HESC Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 6, 2008

School of Human Environmental Sciences
Curriculum Meeting
Feb. 6, 2008

Voting Faculty Present: Jennifer Webb, Laurie Apple, Kathy Smith, Kelly Way, Cat Wallack, Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg

Administrator Present: Alice Griffin

1) Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m. by Kelly Way, serving as chair of the committee due to Tim Killian's illness.

2) Review and Approval of Minutes from October 31, 2007
Minutes from the October 31, 2007 meeting had been distributed via email to all committee members. Kelly Way asked if there were corrections/revisions that needed to be made to the minutes. Hearing no requests, Jennifer Webb moved that the minutes be approved as written. Laurie Apple seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve the minutes as written.

3) Old Business

a) 1st Day Policy – This item of business was discussed and it was felt that more time was needed for research of other institutional plans. Alice Griffin recommended that someone from the committee talk to the Registrar's Office about this matter, as this would be an administrative change that would involve that office. Alice felt that the processes for this plan should be clarified. Cat Wallack agreed to speak with the Registrar's Office and bring her findings back to the next meeting. Jennifer Webb moved to table this item of business until the next meeting. Cat Wallack seconded the motion. All members were in favor of tabling this item of business.

There was no further old business.

4) New Business

a) Interior Design

1) Minor Changes

a) HESC 1034 (Studio 1) – Clean Up – This is a wording change to clarify the co-requisites between HESC 1031 and 1034.
b) HESC 2805 (Studio 3) – Clean Up – This course requires overnight travel: this additional wording clarifies for the students that he/she can expect additional costs.
c) HESC 2815 (Studio 4) – Clean Up – The additional pre-requisite of HESC 2823 insures that students are able to complete course requirements successfully.
d) HESC 3805 (Studio 5) – Clean Up – The Interior Design program requires a portfolio review prior to taking upper division studios in partial fulfillment of the accrediting board CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) standards. This clarification of pre-requisites serves as an important reminder to students that all recommendations be completed prior to advancement.
e) HESC 3815 (Studio 6) – Clean Up – This course requires overnight travel; the additional working clarifies for the students that he/she can expect additional costs.
f) HESC 4811 (Internship for Interior Design) – Clean Up – HESC 4823 was moved in the curriculum sequence so that it occurred prior to the internship experience. The addition of the course as a pre-requisite further solidifies the necessity for business principles prior to that experience.

There was discussion as to when these changes would show up in the Catalog of Studies. Kelly Way stated that she believed that they would appear in the 2009 Catalog of Studies. Jennifer Webb clarified for the committee that the additional fee information was placed in the forms because Dean Graham had stated that this needed to be added and placed in the notes section of the forms. Jennifer Webb made the motion that the minor changes be accepted as presented. Cat Wallack seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to accept the minor changes as presented.

b) Food, Human Nutrition, and Hospitality

1) Two Minor Changes – Clean Up – Kelly Way presented the following minor changes for the committee's review:

a) HESC 4653 (Global Travel & Tourism Mgmt.) – Additional pre-requisite of HESC 2643 and removal of phrase "may be repeated 99 times". Pre-requisite addition is necessary as HESC 4653 places a heavy emphasis on travel and tourism. HESC 2643 is Principles of Tourism.
b) HESC 4623 (Selection & Layout of Food Service Equipment) – This request will remove the pre-requisite of HESC 3653 (Food Systems Management) and add the pre-requisite of HESC 2603 (Food Service Purchasing). This is being proposed because the course content of HESC 3653 is not related to, nor impacts the course content taught in HESC 4623. HESC 2603 directly impacts the course content, so adding this as a pre-requisite should be helpful to the students.

2) Three Major Changes – Kelly Way presented the following major changes for the committee's review:

a) HESC 4633 (Advanced Hotel Operations) – Kelly Way stated that this item of business would be revisited by the HRMN area, so the committee would not need to vote on this at this time.
b) HESC 4683 (Food & Wine Mgmt.) – Kelly Way noted that this class would be taught by Dr. Bob Harrington. Dr. Harrington was on hand at the meeting to present the class to the committee. He noted that this class would be very helpful to the Hospitality students, as it would broaden their scope of learning. He also addressed the question of the difference between the undergraduate section and the graduate section. He stated that the students enrolled in the graduate section of the class would be more involved in the actual process of the class; with the planning and execution of the class. It was noted that this class is for Hospitality majors only at this time. In the future, it may become open to other students in the HESC areas.
c) HESC 5683 (Food & Wine Mgmt.) – Graduate Section – See explanation above.

3) Discussion of HESC 3604 and course number – Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg stated that this item of business should not be presented at this time. There needed to be further discussions between the FHNH area and the HRMN area, as this course heavily involved the FHNH students. It was requested that this item of business be tabled at this time.

Kathy Smith moved that the FHNH minor and major changes be accepted as 1st and 2nd readings, excluding HESC 4633 and the discussion of HESC 3604. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg seconded the motion. All members of the committee voted in favor of the proposals.

c) Human Development, Family Studies, and Rural Sociology
No Business

d) Apparel Studies
No Business

5) Administrator Reports
No administrator reports were presented.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m. by Kelly Way.