Faculty Council Minutes -- November 2008


November 14, 2008
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty Representatives present:
Dick Oliver – CSES (Chair)
Mike Richardson - HORT (Chair-elect)
Don Johnson - AEED
Hayden Brown – ANSC
Sreekala Bajwa – BAEG (for Tom Costello)
Duane Wolf – CSES
Fred Stephen – ENTO
Jean-Francois Muellenet – FDSC
Brad Murphy – HORT
Gene Milus – PLPA
Park Waldroup – POSC
Committee Chairs present
Donn Johnson - ENTO (Chair, Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee)
Tim Killion - HESC (Chair, HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee)
Nan Miller - HESC (Faculty Senate Representative)
Administrators present:
Dr. Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Dr. Donna Graham, Associate Dean for Academics
Dr. Mark Cochran, Associate Vice President for Experiment Station
1. Call to Order – Dick Oliver, chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion adopted by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes from the October 10, 2008 meeting with minor corrections. Motion adopted by voice approval.

4. Administration Reports –
A. Bumpers College – Interim Dean Lalit Verma

Career Day: November 14, 2008; largest event ever with 178 students participating and an additional 80 to 90 guests in attendance. Individuals from Arkansas and surrounding states in attendance.

Expressed his intent for better coordination between College and Departmental recruiting efforts. Also, better communication among student clubs and College Ambassadors.

The college Student Advisory Board made recommendation to have joint activities for multiple organization and clubs.

Chancellor Gearhart has initiated a Chancellor's Administrative Policy Council (CAPC) with monthly meetings.

Continuing Education has recently held a dedication of Global Campus in Rogers.

Need to increase number of graduates and number of students in classes in all our
Programs to increase the accountability for Arkansas Higher Education. We need to document students and graduation in programs

The college has requested renovation funds for HESC, Agricultural Annex, and AFLS building from fees approved to be used for purchase of Fayetteville High School.

External review of Research and Sponsored Programs by three reviewers from Texas A&M University, Pennsylvania State University, and University of Georgia.

U of A logo: being reviewed if a change is needed

Emergency alert system has been implemented: Emergencies will be made via cell phones/text messaging to students and faculty.

Honors College: Udall fellowship nominations now being accepted. Hope we will
have nominees.

Dean Schwab is heading committee reviewing Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum. However, many courses are in the university core.

Handout on Farm Bill given to Council

Faculty awards luncheon on January 9, 2009 in Rogers, AR.

B. Bumpers College – Associate Dean for Academics Donna Graham
The state lottery bill was passed. Suzanne McCray will work with state officials to see how this will be implemented. The bill was promoted to fund college scholarships. Hopefully we will get some funding.

Encouragement from Dean Graham to eliminate courses not being taught (Handout provided).

Need to congratulate these colleagues for award recognitions.
Imhoff Teaching Academy Award (Max Meisch 2008 recipient)
Alumni Research Awards (Justin Morris 2008 recipient)
USDA (George Wardlow 2008 recipient)

Ag Idea Consortia meeting planned for December and more information coming

C. Experiment Station – Associate Vice President- Experiment Station Mark Cochran

Second visit from candidate in Plant Pathology hopeful

Search for Poultry Science Head has been launched

Departmental reviews moving to 10-year reviews (external) and mid-point (5 year) internal reviews will be implemented. (This is a new change). Campus does 7 year review

Budget - Handout given but it was prepared before bailout and now looks less optimistic
Search ongoing for new Secretary of Agriculture.

State- Governor may cut grocery sales tax by 1 percent.

State legislature meeting more often
Want to keep $300 M of surplus to use as Governor's discretion

Report of accomplishments is for accountability to justify USDA funding. Impact statements also help.

Question: Are you optimistic?

Answer: Sort of but not really. In aggregate we should have had high farm incomes; however, profit margin is lower.

Discussion of formula funds versus competitive grants nationally. No answer, but apparently we are being asked to provide more information on accountability.

5. Faculty Committee Reports –
A. Faculty Senate Report - Nan Miller
Research misconduct policy being discussed. Still in discussion

B. Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee Report – Donn Johnson.
Handout provided voted on and approved.
Emphasis on "Atlantis" M.S. exchange program with EU

C. Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Sub-Committee Report – Tim Killian
(for Laurie Apple)
Handout provided voted on and approved.
6. Old Business -
A. Department Head Evaluations - Dick Oliver
Dr. Oliver went to Department Heads meeting to discuss the position of the College Faculty Council.
Lalit Verma: some Department Heads are "uncomfortable" with the evaluation form.
Comments are being solicited.
Vice-President Shult is collecting survey information from the departments

Motion: Moved and seconded that Faculty Council appreciates and agrees with the document prepared by committee on Department Head Evaluation and voice their support for and agreement with the merits of that document. We request our support be transmitted to
Drs. Verma, Gearhart, Cochran and Shult. Passed unanimously.

B. Faculty Senate Nominations:
Received 8 nominations
104 of 220 voted via email ballots (47%)
Bruce Ahrendsen, Curt Rom, and Mary Savin elected to U of A Faculty Senate
7. New Business – None

8. Announcements – Dick Oliver
Members were encouraged to submit names of potential candidates for the position of College Faculty Council Chair-Elect at the upcoming Faculty meeting.

The Fall College Faculty Meeting will be on December 10, 2008 at 10:00 am in Hembree Auditorium.

9. Adjournment
A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting was adjourned by Dick Oliver, Faculty Council Chair, at 3:50 p.m.