Dr. Killian called for an approval of changing the HDFS check sheet by removing the computer course requirement. Dr. Whan called for a motion to accept as a 1st reading with a revision of hours in the electives section. Dr. Apple seconded the motion. A unanimous vote was taken to accept as a 1st reading.

5. Adjournment
Dr. Killian inquired about the next meeting time. It was concluded that LeAnna Potts will send out an email for a better meeting time for the semester. Call for adjournment was made by Dr. Killian with all in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.