Faculty Council Minutes -- October 2012

October 19, 2012
Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty present
Kristofor Brye – CSES (Chair)
Burton Bluhm - PLPA
Ron Buescher – FDSC
Don Edgar – AEED
Donn Johnson - ENTO
Garry McDonald – HORT
Scott Osborn - BAEG
Dan Rainey – AEAB
Rick Rorie– ANSC
Thad Scott - CSES
Leigh Southward- HESC, Substitute for Kathy Smith
Others Present:
Jackie Wiersma – Graduate Council Representative
Nick Anthony – Chair, Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee
John Clark – Chair, College Promotion and Tenure Committee
Administrators Present:
Mike Vayda – Dean
Lona Robertson – Associate Dean
Andy Proctor – Director, Bumpers College International Programs

Call to Order – Kristofor Brye, chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.
Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve the September 21, 2012, Faculty Council minutes. Motion adopted by voice approval.

Administration Reports
Division of Agriculture –Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Research and
Director, Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station - Clarence Watson, No Report
Bumpers College - Dean Mike Vayda
Dean Vayda reported that a consultant recently recommended to University Relations additional revisions to the University's Web site design and structure. There are discussions to merge the Graduate School's student presentation competition with Gamma Sigma Delta's competition. The University's emergency action plan is a hot topic and Dr. Vayda requested Dr. Brye to invite a representative from the UA Campus Police (Lt. Mark Mills) to speak to the faculty at the December 7 College faculty meeting.
Please click on the link to view Dr. Vayda's report.
Bumpers College – Associate Dean Lona J. Robertson
Dr. Robertson reported incoming freshmen enrollment is up 19 percent this year over last year and that College enrollment is up nearly 10 percent this year compared to a little less than 7 percent for campus. One-time funding requests should be submitted to the Dean's Office now.
Please click on the link to view Dr. Robertson's report.
Honors Program –Curt Rom, Director, No Report
International Programs - Andy Proctor, Director
Dr. Andy Proctor reported on recent International Programs' activities that included a recent trip to China by some College faculty (Lona Robertson, Bob Harrington, and Laurie Apple) and a recent visit to the College by four faculty from the Scottish Agricultural College, now the Scottish Rural College (one from Crop Science, one from Poultry Science, one from Ag Communication and one from their advising staff). Students from Bumpers College will be going to Scotland next semester (Spring 2013) funded by a grant from International Programs. Dr. Proctor mentioned an upcoming seminar to be given on November 6 in AGRI Building, room 115 at 2:00 pm by students who spent time abroad within the last year which is meant to help generate interest in and recruit others for study abroad. Also mentioned was a recent email that was forwarded to College faculty requesting thesis ideas be submitted to a representative of the University of Ghent as possible topics for exchange students to choose from and work on. Dr. Proctor reminded everyone that currently there are many opportunities with more being developed.
Please click on the link to view Dr. Proctor's report.
Standing Committee Reports
College Promotion and Tenure Committee – John R. Clark, Chair
Dr. John Clark was elected as Chair of the College P&T Committee for 2012. The Committee will meet on November 15 to vote on the six promotion and tenure candidates. Dr. Clark answered questions regarding the differences between Distinguished Professor and University Professor appointments. This should be viewed as an honorary appointment or viewed as an award rather than a process for promotion. Dr. Clark also reviewed the current timeline of events/dates associated with the P&T process with particular attention for the meeting date of the College P&T Committee. Given the tight timeline and schedule, the Committee will be flexible in finding a day to meet within the designated week in November each year.
University Faculty Senate – No Report
Awards Committee and Scholarship Committee – Lona Robertson, Chair
• Dr. Robertson reported that both the Awards and Scholarship Committees are in the process of reviewing recent proposed revisions to the College Faculty Bylaws. The scholarship application will be live on-line November 15 and applications are due February 1. The Awards Committee is presently reviewing award applications and have recently discusses procedures for reviewing and selecting award recipients that have become part of the committee's operating guidelines.
Please click on the link to view Dr. Robertson's report. Robertson.Report.10.19.2012.pdf
Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee – Nick Anthony, Chair
• AFLS curriculum sub-committee reported on recent activity regarding ACT 747 where numerous suggested changes to the Bumpers College core were discussed and voted on, some passing and some failing (see bullet points below). The Faculty Council approved all recommendations as brought forth by Dr. Nick Anthony of the AFLS curriculum sub-committee.
1) Retained COMM intensive block of courses
2) Deleted requirement for COMM 1313
3) Retained Bumpers College's broadening electives
4) Lowered the requirement of upper division credits from 39 hours to 36 hours
5) Retained rule limiting hours in internships and special problems that can count towards the bachelor's degree
6) Retained the requirement of 30 hours in residence from the Bumpers College
7) Retained two separate curriculum committees
Five course changes (see table below) were brought forth as recommendations presented by
Dr. Nick Anthony of the AFLS curriculum sub-committee and were approved by the Faculty Council.
Course Changes:
BENG 4753L
Nanotechnology Laboratory
New course
ANSC 4303
Comparative Veterinary Anatomy
New course
CSES 3113
Forage Management
Course change from three to two hours
FDSC 4123
Food Microbiology
Course change from three to two hours
FDSC 4563
Experiencing the Food Industry
New course
HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee – No Report

Graduate Council Report – Jackie Wiersma
• Dr. Wiersma reported that the Graduate Council recently voted to not allow an "X" to be removed from a CF grade for graduate students and that a late registration fee for graduate students will be implemented in the future. Feedback was also requested regarding the issue of graduate students teaching peers and how is "peer' defined. Please direct all feedback on this issue to Drs. Mike Richardson or Jackie Wiersma.
Please click on the link to view Dr. Wiersma's report.
Old Business – Kris Brye
• Nominations Committee. Three nominations have been obtained for Faculty Council Chair-Elect. The election will be conducted by email within the next two weeks. A motion was approved to elect Dr. Thad Scott as Dr. Mike Richardson's replacement as one of two College representatives to the Graduate Council.
• Review of Faculty By-Laws. Additional feedback was received from the Dean regarding the proposed revisions to the College Faculty Bylaws. The Dean's suggestions were discussed among the Bylaws sub-committee. Suggestions for the role of the Scholarship and Awards Committees were discussed and changes will be implemented to the proposed revisions. The ultimate goal still remains to present a Faculty Council accepted set of revisions to the entire faculty prior to the Fall College Faculty meeting for subsequent vote.
New Business – Kris Brye, None
Announcements – Kris Brye
Faculty Council remaining meeting dates for the fall semester - November 16 at 2:30 pm
Fall College Faculty Meeting – Friday, December 7 at 10:00 am in Hembree Auditorium
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.
Submitted by
Carmen Alessi