May 2013 (general faculty meeting)

Spring Faculty Meeting
Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
May 3, 2013
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium
1. Call to Order
Donn T. Johnson, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.
2. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
3. Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve December 7, 2012 Fall Faculty Meeting minutes motion was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
Please click on this link for the reports from the Spring Faculty Meeting.
4. Bumpers College Administration Reports
A. Division of Agriculture -Associate Vice President and Director, Clarence Watson
Dr. Watson discussed the 150th Anniversary of The Morrill Act, the Hatch Act, and the 50th McIntyre Stennis Program. All of these programs provide funds which we use to pay salaries.
Division of Agriculture Day 2012 was discussed as well as the Livestock Field Day at the Batesville Station's 75th Anniversary that has been open since 1938. The USDA Civil Rights Compliance Review Responses (2013) are done every 10 years; four departments were identified to participate. The December 2012 review received a good report. The response was completed in April 2013. There were 80 attendees at the ASRED/SAAESD Joint Spring Meeting April 1-4, 2013 in Little Rock.
The U.S. Drought Monitor/2012 Drought Response was reviewed. We had the worst drought in state history last year. The livestock industry is having problems as a result of this drought. AAES Expenditures 1998-2012 returned to levels above pre-recession, state and federal funds have been flat during that period. The AAES FY-12 Budget (66.3 M) was discussed as well as the sources of funding. Two-thirds of the budget comes from local sources. The Promotion Boards – 2013, had $8-9 million record funding. Agriculture accounted for $16 billion of value added to the Arkansas economy in 2010. Fred Stephens discussed the memo on April 17th discouraging the use of more computers, not many people are trained and they can't afford to hire new employees.
The budget outlook for 2013-14 was reviewed. It has been cut from federal grants 7-6% in Federal formula funds, we might see another one next year. There has been an increase in AFREE by 5% that is available for competitive grants. More money will be put in foundational programs (grants). ANSC –NIFA will move money back to Animal Science. State funding has been level for two years. There has been no new funding; no new drastic cuts.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 5-17 for Dr. Watson's report.
B. Bumpers College -Michael Vayda, Dean
Dr. Vayda discussed many course innovations due to faculty efforts by Jennie Popp, H. L. Goodwin, Curt Rom, Nilda Burgos, Kris Brye, and Pengyin Chen. Some of the course innovations are still in the planning stages and Kelly Way, Kate Shoulders, Donna Graham, Lona Robertson, Laurie Apple, and Robert Harrington are working on these. Dr. Vayda reviewed the Bumpers Distinguished Lecture Series and the Food for Thought series that will take place three times a year. Senator Boozman will be a guest speaker. The Dean's Executive Advisory Board or "Visioning Board" will be positioning to develop leaders. The next meeting will be held in September and faculty members are asked to participate. Workforce Development has recommended Bumper College recruit a Corporate Relations Coordinator. Danny Pugh and the Provost have approved this position. The Spring Faculty Recruitment includes the following positions:
Assistant Professor – HESC - Apparel Functional Design
Assistant Professor – HESC - Apparel Functional Design
Assistant Professor – AEAB –Food/Environmental Policy & Sustainability, Jeff Luckstead
Associate Professor –AEAB -Food/Environmental Policy & Sustainability, Qiuqiong Huang
Assistant Professor – HESC – HOSP – Foods & Human Quality of Life
Assistant Professor – FDSC/DPD – Human Nutrition & Gut Microbiology, Franck Carbonero
Assistant Professor – HORT – Vegetable Breeder/Specialty Crops, Ainong Shi
Still in Progress:
CSES - Instructor in Environmental Science
FDSC - Assistant Professor in Food/Grain Processing
Dr. Vayda is working with HESC faculty to develop a job description for the director search. The personnel document is still a draft. The document has been approved and is waiting for approval from the Division of Agriculture as well. Priorities for Bumper's College include:
Engage prospective employers of our students
Enhance the marketability of our students
Assist in value-added experiences for students both inside and beyond the classroom
Advocate for our program, enhance the program
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 18-21 for Dr. Vayda's report.
C. Bumpers College - Lona Robertson, Associate Dean
There has been a 5.72 percent growth in Bumpers College majors this semester. The campus has grown 5.5 percent. There are 2097 double majors. Double majors have increased by 83 students. The SSCH department is up by exactly the same as enrollment. Admissions applications lag behind admits. There are 475 students, which is down 2.26 percent. We are focusing on yield. The key is to get prospective students to campus, 56 percent yield of admitted students to the college. ACT scores have increased from 28-36.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 22-29 for Dr. Robertson's report.
5. Faculty Council Report - Donn Johnson, Chair
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 30-34 for Dr. Johnson's report.

