May 2009 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
May 1, 2009
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium

1. Call to Order – Mike Richardson, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

2. Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded with two additions: update on the dean search committee and report from Dr. Graham on Agriculture Curriculum Committee. Motion passed by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes - Motion to approve December 12, 2008 Fall Faculty Meeting minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.

4. Bumpers College Administrative Reports
A. State of the College - Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Spring 2009 Enrollment
Undergraduate: 1385, up 3.8 percent
Graduate: 264, down 1.8 percent
Total: 1629, up 2.8 percent
Interdisciplinary graduate programs: 53

Promotion and Tenure (P&T) and Off Campus Duty Assignment (OCDA) Process
All jointly appointed faculty were reviewed by both the Interim Dean and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station
• 13 P&T cases
• 2 OCDA cases
• Recommendations supported by upper administration

Administration Update
• Provost Sharon Gaber is already on campus and will visit Dale Bumpers College on May 11
• Dean Search: Committee Chair is Dean Jeff Shannon and the process is underway
• Interim Provost McMath: Returns as Dean of Honors College
• Danny Pugh: Appointed Vice-Provost of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, April 1
• Suzanne McCray: Appointed Dean of Admissions & Vice-Provost for Enrollment Management, June 1
• Charles Robinson: Appointed Vice-Provost of Diversity Affairs, July 1

Update on Department Heads
• Plant Pathology: Dr. Rick Bennett here
• Poultry Science: Interviews: May 18-28
• Food Science: Dr. Steve Halbrook is chairing the search committee

Faculty Hiring (since January 2009)
• Tyson Endowed Chair in Food Policy Economics: Dr. Rudy Nayga joined in January 2009, tenured.
• Agricultural Food Animal Well-being Chair – Tenure-track, candidates have been interviewed and are in the process of negotiations.

Budget Outlook
• No tuition increase to be requested by campus
• Contribution from the Athletics Department to academics of $1million
• Budget Outlook somber and general posture will be very conservative
• UA is faring much better than several sister universities
• Likely no raises, no decisions yet on stipends
• Greater dependence on grants/external funds

ADHE Program Viability Evaluation
Academic Productivity and Accountability Analysis
6 B.S., 4 M.S., 2 Ph.D. - 3-year rolling average
Not Viable - 6 programs, On the Watch List - 7 programs

Academic Programs Retreat
Driving Forces
• ADHE Productivity Analysis and Reporting
• Budget Constraints
• Need for being relevant with our programs

Curriculum Characteristics
• Nimble and flexible
• Preparing graduates for careers/jobs of tomorrow
• Interdisciplinary and collaborative

Action Needed: Curricula Review/Analysis
• Creativity (web-based, global, service-learning, thematic)
• Flexibility (adaptable to changes around us)
• Outcomes-based curricula (assessment/accountability)

Thematic Programs
• Sustainability and environment
• Health and Nutrition
• Bio-based energy, products & economy
• Security and Safety
• Others

Building Block Approach
(Based on outcomes assessment)

Dean Schwab of the Fulbright College is chairing a committee to review the Fulbright College core, which has not been reviewed in almost 50 years. This will be a very deliberate process and may take over a year to complete.

Univ. Core ~ 35 h
College Core ~ 15 h for common outcomes of all AFLS programs
Program Core ~ 30 h for common outcomes of a few umbrella programs
Electives ~ 40 h for specific outcomes leading to a focus area
TOTAL ~120 credit hours

Action Needed - Relevant, flexible and outcomes-based curricula

Academic Programs Review
1. Productivity, efficiency and budgets will require units to critically review their curricula
2. Our curricula should be relevant, flexible and efficient
3. Follow-up retreat in fall

Other Items
• College budget request:
o Classroom instruction support: TAs, M&O
o Teaching labs/classrooms: maintenance and renovation
• Faculty Council's request to Dr. Shult for department head evaluations by faculty. A committee of department heads has reviewed the request and it is on the agenda for the Unit Heads Meeting on May 5. Unit heads are instructed to communicate with their faculty on the activities and progress made, prior to faculty evaluation.
• Student Honors and Awards Banquet on April 16 included over 200 attendees
• Greater dependence on grants/external funds

Development Report
1. This fiscal year: raised over $1.2 million in cash and outright gifts for student and program support toward our goal of $1.7 million.
2. This fiscal year: have pledges and planned gift commitments totaling over $2 million toward our goal of $3 million.
3. This academic year: awarded 485 college and departmental scholarships for a total of $701,871.
4. Four endowed awards and/or scholarships were established along with 4 non-endowed scholarships.

