May 2006 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
Friday, May 5, 2006
Hembree Auditorium

1. Call to Order: Don Johnson called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. as he welcomed everyone to the Spring DBCAFLS Faculty Meeting.

2. Approval of Agenda: H. Brown motioned to approve the agenda of the Spring May 5, 2006 Faculty Meeting. The motion was seconded and approved. No additions and no deletions were made.

3. Approval of minutes of Spring 2005 Faculty Meeting: Don Johnson motioned to approve the minutes of the December 7, 2005 Faculty Meeting. Motion was seconded. No additions and no deletions were made. Motion was approved.

4. Report from College Administration:

A. State of the College, Dean Greg Weidemann
This is one of the better years for the Division of Agriculture; there will be a 5% increase in salary. Many needs will be able to be addressed.
The college side is more challenging this year due to increase in tuition, and energy coast as well as other issues.
The board meets today, budget and salary won't be don until then.
Current budget is $5,880,623.
The college diversity plan has expired and a new 5 year plan is being developed. Progress is being made, but we are still not as diverse as we need to be in as a college. Hopefully the plan will be in place by fall.
Management plan has been finished and is on the Webb.
We still need to work on attendance for our Scholarship lunch/Honors Convocation.
State FFA contest were a success, many prospective students were on campus. AEED did a great job hosting the event.
B. Academic Programs update, Associate Dean Donna Graham
]A lot of work has gone into ACT 1014.
There is a new web site for the college.
The new scholarship administrator is Morgan Hogue.
Ashley Harris has been working on PSRC and Ambassadors, Gifted and Talented Program, Summer Orientation and Recruitment.
Alice Griffin has been working on Advising and Retention.
Honors College is looking at a couple of new incentives. The deadline for grades is 48 hours after the final exam. May 16th is the deadline.
4. Reports from faculty Council and College Faculty Standing Committees

A. Faculty Council – D. Johnson
Faculty Council has been very active so far this year. Much discussion concerning the new Tenure-Track Hiring practice has taken place.

i. Ad hoc Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Hiring Practice, Dr. Fred Stephen
The VP explained rational for practice.
Committee has had many phone calls, sent e-mails and met many times to discuss response.

B. Curriculum Committees

i. HESC Subcommittee, Dr. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg
The main changes were clean up items and did not require formal change forms to be submitted. The changes to these courses were made March 28 by the Registrar's office.
Prerequisite changes were made to the following courses:
o HESC 2123, Catering Management
o HESC 3604, Food Prep for the Hospitality Industry
o HESC 4103, Experimental Foods
o HESC 4463, Admn/Eval Child Dev Progs
o HESC 522V, Readings in Nutrition
o HESC 5463, Research Methods in Social Sciences
o RSOC 5463, Research Methods in Social Sciences

ii. Ag Agriculture Subcommittee, Dr. Freddie Scott, Chair
Program changes consisted of AEED, deleted Extension and Industry Education Major and Minor as a concentration due to low enrollments and lack of an instructor for the concentration.
Program chances consisted of AFLS Honors. Added two new courses.
Course changes consisted of ANSC added a one-hour Special Topic Class.
The chair recognized the hard work of the committee this semester,
The definition of what Intensive communication is has been discussed and a committee has been assigned to come up with a definition.

5. Special College Committee Reports

A. Nominations and Elections Committee, Dr. Tom Costello
Chair Elect Chairle Rosenkrans
Election for faculty Senate is coming up would like to have at least 5 nominees.
Look for election ballot e-mail next week.
B. Honors Program, Dr. Duane Wolf
Enrollment seems stable over 2000 student involved campus wide.
Students traveling aboard has been quite successful.
Dr. Clark will be stepping down
Commend Dr. Wolf for a great job.
(see power point and hand out)
Special recognition to L. Apple, R. Rory, H. Brown, R. Stephens, H.L. Goodwin, L. Howard, J. Miller, J, Popp.
6. Other Reports of Interest

A. Gamma Sigma Delta, Dr. Tom Yazwinski
30 new teacher awads.
Conclave is in Columbus Ohio in June
May 18th next business meeting 12:15, 308 Union.
Gamma Sigma Delta award winners are, for teaching Andrew McKenzie, and for Research, Indajet Choubey
B. Faculty Senate/Campus Faculty, Dr. Curt Rom
(reports on line).
C. Graduate Council, Dr. TeBeest
Committees on Committees need volunteers.
7. Old Business: None.

8. New Business: None

9. Announcements (By Department)
Agricultural Experiment Station – None
Agri Econ. – None
Agri & Extension Education – Dr. Don Johnson received award for Alumni Association Faculty Distinguished Achievement in Teaching and Service.
Agri. Communication Services – None.
Agri. Stats Lab – None.
Animal Science – None.
Bio & Agri Engineering – New faculty B. Hagard
Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences – Dr. Barientine will be retiring.
Entomology – None.
Food Science – None.
Horticulture – None.
HESC- Dr. Jan Noble is retiring, New faculty Dr. L. Robinson.
10. Adjourn – Dr. Don Johnson adjourned the meeting at 11:50 a.m.