Faculty Council Minutes -- November 2014

Faculty Council

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

November 21, 2014

APC Rosen Center Conference Room


Call to Order – Dr. Evans called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM

Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve agenda.  

Approval of October 17, 2014 Faculty Council Meeting Minutes –Motion to make correction re: Dr. Wang instead of Dr. Li.  Motion was seconded and approved.  Motion was then made to approve the minutes with the correction.  Motion was seconded and approved.


Administration Reports

Bumpers College – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture, Dr. Mike Vayda

Dr. Evans, Dr. Vayda, Dr. Watson and Dr. Dixon have been reviewing the Promotion & Tenure personnel document.  Thank you to Kris Brye and his committee for their work on the third year review process.  We received back from Legal Counsel a document we submitted 2 years ago. There are a number of things we need to change in order to bring it up-to-date.  We are thinking of 3 tier system that has a University document, then has the Bumpers College specifications, then series of addenda from the Departments; how each department handles specific sections.  Faculty Awards Committee – we are looking at the White and Justice awards to make the guidelines clear.  Department heads retreat in early December.  We will be reviewing the accomplishments of the College over the last year, setting priorities for the next year and this information will be provided at the December 12 Fall Faculty meeting.  Budget hearings will be held end of January/early February.  If anyone has some ideas or suggestions for priorities, this is an opportunity to review funding, particularly interdisciplinary activities that cut across Colleges on campus, please bring those to your Department Head’s attention.  Regarding recent elections, there has been talk about tax cuts and therefore could lead budget cuts.  Thank you for inviting myself and Dr. Robertson to departmental faculty meetings.  A question was asked regarding if Dr. Vayda had a template from another College for the 3 tier system that has followed this program.  The Provost suggested using Fulbright’s document.  It has been requested from Todd Shields. 


Bumpers College –Associate Dean, Dr. Lona Robertson – no report


Division of Agriculture – Associate Vice President – Research AAES, Dr. Clarence Watson

See Page 1 of Reports - In his absence, Dr. Watson submitted a written report.    


International Programs Committee - Dr. Leslie Edgar

See Pages 2 – 7 of Reports.  Dr. Edgar presented a list of informational items/reminder topics.   Study Abroad office – all students must complete application online regardless of the experience for which they’re applying.  Those applications are now approved by Program Directors in the system, then the students are notified whether they have or have not been accepted into the program.  Incomplete applications – the system will remind students to finish application.  At any, a faculty leader could log on and accept an application, so just because there is a deadline doesn’t mean that students haven’t been enrolling and being accepted in that program.  A flyer has been included because there are still openings in many programs.  Deadlines for applications are varied by program.  Internships – Costa Rica, Philippines and Brazil still have openings.  There are opportunities in Panama and Europe.  We are trying to find a place for our College in the Rome Center.   There is already an apparels study program there.  If you are interested in leading a faculty led program abroad or are interested in internship opportunities, please contact Dr. Edgar.  Announcements:  Dr. Rosenkrans will be leading the first University of Arkansas/University of Ghent collaborative faculty discussion.  It is hoped to have this once or twice per year to where faculty from both Universities to discuss topics that are important to the US and the EU and allow students to ask questions and engage about similarities or differences between the countries.  The first one will be open to all students.  Reminder - International Programs deadlines for scholarships is February 1st.    Remind faculty and students that they should be focusing on educational opportunities.  All programs for the college should outline learning objectives for each of these programs.  It is also important that the students look at those objectives and tell us how that is going to improve their academic career or future professional life.  There is now a blog to share TIAP experiences of students.  Please have any students abroad submit photos and their stories.  These will also be utilized by Robby Edwards, Communications Director.   It was pointed out that there is a lot of money from Honors College and Bumpers for students to travel abroad.  Agricultural Universities in Italy are being pushed to expand their International cooperation.  They are converting a number of classes that are being taught in English.  It might be that the time is ripe   to look at these programs.  There is a lot of mobility funding available.   It was requested that the flyer be submitted to all students in the College via e-mail.


Honors Program Update - Dr. Curt Rom - no report




University Faculty Senate – Dr. Mary Savin

No old business. No new business.  All documents being discussed are on Faculty Senate page.  Ro DiBrezzo is in charge of Faculty Development.  There are grants available for travel and research.  Faculty Senate heard from Dean Allen regarding the state of the libraries.  There is a lot of her update available on the Faculty Senate website.   5 year acquisitions were $700k but the goal is $1.76 million.  They have made strides in acquiring new material but journal and database costs have increased 10% in the last 4- 5 years.  Science journals have gone up the most.  They are aware of weaknesses.   Fringe benefits sent out a survey regarding specialist use and mental health specialist use.    Jenny Popp gave a report on Service Learning – the committee is defining the criteria.  They will proceed through College Curriculum committee and the Dean.   Academic integrity – Monica Holland – plagiarism is the #1 problem.  Unauthorized collaboration is #2.  Infractions are down a little bit but there were 217 infractions on plagiarism, 83 for unauthorized collaboration.  There was discussion regarding the penalties for infractions, as they vary.  Faculty Senate Chair has presented a resolution asking the Board of Trustees to delay implementation of eVersity and to work with existing courses and programs across campuses to put together a program use existing online programs and have the system able to grant degrees to avoid duplication of effort.  This was voted on and delivered to Board of Trustees.  Have not heard if there has been a response.



