HESC Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 31, 2007

School of Human Environmental Sciences
Curriculum Committee
Oct. 31, 2007

Voting Faculty Present: Tim Killian, Jennifer Webb, Laurie Apple, Kathy Smith, Kelly Way, Cat Wallack

1) Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Tim Killian, chair of the committee.

2) Review and Approval of Minutes from October 8, 2007
Minutes from the October 8, 2007 meeting had been distributed via email to all committee members. Tim Killian asked if there were corrections/revisions that needed to be made to the minutes. Hearing no requests, Tim Killian moved that the minutes be approved as written. Laurie Apple seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve the minutes as written.

3) Old Business -- None

4) New Business

a) Apparel Studies
1) Course Change
First and second readings of the change to co-requisites to HESC 2053. This is a minor change in that the APST majors only will be removed. Laurie Apple made the motion to accept the change to HESC 2053, removing APST majors only. Kathy Smith seconded this motion. All members favored the motion.

b) Food, Hospitality, and Human Nutrition
No new business to conduct

c) Human Development, Family Studies, and Rural Sociology
1) Course Change
HESC 2433 – Change pre-reqs to PSYC 2003 or HESC 1403. Tim Killian made the motion to accept the change in pre-reqs. Jennifer Webb seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of the motion.

d) Interior Design
No new business to conduct

e) First Day of Class Attendance Policy
Tim Killian stated that this request came from the October 19 faculty meeting. The faculty asked the HESC Curriculum Committee to discuss a policy to drop students from the class roll if they are not present at the first day of class. Dr. Killian then noted that he felt that this idea should be researched further by looking at the policies in use at other institutions. He asked each of the members of the committee to do research on this, bringing back to the group a paragraph with their findings, at the next meeting. Dr. Killian will be having a personal meeting with Dean Graham to see what the procedure should be from this point. He also asked the group to poll their faculty members as to how/when this policy would be used in each of the areas. Dr. Killian will present the results of the research at a faculty meeting after the research has been completed.

5) Administrator Reports
No administrator reports were presented.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m. by Tim Killian.