May 2005 (general faculty meeting)

May 6, 2005

10:00 a.m.
1. Chairman, Dr. Jean Turner, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. as she welcomed everyone to the DBCAFLS Faculty Meeting.
2. Approval of the agenda: P. Whan motioned to approve the agenda. P. Laferney seconded the motion. All in favor.
3. Approval of minutes of Fall 2004 Faculty Meeting. L. Parsch motioned to approve the minutes. N. Hettiarachchy seconded the motion. All were in favor to approve the minutes as presented.
4. Dean's Reports
Dean G. Weidemann: Please see the Dean's address to the faculty at:
Dean D. Graham: The Power Point presentation of the Academic Report will be available on the Bumpers College website.
5. Standing College Faculty Committee Reports
a. Faculty Council – J. Turner The Faculty Council's activities of the spring included introducing a new 12 point grading scale to the College, mediating a petition of said scale from the DBCAFLS students opposing it, and making some minor changes to the Personnel Document and College by-laws.
b. Curriculum Committees
i. Agricultural Subcommittee – J. Emmert
Recommendations to the Faculty Council (measures passed by the Agriculture Subcommittee of the Faculty Council) during the spring 2005 semester included:
New Program. CSES – A new minor in Crop Biotechnology
Program Change. Agricultural Business major Concentration changes. The Concentrations changed were: Agribusiness Management and marketing, and Agricultural Economics and Pre-Law. The math requirements were changed and core requirements altered.
Program Change. Added an option to the Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Provides an additional option to non-thesis M.S. degree program (International Agribusiness Concentration).
Program Change. HESC "Advanced Apparel Production" Major. Offered for undergraduate and graduate credit. Course now required for graduate concentration in Apparel Studies.
Course Change. HESC 4063 "Advanced Apparel Production". Offered for undergraduate and graduate credit. Course now required for graduate concentration in Apparel Studies.
Course Change. HORT 465V "Horticulture Merchandizing Internship". This course will be offered for the undergraduate credits only.
Course change. HORT 464V "Turf Management Internship". This course will be offered for undergraduate credit only.
Course change. FDSC 400V "Special Problems". This course will be offered for undergraduate credit only.
Course added. CSES 2012 "Introduction to Organic Crop Production". Added to the undergraduate catalog.
Course deletion. FDSC 6101 "Colloquium in Food Science".
ii. HESC Subcommittee -- P. Whan
The following items were approved by the HESC Subcommittee and recommended and approved by the Faculty Council:
Major Changes:
Addition of a new concentration (Option) in the Human Development and Family Sciences Major
Concentration in Birth through Kindergarten
This program has been developed to meet anticipated credentialing of Early Childhood Professional (Birth through Kindergarten) by the State Department of Education. The program meets the requirements of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
There are 4 new courses in the proposal and a change in title/description for HESC 4472/4472L.
HESC 1411 – Observation of Children in Early Childhood Settings
HESC 4313 – Building Family & Community Relationships
HESC 4332 – Curriculum & Assessment Birth to 3 Years
HESC 4332L – Curriculum & Assessment Birth to 3 Years Lab
HESC 4342 – Curriculum & Assessment 3 Years to Kindergarten
HESC 4342L – Curriculum & Assessment 3 Years to Kindergarten LabChange in title/description:
HESC 4473 – Field Experience in Birth to Kindergarten Settings
6. Special College Committee Reports
Nominations and Elections Committee – T. Costello
There have been two elections since the last faculty meeting, one to elect the new Chair-Elect, Don Johnson, and the other to vote on changes to the Personnel Document.
There will be two more elections will need to be made prior to the upcoming faculty meeting in December. The first will be to elect a new Chair-Elect, the other will be to vote on 3 members for Faculty Senate and 1 member for Graduate Council.
a. Honors Program – D. Wolf
The Power Point presentation on the Honors Program is available on the Bumpers College web site.
7. Old Business - None
8. New Business
a. By-Laws compliance with other faculty documents – L. Parsch
Proposal to Revise AFLS By-Laws to Facilitate Compliance with Other Governance Documents
Amend the CAFLS By-Laws so that a vote of the entire AFLS Faculty is not required to simply bring the By-Laws and other AFLS governance documents into compliance with higher order documents, i.e., Board of Trustees Policy, The Faculty Handbook, and the Personnel Document.