Graduate Council – Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma – no report


Faculty Council Business – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair

Review of Council Representatives List – List from college website was circulated to any changes/updates.

College Personnel Document Writing Committee – Dr. Michael Evans

Dr. Watson and Dr. Vayda have requested an ad hoc writing committee – Bruce Dixon,  John Clark, Kris Brye, and J.F. Muellenet to write a draft as a small group, then present to the Faculty Council and move it up through the approval chain.  Motion was made to approve a writing committee consisting of Bruce Dixon, John Clark, Kris Brye and J.F. Muellenet for the purpose of rewriting of the college personnel document with the addition of Dr. Evans as a member.  The motion was seconded and approved.



Update on first draft of third year review policy development –Dr. Kris Brye

See page 8 -9 of Reports.   What has transpired over the last 4 or 5 months– Kris Brye as chair, Mike Richardson, Laurie Apple, Jennie Popp and Casey Owens along with Mike Evans as ex-officio member, have met on numerous occasions to have discussions about what the true purpose of the 3-year review.  Kris Brye met with Dean Vayda and discussed the prospective from his view as to why we need to better articulate this language of the personnel document.  The Dean wanted to make sure that the faculty and all the units in the College are participating in the review and that there is faculty input and information provided to the Dean and the Director have to ultimately prepare a document, either in support or not in support of the third year review.  The Dean wanted to ensure there was faculty input and that there was better uniformity across units.   The committee started discussions regarding what is the purpose of the third year review.   They used the College of Engineering’s document as a template, revised it to meet the College’s needs then discussed.   The Committee submitted to faculty council for review.  The highlighted sentence “The third-year review process is meant to be informative for the candidate”.   Item C is a “non-reappointment” clause in both documents.  There was much discussion about the start date of the review, the procedures and how the evaluations should be completed.  A suggestion was made for the Promotion & Tenure committee to make an official recommendation of faculty to provide support.  There was also ample discussion regarding the “clock” that determines when a candidate is up for review.  Finally, it was decided that “third full year” will be added into the second sentence under procedures,  and revise the March 15th description to make it clear that a formal vote will be recorded supporting on of the three recommendations.  The changes will be presented back to the rest of the ad hoc committee.

Appreciation was expressed for Kris Brye taking on the task of the third year review process.

Dr. Evans announced that the final count was in and Dr. Burt Bluhm has been elected to the position of Faculty Council Chair.


Standing Committee Reports:

Promotion & Tenure Committee – Dr. Bruce Dixon no report


Nominations Committee –  Dr. Kelly Way no report


Awards Committee – Dr. Kate Shoulders, Chair no report


Scholarship Committee – Dr. Rick Rorie, Chair no report


HESC Curriculum Sub-committee – Dr. Kelly Way for Dr. Kathy Smith

See “New Business” below.


AFLS Curriculum Sub-committee –Dr. Ashley Dowling, Chair

See “New Business” below.


Old Business - none


New Business

Approval of HESC curriculum changes – Dr. Kelly Way for Dr. Kathy Smith, Chair

See Page 10 of Reports.    Motion was made to accept the changes en masse.  Motion was seconded and approved.


Approval of AFLS curriculum changes – Dr. Ashley Dowling, Chair

See Page 11 of Reports.  Motion was made to accept the changes en masse.  Motion was seconded and approved.



Date for Fall Faculty meeting is December 12.  Format suggestion that instead of verbal committee reports, have them bring copies of their reports, then do a Q & A by committee.    The Provost has been invited to speak. 

Specifically for Burt Bluhm – Dr. Evan’s recommendations to the new Faculty Chair.  By-laws can be very difficult for the new Chair.  Dr. Evans requested that the council members review them because some of them take away a lot of “power” from the chair that cause a stoppage of progress.

A suggestion was made that there needs to be an annual rotation of Faculty Council Chairs from all units.  The question was posed if Dr. Evans had been advised of the units that were not represented at the Council meeting.  It was mentioned that there are several units in the College who do not participate and carry their weight.


Final Comments from Chair – Dr. Evans thanked all the council members for their selflessness by being members of the council and serving their departments, peers and the College.



Motion was made to adjourn.  Motion seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 4:39 PM


Submitted by Carrie Whitmer