Faculty Council Minutes -- October 2016


DBCAFLS Faculty Council Meeting
Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
October 21, 2016
APC Rosen Center Conference Room


Attendees: Daniel Rainey, Chair; Jason Apple, ANSC; Kris Brye, CSES; Fred Stephen, ENTO; Luke Howard (for Andy Proctor), FDSC; Jacquelyn Mosley, HESC; Gary McDonald, HORT; Ioannis Tzanetakis, PLPA; Sami Dridi, POSC; Lona Roberston, Interim Dean; Mike Evans, Interim Assoc Dean; Jeff Miller, AG Curriculum Sub-Committee; Kalynn Smith, Administrative Assistant


Call to Order (2:30 PM)Dr. Daniel Rainey, Chair


Approval of AgendaApproved


Approval of Minutes (September 2016)Approved



Division of Agriculture – Dr. Clarence Watson, Assoc. V.P. – Research for the Division of Agriculture – Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station


No Report


Bumpers College — Interim Dean, Dr. Lona Robertson


(see pages 1-2 of handouts)

Chancellor Steinmetz has announced his eight guiding priorities for the campus. They are not listed in any particular order of significance, save for the first – Advancing Student Success. Dr. Robertson wanted to draw attention to the next to last item on the eight priorities, Reaffirming our Land Grant and Flagship Responsibilities. Dr. Robertson has engaged a group of people for strategic planning, including Gary McDonald, Sami Dridi, Jason Apple from Faculty Council and George Wardlow, Betsy Garrison, and Craig Rothrock as Department Head representatives. The aim of this strategic planning committee is to create polished priorities the college can use to flush out some measurable goals and objectives that can matriculate down to individual departments so they may build their own goals toward planning documents.

In order to pay for those priorities, there is not going to be any new money; all colleges at the UA are to reallocate 1% of their budgets for 1 year over 3 years. For Bumpers College, this will be approximately $300,000 within 3 years. Those funds will remain in the college for us to use to support our objectives that will in turn support the Chancellor’s priorities. There must be a detailed record of where money is being taken and where it is being reallocated. Faculty salaries will be considered in these funds-arranging due to the Investing in Faculty Excellence priority. There was discussion among the Faculty Council regarding this point about those faculty who are paid by both the Division and the College, as the split appointment has caused some confusion regarding faculty raises.

Moving away from the Chancellor’s guiding principles and their effects, Dr. Robertson announced that the third candidate for a new Provost is in today and giving a public presentation. Dr. Robertson has met and formed an opinion of all three candidates. A meeting has been set up to express opinions about these candidates with Peter Unger and Jim Rankin

In regard to the Dean’s search, Dr. Robertson has been asked to submit a list of potential committee members for a search for the Dean of Bumpers College. This is has been given to the Provost and Matt Waller of Walton College will be leading the search. A job description may be in the works; Dr. Saxena had informed Dr. Robertson that once the new Provost is named they will start the search.

On a final note, Dr. Robertson is waiting for feedback on the personnel document. Each department must submit their own forms, and AEAB, CSES, and HORT have already been submitted. Once all are turned in (November 15th is Dr. Robertson’s deadline for these submissions), these departmental documents will be sent to Terry Martin. The departmental documents will likely not be as arduous as it was for the entire College.


Bumpers College — Interim Associate Dean, Dr. Mike Evans

The AFLS Ph.D committee is working, and special thanks to John Rupe for handling it. The committee has a few questions, such as the minimum state requirements for a Ph.D., can there be concentrations under an umbrella, etc. Dr. Evans will hand that document to Dr. Rupe and they will work through it. Afterwards they will come back with a proposal and have Terry Martin sit and work with them to iron out further details.

