Faculty Council- September 2007


September 14, 2007
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty present: C. Rosenkrans, Chair, D. Karcher (HORT), J. Webb (HESC), D. Oliver (Chair-elect), A. Proctor (FDSC), J. Miller (AGED), D. Rainey( AEAB), D. Wolf (CSES), John Rupe (sitting in for Gene Milus) (PLPA), Tim Kring (sitting in for Fred Stephen) (ENTO), P. Waldroup (POSC), H. Brown (ANSC)

Others present:

Dr. Greg Weidemann, Dean
Nan Miller, HESC
Dr. Curt Rom, HORT

1. Call to Order – C. Rosenkrans, chair, called meeting to order at 2:32 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda – Jennifer Webb moved to approve the agenda, P. Waldroup (POSC) seconded. Motion adopted by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes - April minutes, after being edited, were circulated for review and approval. May minutes will be available at next meeting. J. Miller: Further discussion on Item 4E, response to the cornerstone, needs more detail from what Fred Stephen said and what was going to be done. Same report that was attached to March minutes and included in the April minutes.

J. Miller moved that we add Ad Hoc Committee's response as an addendum to the April minutes. Motion seconded. Motion adopted by voice approval.

H. Brown moved to approve April minutes with added addendum and J. Webb seconded. Motion adopted by voice approval.

4. Reports

A. Administration: Dean Greg Weidemann

The eleventh day enrollment report shows Bumpers College up 3 percent in undergraduates. Graduates down 5 percent. With the new freshman program in the College of Engineering, BAEG students don't declare majors until their sophomore year. This results in Bumpers College losing freshman student headcount but will get them back in the sophomore year.

For fiscal year 2009, The College will probably have to reduce teaching FTE's by up to 2. Have asked department heads to look internally at reducing class offerings slightly as a first step.

Faculty membership issue: The policy on college faculty membership was shared with the Provost. He stated that the off-campus tenured faculty must be listed as college faculty since they are tenured on this campus. The Council can include them or change the policy language.

C. Rosencrans reported that D. Graham has answers to questions from the April meeting and will bring them to the next meeting.

B. Faculty Senate - Nan Miller

Met last Wednesday. D transfer rule and its success were presented. Slightly higher GPA for those students who did not apply to have a D transfer in but were eligible. 111 people applied. A number of curriculum changes were approved.

C. Curriculum Committee Reports - Curt Rom

Met last Friday. 5 items introduced and approved.
1) Revision to AEAB – Ag business management and marketing concentrations. Combined Section A and Section B to choose four out of six courses. This has no impact outside of Ag Business. Motion to approve by H. Brown and seconded by J. Webb. Motion adopted by voice approval
2) AEAB Master's of Science Program for the Ag Economics Degree. They did some major rewording to describe the program and how they labeled a group of courses. A substantive change, although a minor impact is that they had to change the requirements for the thesis option for ECON 5533 or ECON 6233 to only ECON 5533. Changed the mix of courses in the non-thesis option in the list of courses from this pool. Motion to approve by D. Karcher and seconded by J. Webb. Motion adopted by voice approval
3) ANSC 4252 changed to undergraduates and graduate credit. It will only affect those in the ANSC programs. It does impact the students in our general agriculture master's program. Motion to approve by D. Rainey and seconded by J. Webb. Motion adopted by voice approval.
4) Acronym PUBB – PhD level untitled, will be offered. Motion to approve by P. Waldroup and seconded by D. Karcher. Motion adopted by voice approval
5) AFLS 5001 – College wide seminar proposed by general master's agricultural program. Previous requirement for student to take a seminar in any unit. Became somewhat inflexible for students especially if they were only here for a couple of weeks. This will be a more diverse intercollegiate seminar. Directed by Dr. Lutrell in ENTO. Motion to approve by P. Waldroup and seconded by J. Webb. Motion adopted by voice approval.

No questions or concerns to take back to the committee.

Report on the Voting. Circulated report from Tom Costello dated May 22, 2007. C. Rosencrans read it to everyone. Election results are valid as they had a 40 percent quorum. Proposal was adopted. New faculty senate representatives are Michael Evans, Nancy Miller and Charles Rosencrans. Consider the Provost's and Dean's advice regarding the four individuals ( Karen Moldenhauer (CSES), Paul Counce (CSES), Fleet Li (PLPA) and Terry Kirkpatrick (PLPA) as faculty members represented by DBCAFLS Faculty Council. Motion to approve by G. Milus and seconded by D. Rainey. Motion adopted via electronic ballet.

Report of the Ad Hoc Non-Tenured Track Hiring Practice Committee:

Members include C. Rosencrans, D. Wolf, F. Stephens, G. Milus, B. Dixon, D. Johnson. Met with Dr. Cochran this past summer to figure out where we stand on this hiring practice. The Division will want to continue with this. One of the faculty suggested the Faculty Council disband the Ad Hoc Committee because it had served its purpose. Motion by A. Proctor for the Faculty Council to reaffirm the importance of the Ad Hoc Non-Tenured Current Hiring Practice Committee and seconded by D. Oliver. Motion adopted unanimously by voice approval.

Voted to affirm the role of the Ad Hoc Committee. Motion adopted unanimously by voice approval.

Committee worked through the summer on what was voted on in May. They tried to voice the opinions of 60 to 70 percent of the faculty. The problem includes trying to find a resolution to the problem. There were four statements, a proposed change and a rational for those changes.
A suggestion was made to create a blog for faculty and administration that will create a dialog.

Decided to have the faculty meet to vote on Resolution Committee Responses. Dr. Rosencrans will send an email notification.

Do we want the AG curriculum committee to do a study of graduate offerings and undergraduate offerings to make suggestions to the Dean as a whole? The Dean suggested looking at broader curriculum issues. Dick Oliver motioned to study ways to combine courses within the College as an amendment: Also suggested the college look at those courses we could pick up from outside the college to teach within the college.

Jeff Miller made a motion to charge the curriculum committee to review the college curriculum and make recommendations for revisions, consolidations and additions to the course offerings. Dick Oliver seconded. Motion adopted unanimously by voice approval.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by
Carmen Alessi