HESC Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 30, 2008

School of Human Environmental Sciences
Curriculum Meeting Minutes
Oct. 30, 2008

Voting Faculty Present: Kathy Smith, Laurie Apple, Tim Killian, Marie Gentry, Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg, Charles Ogbeide, Susan Takigiku

Administrators Present: Donna Graham

Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Laurie Apple, chair of the committee.

1) Review and Approval of Minutes from October 24, 2008
Minutes from the October 24, 2008 meeting had been distributed via email to all committee members. Hearing no requests for changes, Marie Gentry moved that the minutes be approved as written. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve the minutes as written.

2) Review and Approve Agenda
Laurie Apple asked if there were any changes to be made to the agenda, which had been distributed to the committee members via email. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg moved to accept the agenda as presented. Tim Killian seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve the agenda.

3) Old Business
a) HDFSRS – HESC 2413 Online Delivery – 2nd Reading – Marie Gentry moved to accept HESC 2413 online delivery as presented, for a 2nd reading. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg seconded the motion. Tim Killian reported to the committee that the course will not be offered in the summer, as originally discussed. HESC 1501 was removed as a pre-requisite. The vote was unanimous to approve the motion to accept HESC 2413 online delivery, 2nd reading.
b) The Professoriate Certificate – This item was presented for clarification purposes only, no committee vote was necessary. This is to be an interdisciplinary program, which allows for concentrated study.

4) New Business
a) Apparel Studies
i) HESC 4063 – Advanced Apparel Production
Kathy Smith presented that this request was to reduce the number of hours from 6 to 4 contact hours (2 hrs. lecture and 2 hrs. lab). Tim Killian moved to accept the changes as a 1st reading. Marie Gentry seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve the motion as a 1st reading.
ii) Graduate Courses – Kathy Smith presented a packet of proposedchanges to the committee. There are currently 5 graduate courses in the APST graduate curriculum. The justification presented by Kathy Smith was that the updated and new courses would bring the apparel studies graduate core curriculum in line with the theoretical bas of Apparel Studies subject matter which must be covered in order for graduate students to be well-rounded in the study of literature in Apparel Studies. Charles Ogbeide moved to accept the changes presented to the committee. Tim Killian seconded the motion. At this point, each of the major changes presented were discussed by the committee. HESC 5003 – no discussion was necessary for this item. HESC 5023 – The committee suggested that the title be changed to Social, Psychological and Cultural Aspects of Dress. A change to the description was also proposed. Integration of social, psychological, cultural theories as they apply to appearance and clothing behavior. HESC 5033 – The committee suggested that the title be changed to Issues and Trends in Textile Studies. Suggestions were also provided for the descriptions – "Current topics related to textile industry including study of advances in textile science and recent developments in the textile industry." No other changes were suggested. HESC 5043 – The committee suggested changes only to the course description. The changes were as follows: "Theoretical perspectives, concepts and current practices that influence apparel merchandising." All committee members voted in favor of accepting the proposed major changes, with the requests made by the committee noted, for a 1st reading.
iii) HESC 4901 and HESC 4912 to Graduate Catalog – Kathy Smith presented the request to add HESC 4901 and HESC 4912 to the Graduate Catalog. When the initial submission was made for both of these classes, the request was deleted for inclusion in the Graduate Catalog. Kathy Smith stated that she would resubmit the request, with graduate credit noted this time.

Laurie Apple suggested that a standard format be used to bring the items to the meeting, for 1st readings. Dean Graham said that pre-requisites need to be closely monitored, as many pre-requisites have changed. Laurie Apple also stated that requests for combined 1st and 2nd readings must be limited. The standard protocol for submission of requests must be followed.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m. by Laurie Apple.