Faculty Council Minutes -- November 2007


November 9, 2007
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty present: C. Rosenkrans, (Chair), D. Karcher (HORT), J. Webb (HESC), A. Proctor (FDSC), Leslie Edgar (AGED) (sitting in for J. Miller), Mac Stewart (CSES) (sitting in for D. Wolf), Fred Stephen (ENTO), H. Brown (ANSC), Tom Costello (BAEG), Mike Richardson (HORT)

Others present: Dr.Greg Weidemann, Dean

1. Call to Order – C. Rosenkrans, chair, called meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda – F. Stephen moved to approve the agenda, J. Webb seconded. Motion adopted by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes – H. Brown moved to approve the October 12, 2007 minutes. J. Webb seconded. C. Rosenkrans requested the Curriculum Committee reports be attached with the minutes submitted for Web distribution. Motion adopted by voice approval.

4. Reports

A. Administration: Dean Greg Weidemann

Promotion and tenure issues. The Dean has asked the departments to submit their documents in original form and also in electronic form for the College Committee.

The items passed in the recent electronic vote of the faculty will require some changes both in the personnel document and the faculty by-laws. It will require some revision of the sign off forms on the P&T document that will require campus approval. The Dean will forward the proposal to the Provost for future discussion with the Division administration. The Dean recommended that the council appoint a sub-committee to work with him to make suggested changes for faculty approval at the Spring meeting. C. Rosenkrans will appoint a By-Laws/Personnel Document Sub-Committee to review both documents, particularly given the organizational changes between the College and the Division.

The Dean pointed out that C. Rosenkrans' requirement of a summary sheet on the P&T document has never been approved and currently remains optional.

During our Honors Program review, the Honors College Dean noted that our current use of Latin designations for graduating seniors who have not completed the college Honors Program was out of compliance with his understanding of campus policy limiting use of cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude only to students completing the Honors Program. In reviewing the most recent catalogue, all other colleges limit the Latin designation to Honors students. For those high GPA students not enrolled in the Honors Program, he suggested that we use 'with distinction' like several other colleges.

He proposed that we bring the college in line with other colleges and limit the Latin designation to our Honors Program students. Those students not enrolled in the Honors Program would be designated as graduating 'with distinction' (3.5 or better), 'with high distinction' (3.57 or better) or 'with highest distinction' (3.9 or better).
Alice Griffin may want to phase it in after the 2008 commencement but will discuss it further. The Dean suggests the College be proactive and F. Stephen suggested we should comply and be in line with the rest of the University. The Dean suggested this will have to be included in the catalog before we can institute it. F. Stephen made a motion to change College policy to be in line with the rest of the University. The faculty should vote on this. M. Richardson seconded. Motion passed by voice approval. (One vote against).

B. Faculty Senate

There is no report as the Faculty Senate has not met since the last Faculty Council meeting.

C. HESC Curriculum Committee

J. Webb reported they have not had any new business since the last meeting.

D. Agriculture Curriculum Committee

C. Rosenkrans reported they have not had any new business since the last meeting.

5. Old Business

Progress of the Curriculum Task Force

The Ag-Curriculum Committee had been charged with starting an assessment of our curriculum course offerings. The Committee reported back that they would like the Dean's office to handle this, which had already been begun by Dr. Graham.

The dean and associate dean have asked Bruce Ahrendsen to be the chair of this committee and have put together a list of committee members, but have yet to contact those they have nominated. It would be premature to announce the members of this committee at this time.

6. New Business

Ballot results and future directions

Faculty Resolution Vote – Dr. Cochran reiterated the Division's policy on non-tenured track hiring remains the same until there is a move to change the post-tenure review. Dr. Cochran does want to meet with the Committee or faculty.

The vice president wants to make changes so that it does not take 8 to 10 years to dismiss a tenured track person. F. Stephen suggested the vice president should be directly involved in these conversations and make direct proposals. The vice president has been given specific assessments regarding post-tenure review and has been asked to inform us of what he is proposing. The vice president has not responded as he is waiting for legal counsel. The vice president believes the Ad Hoc Committee has not been willing to move on a post-tenure review process. F. Stephen suggested the vice president and Dr. Cochran should be in attendance for direct discussions and evaluations of what is incorrect about what has been said.

There was discussion regarding sending the vice president a letter and C. Rosenkrans will ask Sandi Caster to arrange a meeting date. C. Rosenkrans will send an email to Milo Shult and Mark Cochran asking about specific issues related to accountability.

C. Rosenkrans did not get a letter to M. Shult regarding the P&T documents mirroring what the College does. J. Webb suggested delaying this if we need to do so.

The Ad Hoc Committee Report and the Resolution Committee Report have been perceived as not going in the same direction, but the co-signatory power suggestion was not in conflict. F. Stephen suggested the election results should be sent to all faculty.

Faculty membership

T. Costello has the most updated email list of the faculty members. According to the by-laws, we need to have an accurate list by January. C. Rosenkrans will distribute the list to the department heads requesting it be updated.

Nominations for chair-elect

T. Costello will send out the call for nominations to the faculty. We would like to have two candidates. J. Webb asked about terms and suggested appointing a committee.

7. Announcements - None

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Submitted by
Carmen Alessi