May 2012 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
May 4, 2012
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium
1. Call to Order
Kris Brye, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.
2. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
3. Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve December 9, 2011 Fall Faculty Meeting minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
Please click on this link for the reports from the Spring Faculty Meeting.
4. Bumpers College Administration Reports
A. Division of Agriculture – Clarence Watson, Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Associate Vice President - Research
Dr. Watson discussed the Morrill Act and the 150th anniversary of its passage; AAES expenditures; the new Farm Bill; and fiscal year appropriations. Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link above and see slides 4-24 for Dr. Watson's report.
B. Bumpers College – Mike Vayda, Dean
Dr. Vayda provided an introspection identifying specific charges and the progress incurred; positive financial news; Development initiatives; goals and aspirations as define from the Chancellor's Retreat; strategic introspection with a 10-year planning horizon; academic priorities for the capital campaign; and priority goals for 2012.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 25-36 for Dr. Vayda's report.
C. Bumpers College – Lona Robertson, Associate Dean
Dr. Robertson discussed growth; FTE Majors by Department; SSCH by Department; Admissions Activity Report - New Freshmen by GPA Range; and Admissions Activity Report - New Freshmen by ACT Score Range.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 37-41 for Dr. Robertson's report.
5. Faculty Council Report – Kris Brye, Chair
Key Actions
• College Personnel Document
– Revisions completed and adopted this Spring
– Successful iterative process among faculty, units, Faculty Council, and Administration
• Foundation for up-coming Faculty By-laws revisions and approval
Faculty By-laws document
By-laws Revision Sub-Committee established in 2011
• D. Johnson, D. Rainey, K. Brye, and R. Buescher (chair)
• Sub-committee reviewed entire document and began introducing changes to FC in October 2011
• FC has completed their review of suggested revisions originating from the sub-committee
Sub-committees established/being formed to develop operating procedures for Awards and Scholarship Committees
• Discussions have focused on developing consistent policies and procedures that can be implemented from year to year

Recognized departmental representatives serving on Faculty Council
Dan Rainey – AEAB
Don Edgar – AEED
Rick Rorie – ANSC
Scott Osborn – BAEG
Thad Scott – CSES
Ashley Dowling – ENTO
Ron Buescher – FDSC
Kathy Smith – HESC
Garry McDonald – HORT
Burt Bluhm – PLPA
Park Waldroup/Keith Bramwell – POSC
Donn Johnson (ENTO) – Chair-Elect
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 42-46 for Dr. Byre's report.

