Faculty Council Minutes -- October 2007


October 12, 2007
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty present: C. Rosenkrans, (Chair), D. Karcher (HORT), J. Webb (HESC), D. Oliver (Chair-elect), A. Proctor (FDSC), J. Miller (AGED), D. Rainey (AEAB), D. Wolf (CSES),Gene Milus (PLPA), Fred Stephen (ENTO), H. Brown (ANSC)

Others present:
Nan Miller, DBCAFLS Faculty Senator
Donna Graham, Associate Dean
Greg Weidemann, Dean

1. Call to Order – C. Rosenkrans, chair, called meeting to order at 2:32 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda – J. Webb moved to approve the agenda, G. Milus seconded. Motion adopted by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes – A. Proctor moved to approve the September 14, 2007 minutes. D. Karcher seconded. Motion adopted by voice approval.

4. Reports

A. Administration: Dean Greg Weidemann

The AFLS Curriculum Agriculture Sub-Committee was charged to evaluate course offerings for graduate and undergraduate at the last Faculty Council meeting. They were asked to look at possible duplication of effort and possible courses we may need to offer. Are we offering the degrees that have relevance? It was unanimously approved and sent to the AFLS Curriculum Agriculture Sub-Committee and they then referred it back to the Faculty Council. Curt Rom, Greg Weidemann, Donna Graham and Charles Rosenkrans reviewed it. The Associate Dean's office had already been reviewing this issue. The Committee recommended that the Dean's Office should select a task force to be representative of all departments. This information was given to the department heads in a meeting on October 9, 2007.

The scholarship luncheon was very successful.

Talked to department heads at last meeting about 2010 goals. Freshman retention is above the 2010 goals at 85 percent; 6 year graduation rate is up a bit to 59 percent. Faculty engagement with our students is the key to success. Diversity enrollment is the highest it has ever been. One negative relates to our recruiting efforts because freshman enrollment is down. The number of students applied versus those accepted into the college is about the same percentage increase as the year before. One reason may be that scholarships offered for Bumpers College may not match a full ride they can receive elsewhere. We must continue to build scholarship endowments. D. Oliver mentioned need based scholarship follow up. G. Weidemann confirmed there are still a lot of unmet needs. Jeff Miller asked about the Tyson's donation to finish out the Campaign and what happened to those funds in assisting our scholarship funding. G. Weidemann will have to research that. G. Weidemann confirmed that the priority for Director of Development, Kellie Knight, is scholarship funding with a couple of exceptions.

B. Administration: Associate Dean Donna Graham

Reported on follow-up from April. Two proposals from Dr. Susan Takigiku: (1) Students who participate in commencement ceremony with credit hours remaining for degree requirement. Recommendation: No policy change is needed to the current college practice of allowing students to walk early in graduation ceremonies. Bumpers College's policy is very similar to those of other colleges. (2) Course overload requirements. Prior approval from academic deans is required for course loads that are18 to 21 hours. All advisors are consulted when the students petition to take an overload from the CAFLS office. The Academic Standards Committee must approve 21 or more hours. The students who were on warning are performing at the same level with our without the overload. Recommendation: Students under academic warning need more careful consideration, but students seem to be able to handle the overload of courses when they petition. No changes are recommended. H. Brown moved to accept Dr. Graham's report. J. Webb seconded. Motion passed verbally.

C. Faculty Senate – Nan Miller

The SEC Academic Consortium will, over time, select 200 – 300 students across campus for testing of critical thinking skills with an honorarium of $75 to $100 per student. G. Weidemann noted that there is a push for more initiative in higher education for campus accountability. This allows for the ability to assess how well the students are doing without a national benchmark exam.

Campus security report with findings that crime is down on this campus and contained a lot of statistics. There is an emergency preparedness plan in place but will need to educate department heads and other administration. Copies of this campus security report are available by contacting campus security.

Executive Committee Report. Two questions were discussed. One was regarding allocations of funds relative to the lack of seats in required classes early in the registration period. It was referred outside the committee with a report to follow. The second question was related to the United Way campaign regarding the return of your envelope whether or not you decide to participate. Some felt that was too much "big brother" supervision regarding something that is a private decision. There was also discussion that United Way supports some organizations that the University does not support because of discrimination practices. Also, it was noted that the United Way form requests the donor's social security number.

Also attending the Executive Committee meeting was Sue Madison, author of Act 175, the adoption of textbooks by November 1, 2007 for the spring term. If the bookstore can get lower prices, then therefore the students can get lower prices. If you suggest your students to buy books on line and buy from a vendor that does not collect Arkansas sales tax, then you are in violation of the law.

There will be a campus wide faculty meeting on Tuesday, November 6, in Giffels Auditorium, and that the Chancellor will be attending.

D. HESC Curriculum Committee – Tim Killian

Each committee member received a hand out of curriculum changes with summaries for various HESC departments. J. Webb moved to accept the curriculum changes. J. Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

E. Agriculture Curriculum Committee – Hayden Brown

Met on October 12, 2007. The Committee approved the recommendation from Food Science to update their technology program. The second item discussed regarded the Faculty Council following up on curriculum concerns presented by D. Graham earlier. The second item was regarding G. Weidemann's appointment of a task force to review the curriculum and to determine if our current offerings are appropriate and relevant in a contemporary context. H. Brown moved to approve the report. J. Webb seconded. Motion passed verbally.

5. Old Business

The Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Life and Food Sciences called a faculty meeting for September 25, 2007. They discussed two action items. The faculty voted to send the progress report from the ad hoc committee on the non-tenure track hiring practice to the whole faculty for a vote of support. The second item submitted to the full faculty for a vote was the Faculty Council's resolution committee's report. The outcome of the vote will be known on October 23, 2007. F. Stephens suggested the chair send out a reminder. As of October 11, 50 had voted, need 68 to have a quorum.

6. New Business

Action Motion from HESC: Request that Faculty Council recommend that the Peer Review process use the same Faculty Review Checklist that is required for tenure and promotion rather than requiring faculty to duplicate efforts.

A motion by F. Stephen to have the chair, C. Rosenkrans, draft a letter to Dr. Shult for the Faculty Council to review and edit asking the Division of Agriculture to revise their FSR reports and P&T documents to mirror the documents of the College. A. Proctor seconded. Motion passed verbally. Dean Weidemann indicated that the Division was in the process of changing their evaluation forms.

Personnel Document Questions. C. Rosenkrans sent an email to all the department heads asking who their P&T Committee representative will be. Some have yet to respond.

C. Rosenkrans asked about procedures for major and minor edits to DBCAFLS Personnel Document. G. Weidemann suggested it be revised. C. Rosenkrans asked if the personnel documents should be updated to reflect the change in the structure of the College and the Division. Personnel documents must be approved by vote of the entire faculty. C. Rosenkrans asked if there should be a change in the composition of the P&T Committee and if the off-campus representatives in future years need a separate representative on the P&T Committee. D. Wolf mentioned we should be very clear about the voting ability of the off campus faculty and C. Rosenkrans confirmed that it has been addressed in the bylaws.

Nominations for chair-elect are needed by the next meeting so the Faculty may vote and then announce the chair-elect at the December meeting. A ballot will be provided during the month of November. C. Rosenkrans will ask T. Costello to send everyone the form to nominate. D. Oliver suggested selecting someone from the current Faculty Council as chair-elect.

7. Announcements - None

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by
Carmen Alessi