Student Recruiting
• Continued weekly hosting of prospective students for campus visits, marked increase in total numbers of students.
• Participation in the NWACC Transfer Fair in February.
• Series of 8 UA Family Nights (February - April) with the UA Cooperative Extension Service Ozark District, hosted 50 students at 8 locations.
• Continued collaboration with the Admissions Office in communications through their database. Congratulatory letters mailed to each admitted student. Tele-counseling calls to be made by Ambassadors starting next semester. Scripts are being drafted now.
• Participated in UA Red Carpet Day for Alumni Legacy Students in March.
• Hosted ~ 600 students at the FFA Lunch for a Buck in April.
• Participated in UA Ready Razorback in April.
• Prospective Student Relations Committee (PSRC) will hold its annual planning retreat on May 20.

Student Recruiting: New Initiatives
1. Collaboration with the UA Career Services office to provide a Career Info Fair for AFLS students on September 16.
2. Sponsorship of a Community College Judging Contest for approximately 200 students during the Washington County Fair on Friday, September 4.
3. UA Family Night Evaluation meeting next month.
4. Considering hosting additional UA Family Nights in the fall.

Student Recruiting: Ongoing Work

1. Improved coordination between College & UA
2. Coordination and collaboration between College and departmental efforts (e.g. FFA events)
3. Role of College Ambassadors
4. Student club activities
5. Regional Recruiting Events - review of collaborative efforts with Cooperative Extension Service, and recruiting efforts in Texas

Advising & Retention

Student records:
Degree Audits:
• 250 letters were sent to students (advisors copied) regarding their degree progress
• 500 additional student files were reviewed and updated
• 407 forms processed (course substitutions, drop/adds, independent study applications, overloads, etc.)
• 202 records were reviewed for spring 2009 graduation
Approximately 280 students will be participating in Commencement
Student retention:
Academic Enhancement Program (AEP):
• 126 students were identified with < 2.000 GPA. Each of them
have met with Dr. Kelly.
• 24 students participated in the 6 AEP workshops scheduled for
• A communication plan was developed in March to assist with
consistent communication and contact between Dean's Office,
students, and advisors
Student retention:
Peer Mentor Program:
• 25 students applied for Peer Mentor positions, 16 were interviewed and 8 were selected for AY 2009-2010.
• A Training Workshop was held for the new Peer Mentors on April 4.
UA Deferred Critical Maintenance List
Total of 16 Buildings - Our three buildings include HESC, Agriculture, AFLS

Distance Education
• Using web based courses for viability in graduate degree programs. Lends itself to programs with practitioners/professionals.
• Ag* IDEA: a national movement for land-grant universities to join together as one consortium to offer graduate and undergraduate programs.
• Four programs implemented and 12 in planning stages
• Grants Funded:
Bio-based Products and Bio-energy Graduate Certificate
UA is partner in USDA grant – lead institution is Kansas State University
Dr. Mike Evans has a grant approved with 3 other universities to share courses via the web and is funded by a USDA Challenge Grant.

