HESC Curriculum Minutes -- Sept. 2, 2005

Minutes of the DBCALFS Agriculture Curriculum Committee
September 2, 2005, 1:30 pm

APC Conference Room
Members Present: Brown, Emmert, Gbur, Johnson, Graham, Hettiarachchy, Lindstrom, Miller (for Scott), Parsch, Rothrock
Absent: Miller, Whan, Costello
Guests: Stephens, A.
1. Call to order:
Chair Hettiarachchy called the meeting to order at 1:31 pm.
2. Approval of Agenda:
The agenda for the meeting was approved, with the addition of ENTO 410V, new class, to New Business
3. Approval of Minutes:
The minutes for the May meeting were approved.
4. Old Business:
1. Hettiarachchy presented information on FDSC 431V. The proposal allows for graduate credit for internships. The proposal passed the second reading.
5. New Business:
2. Brown presented information on ANSC 4482. The Animal Sciences department wishes to change the course number of ANSC 2482, Introduction to Companion Animal Management to ANSC 4482, Companion Animal Management. Both undergraduate and graduate credit will be allowed. After discussion of pre-requisites and specific course-related graduate level activities, the proposal passed the first reading.
3. Emmert presented information on changes to the Poultry Science minor and major. For the minor, the department wishes to reduce the number of credits required from 19 to 15 and to reduce the number of classes in the minor that require pre-requisites. The department thinks the new minor will be more accessible to students in other CAFLS schools. The proposal to change the minor passed the first reading. With the Poultry Science major, the department wishes to offer two specializations: Poultry Science or Poultry Industry. These two specializations would better accommodate students currently enrolled in the department. After discussion of discipline-related electives, the proposal to change the major passed the first reading.
4. Lindstrom presented information on changes to the curriculum in the Horticulture department. Currently the department offers five concentrations:
Turf, Landscape Horticulture, Horticulture Science, Horticulture Management and Production, and Horticulture Merchandising. The department proposes to consolidate these offerings into a single degree in Horticulture, Landscape and Turf Sciences. After discussion on the number of upper-level courses required, the proposal passed the first reading.
5. Hettiarachchy presented information on a program change in Food Science. The department wishes to change admission requirements for the Ph.D. to allow highly qualified B.S. students to enter the program without first obtaining a M.S. In addition, minor changes to the existing B.S. to M.S. and M.S. to Ph.D. programs were also discussed. After dialogue concerning the course requirements (comparing students entering the program with a B.S. to those with a M.S.) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score requirements, the proposal passed the first reading.
6. Johnson presented information on a new course in Entomology, ENTO 410V. The department wishes to add a Special Topics course number to accommodate undergraduates taking classes in Entomology. The proposal passed the first reading.
7. Miller presented information on AGED 4143, Electronic Communications in Agriculture and AGED 4243, Publication Production in Agriculture. The department wishes to allow graduate credit for both classes. The proposal passed both the first and second reading at this meeting.
6. Minor Changes to the curriculum
One change to report: The offering time for ANSC 4652, Stocker-Feedlot Cattle Management was changed from Fall to Spring semester.
7. Report from the HES subcommittee No report
8. Report from the Dean's Office
Dean Graham reminded committee members that graduate enrollment must be completed by the 11th day of the semester.
9. Announcements
The next meeting will be held October 7, 2005, at 1:30 pm, in the APC Conference Room. Johnson (ENTO) and Parsch (AEAB) commenced their service to the curriculum committee at the September meeting. In an attempt to accommodate the schedules of all committee members, the chair will poll the committee to find a suitable meeting place and time.
10. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 3:17 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon T. Lindstrom