Faculty Council Minutes -- November 2010

November 19, 2010
Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty present
Sreekala Bajwa – BAEG
Charles Rosenkrans – ANSC (Substitute for Hayden Brown)
Mary Savin - CSES (Substitute for Kristofor Brye)
Don Edgar – AEED
Donn Johnson – ENTO
Jeff Miller – AEED (Chair-elect)
Cindy Moore - HESC
Mike Evans – HORT (Substitute for Brad Murphy)
Dan Rainey - AEAB
Dave TeBeest – PLPA
Park Waldroup - POSC
Others Present
Dave Kreider – Ag Curriculum Committee
Kelly Way – Chair, HESC Curriculum Committee
Nilda Burgos – University Faculty Senate
Administrators present:
Mark Cochran - Associate Vice President - Research for the Division of Agriculture – Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
Michael E. Vayda – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Academic Programs
Call to Order – Jeff Miller, chair-elect, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.
Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve the October 15, 2010 Faculty Council minutes with addition of Dr. TeBeest's comments. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Administration Reports
Bumpers College - Dean Mike Vayda
Drs. Cochran and Vayda met with the College P&T Committee in preparation to review each candidate's promotion and tenure nomination packets.
Dr. Vayda announced three of the four faculty award recipients: Alumni Society Outstanding Advising Award – Cindy Moore; Spitze Land Grant University Faculty Award for Excellence – John R. Clark; and the John W. White Outstanding Teaching Award – Tom Costello.
The budget hearing process is ongoing and Dr. Vayda is working with the department heads to bring forward information on increases in enrollment, activity of Bumpers College faculty, and the increases in programs. Public budget hearing is scheduled for November 30. Budget allocations for the campus will be based largely on enrollment growth and revenue to the institution. Criteria will be based on student credit hours that are delivered, the number of majors in the departments, projected increases and impacts on enrollment, increases in sections and the prestige and value of the institution that comes from research and graduate programs. There are two parts of the budget request – increase in base funds and critical needs that will allow us to go forward next year.
Dr. Vayda acknowledged the work of Diana Bisbee on the Ag*Idea program, led by Drs. Julie Carrier and Chuck West.
Dr. Vayda announced that a development officer will be selected and announced in late November and the Child Development Center has been announced.
Division of Agriculture – Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
Associate Vice President - Research Mark Cochran
The Division of Agriculture's Strategic Plan is finished and on the Web site.
Favorable comments were received regarding the Grant Workshop. The presenter described the Phase 2 process and Dr. Cochran's office will send out the information soon. It is a self-nominating process. The National Organization of Experiment Directors invested in executive directors for each of the regions and a couple of them have formed a grants workshop on how to form functional teams to learn how to pursue large multi-institutional, multi-state grants.
We will do considerably better with AFRI than had been expected with NRI. Dr. Cochran has met with the new undersecretary and has voiced concerns from an experiment station standpoint. The undersecretary was receptive to those concerns.
Works in progress: 1) update and solidify MOUs with other campuses, 2) Tony Windham and Mark Cochran will work to reduce the gap in cultures between the experiment station and extension service to become a more seamless organization particularly in regards to outlook and policy, 3) faculty small group sessions – when budget becomes more normal will think about cluster areas.
With regards to the budget, the Federal side is very dynamic and is uncertain after the recent elections. There is no budget for the fiscal year as of yet. The Senate is dedicated to doing an omnibus budget and the House is dedicated to a continuing resolution, which defers the true budget.
What happens to earmark projects is based on House leadership – they want to bring spending levels back to 2008 level. Funds to land grant universities from USDA will be reduced $250 - $300 million. Line basis cut would be a little different making it a much lower cut. Agency basis is more uncertain, with 80 percent of total USDA budget coming in two programs, one being food stamps.
State – Will receive a 1 percent increase from governor's budget. House is now 55/45 – will have a strong Republican presence.
The Farm Bill will expire soon and will have to write a new one. Colin Peterson, chair of the House Ag Committee, thought it may be advantageous to write a new Farm Bill before the pressure to lower the budget spending hit. The incoming chair, Lucas, prefers to wait until 2012. There will be a push to move towards the "greener" programs.
Standing Committee Reports
University Faculty Senate – Nilda Burgos