• UA Commencement on May 9.
• College commencement at 1:00 PM at Tyson Indoor Track Center
• Faculty attendance is highly encouraged

• Brief information session on Tuesday, May 12, 2:00 to 2:30 pm in AFLS
E107 for faculty advising for Orientation
• Grades
1. Remember to submit grades on time.
2. Double check all classes, especially those with special problems.
B. Division of Agriculture - Mark Cochran, Associate Vice President for Experiment Station
• Budget & Funding Horizon
• Federal
• State
• Very Fortunate to Have Strong Support From Congressional
Delegation, Governor and State Legislature
• Directions & Opportunities

2. Goals of the UA Division of Agriculture
• Making Arkansas Agriculture Competitive in Global Economy
• The Safety and Security of Arkansas Food and Fiber
• Improving Health & Nutrition of Arkansans
• Conserving and Sustaining Natural Resources
• Increasing Opportunities for Families, Youth and Communities

3. Federal Budget Horizon
• The Challenge
• The '09 Budget
• Advocacy Positions
• USDA Priorities
• Other Agencies

4. Federal Budget: The Challenge
• Increases in Ag Research not on par with other agencies
• 3 years of Proposals in President's Budget Request to convert Formula funding to Competitive grants
• Create 21- A joint venture between land grants and USDA to resolve issues and enhance advancement.
• Under Secretary and Chief Scientist – Needing restructuring and recruited a senior scientist to be a senior spokesman. The nominee is Dr. Rajiv Shah, M.D.

5. 2009 Federal Budget Highlights
• Hatch (Research Formula Funds) increased by 5.7%
• McIntire-Stennis Forestry increased by 10.1%
• AFRI increased by 5.6%
• Animal Health & Disease decreased by 40%
• Overall CSREES increased by 3.8%
• Note 19 separate budget lines requested that require advocacy
• UA Division of Ag -- Special Grants: $5.1 M
• USDA one of the few Federal agencies not to receive research funding in the Stimulus Package
• NIH $10B
• NSF $3B

6. 2009 Budget Highlights: Mandatory Programs
• Total $106 Million
• Specialty Crops: $50M
• Organic Research: $18M
• Beginning Farmers & Ranchers: $18M
• Biomass Research & Development: $20M

7. Advocacy for Federal Support: 2009
• NASULGC: 4 Themes
• Adequate funding for Capacity (Formula) programs
• Substantial Increase in AFRI Funding
• Full Funding for Mandatory programs
• No less than 2010 level funding for the smaller Budget lines

8. 2010 Advocacy
• APLU: Request of Sec'y of Ag and Director of OMB that AFRI be increased by $100M a year for 5 years to bring to the $700M authorized in Farm Bill, noting that Ag receives 1% of total federal R&D and $1 per every $120 rec'd by NIH
• ESCOP: No. 1 Priority – Increase Competitive Funds; 2004-2009 NRI/AFRI +22% while Hatch +14%

9. USDA Priorities: Secretary Vilsack Feb. 2009

• Safe, Sufficient and Nutritious Food Supply for U.S. and World;
• Sustainable Agricultural Policies
• Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
• Building Modern Workplace with a Modern Workforce
• Support for 21st Century Rural Communities

10. USDA Priorities: Kitty Smith Acting Under Secretary
• New Markets for Environmental Services, including GHG
• Specialty Crop (Genetics, Nutrition, Consumer Education & Innovative Markets)
• Bio-renewable Energy
• Obesity/Nutrition (Childhood Obesity, Balance Exercise & Diet, Education, Behavioral & Cognitive Science)

11. Other Federal Agencies
• Concerns of the Role of "Ag" Research & USDA in this Administration
• Higher Funding Levels in Other Agencies: NIH, NSF, EPA, DOE, DOD, etc.
• Pursuing Several Stimulus Opportunities: Bricks & Mortar
• Exploring Research Stimulus Opportunities for Our Agenda

12. State Budget
• Revenue Stabilization Act: Balanced Budget Process
• Arkansas & Texas by Far Best Situation in South
• Anticipate that 2009/2010 Budget 2% Higher than previous year BUT less re-occurring dollars and very dependent on one-time monies!
• Even one-time money dependent on state revenues

13. State Budget Uncertainties
• Rules on Use of One-Time Money
• State Revenues & Flow of Funds
• Unfunded Mandate – "Pay-Plan" for Classified Employees
• Insurance Costs
• Annual Legislative Sessions vs Biennial Budgets

14. State Budget Implementation by UADA
• Caution & Prudence
• No Decisions Finalized at this point –
• Mid-year Assessment on M&O Allocations to Departments, Year End Stipends, Replacing Voluntary Retirements, etc.
• Expectations that Budget for 2010/2011 Very Tight