Currently, a ballot vote of the Faculty is required tomake any change tot the College by-laws. Since the By-laws must, by definition, be in compliance with higher order documents, "compliance" changes are really house-keeping duties which doesn't warrant a full faculty vote. The proposal would enable the Faculty Council to act for the Faculty to make those changes n all governance domuments under the purview of the AFLS whch are solely for compliance purposes. Substantive changes to the by-laws and other AFLS governance documents (e.g., Personnel document) would continue to require due process and a ballot vote of the entire Faculty.
AFLS by-laws, 14 May, 2003, Article VIII [complete]. Proposed changes are the addition of the final paragraph in italics.
Article VIII
Procedure to Revise By-Laws
The By-Laws of the Faculty of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville may be amended by the following process. Formal motions may be introduced to the Faculty Council by either its own membership or by a petition signed by at least 15 Faculty members representing at least three (3) academic units of the College. Approval by the Faculty Council requires at least a two-thirds (2/3) majority. Subsequent to approval by the Faculty Council, the motions will be presented to the Faculty as a whole at a College Faculty meeting for discussion. A ballot will be conducted within twenty (20) working days of the College Faculty meeting where the motions were presented. Final approval will require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Faculty votes cast. Rules guiding ballots as discussed in Article VI. F. Shall be in place for this election procedure. Approved motions will take effect immediately following final approval unless otherwise stated in the motion.
Changes to these articles and other college governance documents for the sole purpose of bringing them into compliance with higher order documents (e.g., Board of Trustees Policy, Faculty Handbook, and Personnel Document) may be enacted with a 2/3 vote of th Faculty Council. All compliance changes approved by the Faculty Council shall be reported to the Faculty.
The above proposal was unanimously endorsed by the AFLS Faculty Council at its April 2005 meeting. The proposal was presented to the AFLS Faculty and the Faculty will be given the opportunity to vote on the proposal by email ballot after the meeting.
b. Reports of Interest
i. Gamma Sigma Delta – N. Hettiarachchy
On May 5th, Beth Kegley and Tom Yazwinski became the President and Vice-President of Gamma Sigma, respectively, and Bruce Dixon was unanimously elected to be the Treasurer. Randy Luttrell will continue to serve as the Secretary for the coming year. The gave was passed on to the new President, Beth Kegley. Rosemary Ruff, Director of Resesarch and Sponsored Programs was the guest speaker.
The annual awards banquet took place on April 8th. Marie Lavallard, retired Head of the former Department of Agricultural Publications and former Historian for International Gamma Sigma Delta was the guest speaker. Awards were distributed to the following faculty members:
The Teaching Award of Merit went to Mary Savin of CSES.
The Extension Award of Merit went to James A. Robbins of HORT.
The Research Award of Merit went to Bruce Dixon of AEAB.
The following students also received awards and scholarships from Gamma Sigma Delta at the annual Banquet:
Outstanding Senior Award: Lauren Denise Gaston, Agricultural Education, Communication and Technology.
Outstanding Sophomore Award: Nupura Sudhir Bhise, Biological Engineering
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship: Megan M. Ellis, Interior Design
Lippert Ellis Scholarship: Nupura Sudhir Bhise, Biological Engineering
John W. White Scholarship: John Christopher Looney, Agribusiness and Animal Science
The 2005 Gamma Sigma Delta Oral/Poster Competition for students took place on March 1, in the Arkansas Union. There was a good response and the awards won were:
Poster Category:
First Place: Brittany Adams
Second Place: Brad Cheatham
Third Place: Dawn Elkins
First Place: Inoka Wijesekera
Second Place: Ashlee Webber
Third Place: Kentu Lassiter
First Place: Bill Hendrix
Second Place: Preety Sharma
Third Place: Scott Nicholson
Oral Presentation Category
First Place: Abel Tomlinson
Second Place: Brittany Adams
Third Place: Scott Fry
First Place: Androniki Bibi
Second Place: Evangelos Gonias
Third Place – Tie: Josh Landreth, Ashlee Webber
First Place: Carol Ojano-Dirain
Second Place: Sam Markell
Third Place: Melissa Fierke
Voluntary dues were collected from members. This money went to fund the scholarships, awards, and banquet meals of students.
ii. Faculty Senate – C. Rom
iii. Graduate Council – B. Dixon
9. Announcements (by Department)
No announcements
10. Adjourn
The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Tracy Joslin
Recording Secretary