6. Standing Committee Reports
A. International Programs Committee – Andy Proctor
Dr. Proctor discussed the International Programs minor, Student international study/intern awards; 2011 faculty international education proposals; Program development with international partners – University of Gent and Scottish Agricultural College (SAC); and provided a breakdown of the number of students studying abroad from Bumpers College during the 2012 calendar year.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 47-52 for Dr. Proctor's report.
B. Honors Program Update – Curt Rom
Dr. Rom provided enrollment, research grants, and study abroad grants numbers; listed the Graduating Seniors who are completing their
Honors Program; student awards – Mike Norton - Truman Scholar and Raven Bough - Goldwater Scholar, Honorable Mention; Bumpers Distinguished Lecture Series with President Clinton; Art and Nature Gallery Tour Michael Pollan Lecture and Discussion; Dr. Lanier Nalley - Gold Medal Award Mentor - UA Office of Nationally Competitive Awards; and listed the new faculty mentors.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 53-63 for Dr. Rom's report.
C. University Faculty Senate Report – Mary Savin
Dr. Savin listed the senators: Curt Rom, Nilda Burgos, Don Johnson, Bruce Ahrendsen, Tom Costello, John Rupe, and Mary Savin. The Faculty Senate has met five times with a sixth meeting scheduled for next week. The University must be in compliance with ACT 747 by 2014. Ro DiBrezzo is on the committee for First Year Experience, P&T Committee – guidelines for the University; eligibility to graduation focus-athletics; guidelines for child protection, wellness, Calendar Committee – 15 minutes between classes, MWF – will be staggered, no change to Tues/Thurs classes, conduct behavior, academic integrity, Chancellor in April-TAP Report guiding his decision, improving graduation rates, After three years, Black Board is being replaced by Razor Vaught, proposed changes to committee structure.
D. Graduate Council – Mike Richardson
The college graduate faculty representatives of the Graduate Council are empowered to recommend graduate faculty status for incoming tenure-track/tenured faculty on behalf of the Graduate Council without the necessity for the whole Council approval of the recommendations.
• Effective immediately for incoming students, doctoral Records of Progress will require the signature of the department/program chair/head/director or graduate coordinator, to signify that departmental/ program requirements have been met.
• The Graduate School will make available to graduate students and faculty plagiarism software ( and will encourage graduate students to check their theses/dissertations for plagiarism before submitting them to the Graduate School. At the May 2013 meeting, the Council will reconsider the proposal to mandate plagiarism checking on all theses/dissertations before they are submitted to the Graduate School to meet graduation requirements.
• Dr. Richardson provided a list of new members of the graduate faculty from Bumpers College.
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link and see slides 65-69 for Dr. Richardson's report.
The meeting minutes for each meeting may be found at
E. Awards Committee – Lona Robertson
F. Scholarship Committee – Lona Robertson
G. Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee Report – David Kreider on behalf of Nick Anthony, Chair
Please click on the Spring Faculty Meeting link above and see slides 71-75 for Dr. Kreider's report.
H. Human Environmental Sciences Sub-Curriculum Committee Report – Kelly Way
Minor changes related to prerequisites
Addition of course HESC 4233 & 5223 Childhood Obesity: Contexts and Prevention
ACT 747
• 120 hrs: elimination of 4 hrs of electives
• Changes to name changes on nutrition courses, addition of introduction to hospitality as a course and change of HLSC to CHLP course due to the name change beyond our control
• Elimination of an interior design course and addition of CATE 4803 Problems in Career and Technical Education
Minor changes to course descriptions
o ACT 747
• 120 hrs: elimination of HESC 2112/2111L : Foods 1 & 1 hr of electives
• Elimination of prerequisites of CHEM 1074 Fundamentals of Chemistry: allowing students to take 8 hrs of any science meeting the state minimum core
• HESC 3604: Menu, Layout & Food Prep was broken out into HESC 3603 Lecture and HESC 3601 Lab
7. Old Business – Kris Brye
• Faculty By-laws
– Proposed revised version of By-laws document ready to circulate to whole faculty for review and feedback.....
• then to Administration
• then back to the FC
• then back to the whole faculty
– Eventually to be presented as a whole package at the Fall College Faculty Meeting in December and voted upon thereafter
8. New Business – Kris Brye
• New AFLS Senators
1. Bruce Ahrendsen (AEAB)
2. Nilda Burgos (CSES)
3. Andy Pereira (CSES)
4. Godwin-Charles A. Ogbeide (HESC)
• Nominees for FC Chair-Elect
– Nominee solicitation will occur early in Fall semester, with an electronic ballot to follow

9. Announcements by Department
AEAB – Terry Griffin resigned in January, 2012.
AEED – New hire: Catherine Shoulders.
ANSC – Two new job announcements
BAEG – None
CSES – Dr. Mac Stewart passed away in March, 2012.
ENTO – John Burnhart of Stuttgart retired.
FDSC – New hire: Jamie Baum and Han Seok Seoul in January, 2012.
HORT – None
HESC – New hire: Laura Gamble in May, 2012. Ongoing search for dietetics position
PLPA – None
POSC – Ongoing search for genetics position. Undergraduate club was named best in the nation.
May 4 – College and Division staff picnic at Agri Park
May 12 – Commencement Ceremony
Dr. Rom encouraged participation in the Red, White and True campaign, which is the faculty and staff annual giving program.
Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm
Submitted by Carmen Alessi