15. Directions & Opportunities
• Pursue "Balanced" Agenda Consistent with Funding History
• Increased Efficiency in Use of Existing Funds
• Increased Import in Obtaining Extramural Funds
• Soon to Update Strategic Plan
• Ways to Make Us More Effective in Our Mission & Competitive Nationally
• Organize & Promote Functional Teams of Faculty: Internal Working Groups/Centers/Institutes & External: Regional Projects

16. Working Groups, Centers & Institutes
• Environmental Task Force
• Bioenergy/BioMaterials Working Group
• Food Safety Consortium
• Institute of Food Science & Engineering with 3 Centers: Food Processing & Engineering; Food Safety; and Human Nutrition & Functional Foods
• Center for Agricultural & Rural Sustainability
• Watershed Research & Education Center
• Arkansas Water Resource Research Center
• Plus Soon to be Organized Faculty in Nutrition
• Food Systems

17. Recognize R&T Faculty
• Retirements: Tommy Daniel; Moye Rutledge; Peggy Whan; Sue Martin; Mike Johnson; Justin Morris; Dayton Steelman; and Max Meisch
• Deceased: Teddy Morelock
5. Faculty Council Report – Mike Richardson, Chair
• Council Members: Laurie Apple-HESC (chair-elect), Hayden Brown-ANSC, Sreekala Bajwa-BAEG, Kristofor Brye-CSES, Latha Devareddy-FDSC, Ken Korth-PLPA, Jeff Miller-AEED, Brad Murphy-HORT, Daniel Rainey-AEAB, Mike Richardson-HORT (chair), Fred Stephen-ENTO, Park Waldroup-POSC.

• Tom Costello is no longer serving as the nominations "committee". Tom has been replaced with a committee of: Laurie Apple, Ken Korth and Latha Devareddy

• Jeff Miller has been appointed college parliamentarian

• Also recognized Laurie Apple as chair-elect becoming chair in 2010

• Faculty Council report item under consideration:
Voting membership in the college faculty
Need to maintain an accurate voting membership list for quorum issues (40%). Sub-committee working on this issue: Kris Brye (CSES), chair,
Dan Rainey (AEAB), and Hayden Brown (ANSC)
• Bylaws currently states the following:
Membership in the Faculty of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences, hereafter identified as the College Faculty, shall be those individuals who hold academic rank (tenured or non-tenured) within an academic unit in the College, who are located on the Fayetteville campus and who hold half-time or greater appointments (i.e., the total of teaching, research and extension appointments must be at least 50%). Academic rank is defined by UA board Policy 405.1. Voting privileges may also be granted to individuals not meeting these criteria (including off-campus Extension and Experiment Station Faculty) through recommendation by the academic unit and a successful petition to the Faculty Council.
• Sub-committee efforts
o Have developed a petition that would be submitted by the petitioner and academic unit and maintained on file by FC chair.
o Petition would have a defined time period (suggested to be 5 yrs).
o Voting faculty master list would show when petitions were granted membership so master list can be updated more easily.
o Faculty can re-petition as many times as desired.
• Unit head's evaluation document
o A draft document, similar to an FSR, was developed by faculty council in 2008. This document would be completed annually by the unit head.
o The goal of the document is to provide faculty members with better information from which to evaluate the unit head.
o Document has been submitted to the unit heads and is currently being reviewed and edited by their group.
6. Standing Committee Reports
A. Agriculture Curriculum Committee Report – Donna Graham
Dr. Graham provided a handout of the Agriculture Curriculum Committee changes for spring 2009.
B. Human Environmental Sciences – Laurie Apple
• Food, Human Nutrition and Hospitality
1. Minor Change for HESC 2643 – Change semester offering from Spring to Fall
2. Minor Change for HESC 3623 – Change semester offering from Fall to Spring
3. Minor Change for HESC 4643 – Add prerequisite or co-requisites AGED 3303 or MKTG 3433
C. University Faculty Senate Report – Nann Miller
Policy Changes:
Graduate Student Academic Grievance
Students with more than two tests on one day
Transfer of Credit (American Council on Education credits)
Calendar Changes:
Spring Break in 2010: March 22-26
Procedure Changes:
Phased changes to Student Evaluation Process and procedures (see hand out)
D. Graduate Council – Mike Thomsen
1. Graduate Faculty Approvals
Additions to the Graduate Faculty
• Group I - 4 new members
• Group II - 3 new members
• Group IIT - 6 new members
2. Faculty status groups
Group I and I-T
Supervise Doctoral and MFA Students
Groups II and II-T
Supervise MS students; membership on doctoral, MFA, or MS committees
Groups III and III-T
Teach graduate courses
3. Council Actions of Interest
a. New academic appeals sub-committee continues to function.
1. This is an academic standards-type subcommittee that considers items such as student petitions for changes to academic records; exceptions to graduate school admissions requirements, and hears graduate student grievances.
2. Committee normally meets on the third Wednesday of the month
b. The Graduate Council discussed changing GPA requirements for academic standing and graduation but decided to leave current policy in place.
c. The Council changed policy on graduate status of retiring faculty. Under the new policy emeritus faculty will retain the graduate faculty status they had when they retired.
E. Honors Program Update – Duane Wolf

