Faculty Minutes September 2014


Faculty Council

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

September 19, 2014

APC Rosen Center Conference Room


Call to Order – Michael Evans, chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

Approval of Agenda – Dr. Evans requested that attendees review the agenda as there were late agenda items added.  Motion made to approve the agenda. Seconded and approved.

Approval of minutes - Motion made, seconded and approved the April 18, 2014 Faculty Council Meeting minutes.

Administration Reports – Dr. Evans requested that Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma be allowed to speak first as she would have to leave the meeting early.


Graduate Council – Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma

Dr. Wiersma spoke regarding English proficiency requirements and proof of English proficiency for graduate students.  She also asked for thoughts regarding allowing Graduate students to provide food during defense meetings.  The Graduate Council is thinking of creating a policy disallowing food or beverages except for personal consumption as this can be seen as inappropriate.  Much discussion followed – input to be provided to Dr. Wiersma on an individual basis, not as a formal recommendation by the Council.


Division of Agriculture – Associate Vice President – Research AAES, Dr. Clarence Watson

Dr. Watson– He spoke regarding gearing up for the next legislative session.  They have been meeting with Legislators seeking funding for the Division at State level.  Federal side - mark ups on both House and Senate looks like level funding on the Federal side and will probably be under a continuing resolution until after the election.  CR passed by House this morning, Senate should pass sometime the next week.  No reason to believe the President will not sign it.  Department head searches update.  Dr. Betsy Garrison – HESC, joined us in July. Dr. Wayne McKay – HORT, will be here Oct 26 or 27th.  Dr. McKay is a sitting Department Head at the University of Florida and is considered to be one of their best.  We will be launching a search for BAEG, faculty search committee meeting to get their charge and get advertising underway.  We also expect to name a search committee for the ENTO Department Head search within the next two weeks.  We are planning a Grant writing workshop for faculty sometime in 2015.  This is a joint effort between the Research office and the Division. This will be a two part event similar to the joint workshop with Oklahoma State a few years ago.  I will keep you posted on developments.  Request from staff council –we are encouraging all Division employees to participate in the Path to Wellness.  It will kick off October 8th, benefits fair, wellness walk.   Construction project updates: Soil Test Lab at Marianna – adding on and renovating old section which will almost double the floor space.  This is all being done with private money through the fertilizer check-off.  It is projected to be completed sometime early 2015.  We are well into the design phase of the Foundation Seed plant in Stuttgart.  Hoping to break ground either later in the year or early spring.  This one is also funded by private funds.  There is also a major renovation on roof and some of the grounds at Pauline Whittaker Arena.  Hoping it will be complete early next year.  There was an article in Democrat-Gazette yesterday about the Division launching a building project for new Agri/Science building to be located on the farm.  The project was just approved by the Board last week.  It is still to decide where, who would be in it, probably interdisciplinary site. Quality labs as well as a multi-purpose space.  We may have donors lined up but too early for public announcements.  In the same Board meeting, the campus announced the possibility of renovations on the Agri Building here on campus.  May be 3 – 5 years before starting.  The campus is adopting a new cell phone policy that will be transitioned in over the next year. The Divisions will be adopting the policy.  Trade in campus cell phones, and will then be reimbursed on your personal plan $50/mo or up to $100 for heavy data users.  Extension is not adopting at this point.  Mike Evans questioned about using a personal plan but getting reimbursed for some of those expense.  By making the payment a reimbursement vs. a stipend, the campus is able to make it tax-exempt.  Also discussed were concerns regarding personal vs. business and what items can be FOIA’d.  There seems to be a consensus that it would only apply to work messages/calls specific to the request.


Bumpers College –Associate Dean, Dr. Lona Robertson

(Dr. Vayda was next on the agenda but deferred to Dr. Lona Robertson.)

11th day of class numbers.  Current enrollment is right at 26,276 – all-time high.  Campus is 55% female/45% male.  Diversity is high in Bumpers College.   2,161 students for this semester, which is a .7% increase.  Overall, with adjustments, College enrollment is up 4.5%.  We have hired two new advisors – Christina Woods and Lucas Simmons. Christina is advising for HESC and Lucas is advising for HORT, AEAB, AECT and CSES.  Jody Davis will be taking over some duties of Alice Griffin. She will supervise Christina and Lucas, oversee advisor training, graduation checks, degree audits and graduation clearances.  New position will be more administrative than advising/counseling.  This person will supervise the front desk, manage data mining, and hope to implement an alumni survey.  They will also work with AEP to make sure announcements go out.


Bumpers College – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture, Dr. Mike Vayda

We have hired a new Director of Development, Terry Bumgardner.  I will be looking to Department Heads as partners in the Capital Campaign and coordinate on leads on potential donors.  We are looking to schedule an open house/meet and greet with her on Hawkins Terrace to include a Q & A to refine and demystify the process of directing donations directly to specific need/purpose.  Since the end of April, we have received 2 gifts for $100k each and 2 gifts to Equine for over $45k.  Also, a $75K scholarship was given.  HL Goodwin has presented a concept called Critical Employment Skills.  This will be a Tuesday/Thursday course that will teach skills for job search and career do’s and don’ts.  He will have a local business executive to relay personal stories of good and bad experiences and how they affected their respective careers.  We have a $30K gift specifically earmarked for this class.  The next Dean’s Executive Advisory Board is scheduled for Oct 9th.   The first Campaign Steering committee meeting will be October 10th from 3:30 - 5.  Building projects:  some of you may have been involved with the PLPA or the ANSC/AECT tailgates on the Hawkins Family Terrace.  Please come see the facility.  Designated daytime use as student centered with WiFi.  After hours use is for special events that will allow alcohol based on current policy.  AFLS building renovation will add over 13,800 additional square feet.  Facilities Management has gotten Board approval and will spend $2.9M, approx. $105/sqft.  It will add 6 classrooms and new labs.  300 new student classroom seats. Conference space, office space for dean’s office staff.  Asbestos abatement begins in next few weeks, construction to begin in November and be completed by late summer 2015 to be ready for Fall classes.  One classroom will be a 110 seat auditorium, a couple of 40 seat classrooms, and a lab, along with some new office space.