Dr. Gaber announced 15 new faculty lines appropriated, which is fewer than the previous year's appropriation of 17. Maintenance Enhancement Incentive Program – Departments who recruit a "diverse" faculty member may apply to receive a 30 percent increase in their maintenance budget. The current searches for deans include Fulbright College, which has received 40 applicants. Interviews will be in January, 2011. The Law School dean search is taking applications through January 4, 2011. Faculty raises are still on hold, waiting until the state's financial outlook improves.
The "You of A" branding campaign has started with 30 second commercials airing this fall during televised athletic events. Copies of a video will be produced to show to prospective students and employees. The goal is to improve the image of the UA, inspire high school students, recruit top faculty and to overcome a regional impression and be seen more on a national stage. Banners are being placed at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and eventually will be placed at major thoroughfares.
A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for November 17 to discuss housing, parking, sustainability, and academic concerns.
Fresh H.O.G.S. Program –focused on educating first-year students on student government.
Academic Integrity Committee has been formed – There is a need for tight, united and solid set of rules for cheating, plagiarism, etc. Drafts can be found at the Faculty Senate Web site.
Ag Curriculum Committee – Dave Kreider

A detailed listing of curriculum changes is available from Dave Kreider.
Leslie Edgar will be chair of the Ag Curriculum Committee beginning in January 2011.
Dr. Kreider noted a couple of corrections to the November 3, 2011 Ag Curriculum Committee meeting minutes. Everything is second reading and correct spelling of Dr. Brye's name.
AGED 4632, AGED 4543, AGED 2143, AGED 4012, CSES 4303, program changes to Crop Biotechnology minor, major changes to ESWS, and exams alternating between Environmental Science and Soil Science in ENSC 4401were approved on second reading.
The request to use ENGL 2003 to meet the college requirement of a communications elective, revised TURF minor degree program, accept a communication course ENGL 215 from Missouri State University, and the program change to PLPA GRE requirements were approved on first and second reading. The PLPA GRE program change was withdrawn by the department due to the need for further faculty review.
CSES 5313 and 5323 were proposed and accepted for the Great Plains Ag*Idea Consortium and were approved on first and second readings.
Motion was made and seconded to approve all curriculum changes. Motion adopted by voice approval.
HESC Curriculum Committee – Kelly Way

A detailed listing of curriculum changes is available from Kelly Way.
HRMN included restructuring of hours, and minor changes to HESC 1603, 2603 and 4693, major changes in HESC 3633 (and course name change), WCOB 1012, and AGME 2903.
HDFS included major changes: HESC 4463, HESC 5403 and 5433, HESC 2433 and RSOC 5603. Removal of HESC 4472/4474L from list of required courses, addition of statistics and research and methods elective requirement and reduced general electives requirements from 30-36 hours to 28-34 hours.
Motion was made and seconded to approve the HESC curriculum changes. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Graduate Council Report – No report, handout provided

Two main items of discussion were 1) keeping residency requirements as they are for Ph.D. students and 2) adding a phrase that would define the purpose of the Candidacy Exams.
Graduate Faculty Status was approved for Jennifer Henk, Michael E. Vayda, and
Stacey A. Gunter.
Update on Strategic Planning
AEAB – Working on it. They received approval for a position hire.
AEED – Still in the formation stage.
ANSC – Started in August and meeting again on December 5.
BAEG – Biomedical staying or going? Based on that, waiting to hear from provost and dean.
CSES – Nothing new. The departmental review conducted last year will be helpful.
ENTO - Nothing new.
HESC – The department is having ongoing discussions. More discussion is expected at the monthly meeting next Friday.
HORT – Planning for 10-year review in March 2011.
PLPA – More discussion will be held at their retreat on November 24.
POSC – Nothing new.
Old Business – Jeff Miller, none
New Business – Jeff Miller
Election of chair-elect. Kris Brye and Tom Costello were nominated and Cindy Moore asked for additional nominees. The By-laws state that three nominees are needed for chair-elect and the election results will be announced at the Fall Faculty meeting on December 8, 2010.
The Fall Faculty meeting will be on December 8, 2010 at 10:00 am in Hembree Auditorium.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.
Submitted by
Carmen Alessi