Dr. Wolf discussed Honors Program enrollment for the academic year and Honors Program students' spring 2009 enrollment by department. The Honors Program has potentially 12 graduates for 2008-09. Nine of these graduates will be enrolling in graduate or professional schools.

There are 65 SURF research grant recipients; 65 in state with 51 from the University of Arkansas. There were three submissions from Bumpers College with two being selected.

Honors course offerings for spring 2009:
• AFLS 3412H Proposal Development, Navam Hettiarachchy, 12 enrolled
• AFLS 400vH Honors Thesis, 8 enrolled

Honors course offerings for fall 2009:
• AFLS 1011H Honors Orientation, Duane Wolf, 6 enrolled
• AFLS 3131H Management & Leadership, Cassandra Cox, 10 enrolled
• AFLS 4431H Exploring Ethics, Nicholas Anthony, 12 enrolled
• AFLS 400vH Honors Thesis, 1 enrolled

New initiatives this semester include:
• Distributed an electronic version of a newsletter for students
• Contacted eligible students to consider AFLS Honors Program
• Prepared and distributed Honors Mentor Handbook

Revision of Honors Program requirements:
• Increase GPA requirement from 3.25 to 3.5
• Considering course revisions
• Considering honors hours requirements

F. Gamma Sigma Delta – Bruce Dixon
o Held Oral and Poster Competition February 25, 2009. Excellent Participation, Presentations and Posters. Thanks to Andy McKenzie and Navam Hettiarachchy
o Held Initiation and Awards Ceremony March 24, 2009. Inducted 29 new members. Thanks to Mary Savin, Dave Edmark, Judy Howard and Fred Miller.
o New Officers:
• Andrew McKenzie, President
• Mary Savin, Vice President
• Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg, Secretary
• Perilous Financial Times!! Still Accepting Dues and Contributions
• Dean's Office Support Greatly Appreciated
7. New Business – Mike Richardson
A. Update on Dean Search – Keith Lusby reported that a chair and search committee has been announced. There have been two meetings of the committee and have adopted a position description. The committee will work under a high degree of confidentiality. The committee anticipates reviewing applications by the end of July or early August.
8. Announcements by Department

AEAB Two new faculty members: Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr. and Archie Flanders
CSES Two retirees: Tommy Daniel and Moye Rutledge
FDSC Two retirees: Michael Johnson and Justin Morris
HESC Two retirees: Sue Martin and Peggy Whan
Mary Burton Memorial service Tuesday, May 5 at 2:00 pm
HORT Deceased faculty member: Teddy Morelock
PLPA A. Rick Bennett was hired on March 1, 2009 as department head
POSC One retiree: Frank Jones

Meeting adjourned at 11:52 am

Submitted by Carmen Alessi
December 2, 2009