6. Standing Committee Reports
A. College Promotion and Committee - John R. Clark, No Report
B. Graduate Faculty Council – Jackie Wiersma and Thad Scott
The Council approved the requirement of a standardized test score (i.e., GRE) for all degree seeking applicants and re-admissions unless waived by the program or the Graduate School. The proposal to eliminate 4000-level dual credit classes did not pass. It was decided that there is sufficient opposition that the proposal should not be taken forward. Not sure when GRE will be enforced, possibly Fall 2014.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slide 37 for the Graduate Faculty Council's report.
C. International Programs- Andy Proctor, Director
Honors program students will develop a method to fund H.P.S. for international travel in May and June. Dr. Proctor will be available to meet with the departments. The Mission of International Programs is to provide faculty led structured international experience that enhances the marketability of students for career and academic opportunities. International Programs would like to fine tune evaluation criteria/weighting for student award applications. The numbers of students studying abroad as well as the countries they are visiting were discussed. Five upcoming events were listed and discussed.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 38-41 for Dr. Proctor's report.
D. Honors Program- Curt Rom, Director
Two-thirds of Honors Program eligible students in Bumpers College do not participate in the program. The reason we have disproportionate amount of Honors Programs in Bumpers College vs. the campus is that students don't see the value added experience. They see it as extra work; honors classes being more difficult. It all comes down to how we advise our students. Success and achievement within the program was discussed as well as current enrollment and average GPA's. Graduating seniors completing the Honors Program were named.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 42-55 for Dr. Rom's report.
E. University Faculty Senate – Mary Savin, College Representative
Dr. Savin discussed the intersessions that will be starting in May. UNIV 1001 will be a required course for all incoming freshmen; it will be a no credit course. Each department was asked to provide faculty to teach this course. If there is not enough faculty then staff from across campus will teach, primarily from the library. The faculty grievance panel is to consist of tenured faculty. The Provost cautioned faculty to think seriously and critically about who is chosen for outside reviewers for promotion and tenure.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 56-61 for Dr. Savin's report.
F. Awards Committee –Dr. Lona Robertson, Associate Dean
The Awards Committee met this semester and selected student recipients. The committee will be meeting again in late August and will elect a new chair as well as review criteria for faculty and student awards.
G. Scholarship Committee- Bruce Ahrendsen, Chair
Bruce Ahrendsen was elected chair.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 63-65 for Dr. Ahrendsen's report.
H. AFLS Curriculum Sub-Committee – Michael Thomsen, Chair
There have been no program changes.
I. HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee – Kelly Way, Chair
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link above and see slides 71-72 for Dr. Way's report.

11. Old Business - NONE
12. New Business -NONE
13. Announcements by Department
AEED - None
AEAB - None
ANSC –None
BAEG –None
CSES – Moye Rutledge passed away.
ENTO –None
FDSC – Ron Buescher will be retiring on July 1st.
HORT –None
PLPA – John Rupe, incoming chair of campus faculty
POSC – Sami Dridi: New Hire
POSC Club – A meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA, the POSC Club has been voted 2nd best chapter in the nation. Katie McGehee is the #2 student in POSC.
HESC – Shannon Carpenter will be making a career change, Jean Turner, Bill Bailey, and Lorna Harding will be retiring.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am
Submitted by Jessica Hulse