Faculty Council Minutes-November 2005

November 11, 2005

3:30 p.m. Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty Present: J. Turner, Chair, D. Johnson, Chair-Elect, L. Parsch (AEAB), H. Brown (ANSC), M. Stewart (CSES), A. Proctor (FDSC), T. Killian (HESC), D. Karcher (HORT), G. Milus (PLPA), D. Donoghue (POSC)
Others Attending:
D. Graham – Administration
R. Roeder – Administration
M. Fitch-Hilgenberg – Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee
N. Hettiarachchy – Agriculture Curriculum Subcommittee
S. Bajwa (BAEG)
D. Johnson (ENTO)
1. Call to Order - J. Turner, Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:34 p.m.
2. Agenda - J. Turner added nominating the chair-elect to the agenda for the Council for 2006. The vote on this position will be taken at the faculty meeting on December 7. L. Parsch made motion to approve agenda as amended. D. Karcher seconded. Motion approved.
3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the October 2005 meeting of the Faculty Council were presented for approval. L. Parsch suggested clarification regarding the elimination of the committees. D. Johnson made motion to approve as amended. L. Parsch seconded the motion. Motion approved.
4. Reports
A. D. Graham – Administration
1. Report
Undergraduate Research Proposals- Ten undergraduate research proposals were submitted and funded in amounts from $500 to $1000 for a total of $8400. A committee chaired by Ken Korth with J. Foote, G. Erf and F. Stephen reviewed the proposals and provided reviewer comments to each student mentor. Letters of notification will be mailed next week to the students and mentors.
Carver Program- The invitation for departmental participation in the Carver program has been recently distributed. This program is designed to increase racial diversity of graduate students on campus. The Carver student will receive $3200 research stipend, while the faculty mentor receives $600 for support. The cost is $2750 for the academic unit and the college pays another $2750 as a match. Each department was encouraged to participate in the program. A memo indicating interest should be submitted to the Dr. Geren in the Graduate School.
Diversity Plan- A new college diversity plan will be developed this year. Dr. Weidemann will chair this group.
Program Changes- There are numerous program changes and course changes being processed this semester in order to make the catalog deadline. These changes of are particular importance due to recent legislation in ACT 1014 which is a guaranteed study plan for 8 semesters. All departments have been asked to edit the catalog, degree program plans, descriptions of courses and web page revisions. This will be due in January.
Honors Program Concerns- Faculty Council representatives were asked to respond to questions and comments from the Honors College Dean. D. Graham also expressed concern that only seven instructors were carrying the load of the honors programs and there were over 100 students enrolled in the honors program in the college. Ideas were solicited as to the lack of interest.
Committees- The college faculty committees are out of date as posted on the web site. Each department is to send new committee members, especially on the Awards committee which must be organized in January.
Higher Education Challenge grants are due in February.
B. R. Roeder – Administration
1. Report
The RFP for Rice, Research and Promotion Board grants went to the department heads last week. Proposals are due December 21.
Animal Health Grants call for proposals sent on October 5. Proposals were due on October 14.
Division of Agriculture entered into an agreement with the Judd Hill Foundation in Truman, AR which is a cotton plantation operated in conjunction with ASU.
The division is looking to get out of the Delta Branch Station. It is a small station and expensive to operate.
The Experiment Station reopened the Newport Experiment Station which has 500 acres of soybean and corn. It also houses a quail habitat recovery. 400 acres have been leased to a cattle operator.
C. Graduate Council
D. Graham shared recent changes in the policies for readmission to Graduate School and the new time extension policy. The new proposed policies are attached.
D. Faculty Senate
No report.
5. Standing Committee Reports
A. N. Hettiarachchy, Agriculture subcommittee (see handout)
1. Course Changes:
AGEC 4303 – AgriBusiness Entrepreneurship (Change course title, content and pre-requisites)
AGEC 5133 – Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economics (Changed from AGEC 4413 – Economics of Environmental Management)
2. Program Changes
AGECMS – change in requirements. Added ECON 5233; Elective hours reduced to 9 from 12; ECON 5233 became pre-requisite for ECON 5533.
L. Parsch moved to approve the changes. H. Brown seconded the motion. Motion approved.
B. M. Fitch-Hilgenberg, Human Environmental Sciences subcommittee (see handout)
1. Interior Design Course Changes:
HESC 3813 – Studio IV (name, content and credit hour change to 5 hours)(HESC 3815
2. Food, Human Nutrition and Hospitality Course Changes:
HESC 2643 – Principles of Tourism (new course)
HESC 3623 – Festival and Event Management (new course)
HESC 4663 – Seminar in Issues and Trends in Tourism (dual credit)
HESC 4673 – Global Destination Management (dual credit)
HESC 5663 – Readings in Hospitality and Restaurant Management (new course)
T. Killian motioned to approve the changes. H. Brown seconded the motion. Motion approved.
6. Old Business
A. By-law changes dropping Computer Committee and Teaching & Advising Excellence Committee (see handout)
L. Parsch presented the proposals to eliminate the two committees under discussion. Faculty Council agreed to delete these two committees, B5 and B6 along with items E and F from the By-laws. Also, a title change under D2 will be changed from Coordinator of Student Affairs to Coordinator of Student and Alumni Relations.
After the College Faculty Meeting in December, T. Costello will email a ballot to faculty to be voted on for the elimination of these two committees.
B. Report on called faculty meeting to discuss proposed change in hiring practice
A special faculty meeting was held on November 4th with Dr. Weidemann. Dr. Shult agreed to come for a special meeting after the College Faculty Meeting to address questions from faculty regarding the hiring practice.
D. Johnson (ENTO) motioned to approve the special meeting for VP Shult to address faculty and to follow the College Faculty meeting. A. Proctor seconded the motion. Motion approved.
7. New Business
A. Milo Shult will join the faculty meeting on December 7.
Faculty Council needs to get a list of questions to send to Dr. Shult. He will then make a PowerPoint presentation for the meeting following with an open discussion. Faculty Council proposes to have the College Faculty Meeting at 9am, a brief intermission and then Dr. Shult at 10:30am.
G. Milus gives handout suggesting the format of how to send questions to Dr. Shult.
L. Parsch suggests having an Ad Hoc Committee and has suggestions of the people who might volunteer to be on the committee. M. Stewart motioned to approve the Ad Hoc Committee. A. Proctor seconded the motion.
L. Parsch amends D. Johnson to be the chair of the committee. D. Johnson will ask the volunteers if they would be willing to sit on the committee. G. Milus volunteered to join.
M. Stewart finished the motion. D. Johnson (ENTO) seconded the motion. Motion approved.
8. Nomination for Chair-Elect
1. Please ask your faculty to volunteer and have your names by the College Faculty Meeting on December 7.
9. Inquiries from the Faculty – None
10. Announcements
1. College Faculty Meeting is December 7 at 9am in the POSC Auditorium.
2. Dr. Barrentine is leaving the university.
11. Meeting Adjourned – D. Johnson made motion to adjourn. A. Proctor seconded the motion.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:11 p.m.
Respectively submitted.
Alonna Still