Council Minutes



April 10, 2009

Rosen Center Conference Room


Bumpers College – Interim Dean Lalit Verma

Announcements - College honors and awards banquet is Thursday, April 16, at 6:00 pm in the Union Ballroom and Commencement will be held on May 9, 2009, at the Tyson Indoor Track Center.

A college retreat for academic programs was held on April 2. Issues that were discussed included program productivity, mechanisms to review programs, means to conduct assessment of programs, and ultimately deliver programs in the most efficient manner to meet the changing needs of students. The retreat was well attended by the department heads and faculty.

Campus budget hearings have been completed and Bumpers College asked for additional money from the provost, with specific resources going to those programs that are most productive with regards to student enrollment. Dr. Verma argued that it is difficult to encourage programs and faculty to expand their teaching efforts if there is no incentive to reward those successful programs with additional funding and resources.

News from the Chancellor's monthly council meeting – The School of Architecture has been renamed to honor Fay Jones. The $4 million funding that was expected for the Nano-Science and Tech Center will not be available. The Chancellor has reorganized the Office of Student Affairs. Daniel Pugh will now be reporting to the Chancellor. Carmen Coustaut will return to faculty status.   Charles Robinson has been named Chief Diversity Officer, effective July 1, 2009. The dean of the Law School has proposed a name change for the Agricultural Law program to Agricultural and Food Law. The Admissions Office reported early enrollment numbers are flat.

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No Report

University Faculty Senate– Nann Miller

The 2010 calendar has been changed so spring break will match the Fayetteville school system.  Students desire a fall break, but no means of addressing this have been satisfactory.

Ag Curriculum Committee – David Kreider

The Ag Curriculum Committee has voted to change the English composition requirement, such that any students that are exempt from ENGL 1013 and 1023 have met their requirements for composition in our core. Each committee member has taken this back to their department to gauge support.

Course actions – motion was made and passed to approve the following recommendations:

FDSC 5223, Biosecurity of our food supply was approved.

Changes to Pest Management Minor and Plant Pathology Minor were approved

M. Richardson asked for written clarification from the Ag Curriculum Committee on the changes that were made.

AFLS 500V, Graduate Study Abroad was approved – Faculty Council had several questions about this course, but the most specific was regarding the maximum number of hours that a student could take of this course. Clarification was requested from the Ag Curriculum Committee. A motion was made and seconded to approve all four courses. Motion carried by voice approval with one negative vote.

HESC Curriculum Committee – No report

Graduate Council Report – Michael Thomsen

The Graduate Council voted to allow emeritus members to maintain grad faculty status even if not serving on a committee.

Old Business – Mike Richardson

Kris Brye provided an update on the sub-committee investigating membership in the college faculty. His initial report has been forwarded to the faculty for feedback and several questions have been raised:

Faculty Council does not need to vote on petitioner. If the unit approves the off campus member, the Faculty Council chair just needs to sign off on the form.A petition should have a defined time limit – suggested that this be five years, since that would cover any committee work or other types of service.No need to record votes from a department regarding a petition.Several other minor changes were suggested to the petition form.Good discussion regarding inclusion of unit heads on the voting faculty. More input will be solicited and this issue will be discussed further in fall faculty council.

ADC Foundation Issues – no faculty member requested clarification so this was not considered a wide-spread issue.

College representative to the University Core Committee – A nomination (Leigh Southward) has been received from the School of Human Environmental Sciences and a nomination is expected from Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

Unit heads evaluation document – Dr. Verma reported that the unit heads were working to respond to this request and a response is expected in the near future. Dr. Verma said that the unit heads will be responsible for appropriate communication with their faculty to help them in making an informed evaluation of the unit head for administration.

New Business - None

Announcements – None


Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at ­­­3:35 p.m.

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Carmen Alessi