International Programs Committee - Dr. Leslie Edgar

See Pages 1& 2 of Reports - Dr. Edgar is in Panama.  A report was distributed.  Questions to be addressed at next meeting.


                                    Honors Program Update - Dr. Curt Rom - no report.        





                                        University Faculty Senate – Dr. Mary Savin

See page 3 of Reports -  Dr. Evans mentioned the report from Dr. Mary Savin regarding the potential change the attendance policy for students as proposed by the Teaching Council and directed Faculty council members to communicate any concerns with Dr. Savin.   She came in later; discussion continued.  Two people piloting attendance in their classes.  Methods may include use of cell phones via Bluetooth instead of clickers to take attendance.   After much discussion of the implementation, logistics and foreseeable problems, no action was taken regarding mandatory attendance.  Concern has been expressed about students who have excused absences but upon return from official business, some professors don’t give the opportunity to make up work/points missed.  Professors feel that they have mechanisms in place to deal with these issues, and don’t want to have a policy that dictates exact rules.   No action taken but comments and feedback were encouraged by Dr. Savin.


Faculty Council Business – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair

See Pages 4 & 5 of Reports   - Dr. Evans requested that Dr. Kristofor Brye chair the ad hoc committee to develop a policy regarding the 3 year review.  Dr. Byre’s report:  the committee solicited input from all the units in the College.  There is a substantial variation across the units as to who does the review, how much peer review is involved, what happens past the department level, and how much input the Dean has when it gets to his stage.  The committee is discussing the value of a uniform policy, investigating sister institution policies, with expectations to have something by the end of the semester to present to the Faculty Council. 

Dr. Charlie Rosenkrans, Jr. reported on post-tenure review policy.  Dr. Rosenkrans’ report:  I was presented with some questions from a faculty member regarding how the review is done.  Campus procedures and policies states that an overall rating of unsatisfactory for 2 consecutive evaluations leads to 3 year post-tenure review, yet the form refers to “overall score” for each portion of review.  Which overall score applies?  It has been reported that the Provost has determined unofficially that it’s based on the rating in the area of highest percent appointment.  If is meant to be your highest appointment, then it should be reflected in our policy.  If you look at the policy for post tenure review, it states “overall rating” with no mention of “in your highest appointment”.    2nd issue – who defines what is satisfactory vs. non-satisfactory?  This is not clear in current policy.  There was much discussion of the policy, how it is interpreted by various parties in the review process and how to deal with the process on a case-by-case basis.  It was requested that Faculty Council members get input from colleagues.  No action taken.



Standing Committee Reports:

Promotion and Tenure Committee – Dr. John Clark – No Report


Nominations Committee – Dr. Michael Evans for Dr. Kelly Way

The Faculty Chair-Elect has resigned.  We have had two Senators resigned.  As a result, we are having elections that would not normally be run at this time. According to Faculty Senate, we have to run 3 elections – elect one person to fill the remainder of the term for one year, then elect one for 2 years.  As a result, we need 9 candidates.   Requests for nominations have been sent out, only one nomination received.


Awards Committee – Dr. Kate Shoulders, Chair – No Report


Scholarship Committee – Dr. Rick Rorie for Dr. Bruce Ahrendsen, Chair

See page 6 of Reports - Dr. Rorie stated that as of Sept 15th, 418 scholarships, including department and College, were awarded approximately to 262 students in the amount of approximately $500K.  This is about $100K less than last year.  Question was raised regarding scholarship money for BAEG. Did their scholarship money stay in Bumpers College or move to ENGR?  It was stated that there was no specific scholarship money dedicated to that area, so the College didn’t suffer a loss.


AFLS Curriculum subcommittee - Dr. Ashley Dowling

See page 7 of Reports  - HESC curriculum change proposal.  HOSP class was given a Grad designation for an existing course to reduce paperwork – HOSP 4673/5673.  Request for motion to approve, disapprove or table?  Motion to Table.  Comments out of order. No second – motion gone. Motion made to accept the changes. Seconded.  More discussion accepted.  Motion is to approve. Motion carried.  

Animal Science class 3822  – Equine Law.  This course hasn’t been taught in a long time, so removed from the books.  Program changes – 3 for ANSC involving 3 concentrations.  4 courses that were mistakenly listed as electives but meant to be discipline-related electives.  Want to move them back to correct.  MSE 4023 – had non-credit lab associated with it.   Separated lecture 4023 and Lab 4201L. Lastly, Grad certification program at Clinton School is ending.   Removed from books.  Motion made to accept en masse. Seconded. Unanimous approval.

Announcements – none


Motion to adjourn.  Motion seconded.  Unanimous approval.  The meeting adjourned at 1:47 p.m.

Submitted by Carrie Whitmer