Assessment plans are in and the Dean’s Office and the Provost have them. Jim Rankin informed Dr. Evans the Provost’s Office has a pot of money and those funds are available for facility upgrades and expansions. Examples for use of these funds would be if a department has lab space that could be renovated or made more effective, if there is faculty the department would like to keep but need resources to be more competitive/as incentive to keep them at the UA, etc. The deadline for proposals for these funds is the 14th of November. Dr. Evans asked that faculty report items that could benefit from these funds, please report them to department heads. A question was asked if this money could be used for equipment, and Dr. Evans responded that it could, if it could help the UA attract top-notch faculty or help us keep current top-notch faculty here. Other questions to ask before making a proposal are: would this allow new/current faculty become more competitive for national grants? If so, what type? Dr. Evans emphasized that the Division is not eligible for these funds, but if the proposal is made for a department/facility on campus, it is eligible. The BIO MASS building is also valid because it is considered a campus facility. Dr. Evans explained that the amount of money available for these proposals has not been disclosed. Faculty Council asked about partnership with companies, and Dr. Evans answered that it is believed the Provost’s Office is looking at those options, and a deal with a company like Shimatsu might look similar to a 40% discount where the University tries to put together a situation where departments put in their fair share based on past usage history. Again Dr. Evans emphasized that there is a lot of attention going into core facilities and improving them.

Dr. Evans left his announcements with a note asking that departments make sure forms that require various signatures are turned in completed, with no missing information so there is no issue of someone signing off on something without any knowledge of what exactly they are approving.


International Programs Committee – Dr. Leslie Edgar


Dr. Edgar had no formal report to present to the Faculty Council, but Dr. Robertson made a few notes regarding International Programs. The first was that the intersession course – a travel abroad study in India for CSES – had a small shortfall. To accommodate the lack of student fees that would pay for the course, Dr. Robertson has agreed to do a 50/50 split between the department and the College. In better news, the intersession course to Australia and New Zealand has made. Finally, Dr. Robertson mentioned that no one will be allowed to do a faculty-led study tour during a week when the campus is closed, such as Christmas.


University Faculty Senate- Dr. Don Edgar


Dr. Edgar had no formal report to present to the Faculty Council, but he sent along a reminder that the four-day finals calendar will be discussed at the next University Faculty Senate meeting.


Graduate Council – Dr. Ken Korth


No Report


Faculty Council Report – Dr. Daniel Rainey, Chair


Jason Apple and Doug Karcher have been announced as the nominees for Faculty Council Chair-elect.


Standing Committee Reports:


Awards Committee – Dr. Kate Shoulders, Chair


No Report


Scholarship Committee – Dr. Doug Karcher, Chair


No Report


AFLS Curriculum Sub-Committee – Dr. Jeff Miller, Chair


No Report


HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee –Dr. Kathy Smith


No Report


Honors Program – Jacqueline Mosely on behalf of Dr. Charles Rosenkrans


(see pages 3-4 of handouts)

Due to efforts to clean up the Honors Program, six seniors have been removed from the Honors College for lack of completing any Honors coursework, while four students will be graduating through the Honors Program this Fall.

Dr. Charles Rosenkrans was elected and voted in as the new Honors Program Committee Chair and will serve through December 2016. A new Chair will be elected in January. Isabell Whitehead is the graduate assistant available to meet with students about questions they may have about the program.

The Honors Program urges faculty to think about courses to add in their departments. One such course is AGED 3137 which will be the Methods and Proposals Development in one course this upcoming Spring semester.

Finally, the following deadlines were outlined: November 1st is deadline to defend theses, November 15th is deadline to submit them, and December 16th is the Honors Graduation Reception.


Old Business

ANSC announced it has decided to prorate publication expectations for their personnel document. In regard to Faculty Council elections, Dr. Andy Proctor suggested that people who are likely to become full professors would be the best suggestions for potential nominees. A question was brought up by Faculty Council about what o Unit Committees consist of. The response was varied; in some cases, clinical professors are allowed to vote on promotion, which was identified to become a potential issue, whereas unit committees consist only of higher level individuals who can vote on promotion.

Another question regarding the level of participation out of departments on P&T voting was brought to attention, and Dr. Rainey answered that P&T voting received fairly full commitment. FSR, though, has been more troublesome.


New Business –None


General Announcements


The next Faculty Council meeting will be November 18th, 2016.




Submitted by Kalynn Smith