Faculty Council Minutes -- March 2011

March 18, 2011
Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty present
Charles Rosenkrans – ANSC (Substitute for Hayden Brown)
Kristofor Brye - CSES (Chair-elect)
Ron Buescher – FDSC
Ken Korth - PLPA
Jeff Miller – AEED (Chair)
Cindy Moore - HESC
Brad Murphy – HORT
Scott Osborn – BAEG
Dan Rainey - AEAB
Thad Scott – CSES
Others Present
Nilda Burgos – University Faculty Senate
Administrators present:
Michael E. Vayda – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Academic Programs
Rick Roeder – Interim Associate Vice President-Research, Division of Agriculture -Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
Lona Robertson – Associate Dean
Jean-Francois Meullenet – Department Head, Food Science
Call to Order – Jeff Miller, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.
Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve the February 18, 2011, Faculty Council minutes. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Administration Reports
Division of Agriculture – Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
Interim Associate Vice President – Research, Rick Roeder
Commodity board funding meetings were held this month. Rice Promotion Board met two weeks ago to consider 28 grant proposals, including three ecosystems, equaling $3,263,800. Funding was given to 19 proposals equaling $2,870,000. Dr. Roeder noted that this is direct money to faculty with no overhead. Normal funding has been in the $2.2 million to $3.0 million.
The Soybean Promotion Board met last week to review 50 grant proposals equaling $3,123,230. Funding was given to 46 proposals equaling $2,604,000. This funding also is direct money to faculty.
The Director's Office is preparing a report of accomplishments to submit to USDA.
Bumpers College - Dean Mike Vayda
Dr. Andy Proctor will serve as Director of International Programs for the College. Laurie Apple will replace Lona Robertson as coordinator of the Apparel Studies Area. The College is sponsoring Leadership Development Opportunities to both Laurie Apple and Jeff Miller.
Summer Session revenue model will go into effect July 1, 2011, hoping to spur innovations and creativity. Once the number of students is provided to break even, in terms of covering the costs of the instructors, the excess would be shared with the College and the Provost's office – 75/25 split.
Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences' review concluded on March 4 and a final response will be coming soon. The Horticulture Review process will begin on March 27 with an external committee meeting in Little Rock.
The Promotion and Tenure timelines have changed for 2011 to help develop and provide lists of external reviewers in a timely manner.
Dean Vayda and Dean Saxena met with and charged the BAEG Department to develop curriculum for a standalone biomedical engineering major. The parallel charge for the BAEG faculty is to develop an ecological ag focus in line with the AFLS mission and depends on availability of institutional funds. The engineering faculty housed in the BAEG Department will develop curriculum with no assistance from Bumpers College faculty.
The Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee has reviewed a proposal for Culinology joint project between the College and Northwest Arkansas Community College and is moving to disclosure and is working on a draft Memorandum of Understanding and will have it completed with the next month.
The Romeo Short reception was held on Saturday, March 12 in the Atrium of the AFLS Building to recognize top scholars.
The Scholarship Committee met last Thursday, March 10 and met with a sub-committee of department heads and Drs. Mike Vayda and Lona Robertson on Friday, March 11.
Some of the feedback from departments regarding the Scholarship Committee's standard operating procedures included:
• Inconsistency in awarding land grant scholarships. In the past students who received Chancellor's scholarships or other significant scholarships were not awarded college scholarships; therefore these students were not encouraged by the departments to apply for college scholarships. This year, however, the Committee changed their practice and did award scholarships to those students who had been awarded significant scholarships.
• According to the guidelines, only one graduate student scholarship is funded annually, but the Committee awarded a second $13,000 graduate student scholarship this year.
• The associate dean is supposed to chair the Scholarship Committee meeting, which did not happen this year. Associate Dean Robertson will reconvene the Committee on March 30.
• The Scholarship Committee voted that BAEG students are not eligible for any of the College's scholarships, which is inconsistent with practice for most years of the past decade.
• Some applicants had no "scoring" for several criteria entered by the department, lowering their ranking inappropriately; this appears to have been the result of oversight or mislabeling.
• Ranking of students were questioned and seemed inconsistent.
• Oversight by the Associate Dean and Scholarship Administrator is instrumental in making sure that correct information is entered into the spreadsheets as students do not have the opportunity to review.
• The approach to awarding scholarships appears to be weighted to criteria that are not specified in either the wording of the individual scholarships nor specified in written guidelines.
Students have not been notified of awards but hopefully they will be notified by April 1. The Scholarship Committee is to reconvene on March 31 to review the operations of the committee as there are no written standard operating procedures. In the future the Scholarship Committee would like to use only one scholarship application to serve both the college and departments. The Scholarship Committee has not submitted the scholarship decisions for review by the Faculty Council as required by the Faculty Council By-Laws.
During the question and answer session with Drs. Vayda and Robertson, Chair Jeff Miller noted that decision-making authority related to academic awards and scholarships falls under the direct authority of the faculty and therefore are the responsibility of Faculty Council and the faculty members on the scholarship and awards committees.
Bumpers College – Associate Dean Lona Robertson
Dr. Robertson met with the Awards Committee two weeks ago to select four student awards for the college. Dr. Robertson would like to encourage a greater response in nominations for 2012.
International Programs Committee awarded $4,500 in travel grants to 10 students. The College may need to do fundraising to support study abroad. The AFLS 2003 class for 2011 has been cancelled this fall and an appropriate course will be substituted. Dr. Robertson and the Committee will work on the content of the course, establish consistency and work on the minor.
Standing Committee Reports
University Faculty Senate – Nilda Burgos
The drop deadline for courses will be the 13th week, not the 11th week. Teaching evaluations are moving to online evaluations. Please submit your concerns or recommendations to Ro Dibrezzo as soon as possible. Saturday finals may be removed if there is a need to do so. Regarding promotion and tenure, changes are being contemplated for post tenure review and changes have been made regarding list of external reviewers.
Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee – No Report

HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee – Cindy Moore
The HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee meeting was held via email on March 11, 2011. The School of Human Environmental Sciences (HESC) is continuing to work on the HESC Curriculum Handbook. There was a vote to cross list HESC 5443 with GERO 5263, which passed. This vote was originally passed at the November 13, 2009 meeting. However, GERO is just now putting their paperwork through and requested an additional round of voting. The HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee voted yes and the cross-listing is now being brought forward to the Faculty Council for another vote.
Graduate Council Report – Jeff Miller
Report submitted by Larry Purcell and Mike Richardson
The Graduate Council met Thursday, March 17. Most of the meeting dealt with program changes in Engineering and Education and Health Programs.
The Graduate Council did approve elimination of the residency requirement for doctoral students. It is not clear when this will go into effect.
In other business related to our faculty, the following faculty from Bumpers College were approved for Graduate Faculty:
• Anna Bandelrova, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, IIt
• Damon J. Crook, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Entomology, IIt
• Dieter Kirschke, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, IIt
• Robert R. Martin, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology, IIt
• Barbara Miltova, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, IIt
• Wim Verbeke, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, IIt
Old Business – Jeff Miller
Review of Faculty Council By-Laws and responsibilities and College Faculty Standing Committees. The Promotion and Tenure Committee has a working set of procedures and feels they adhere to the Faculty Council By-Laws. They do feel there should be more consistency among departments. The Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee feels it adheres to the bylaws but is reviewing its procedures to determine if updates are necessary. The HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee is also reviewing its bylaws, which need minor updates. Neither the Awards Committee nor the Scholarship Committee has any written documentation of standard operating procedures.
College Core Questions for Course Evaluations. Concern was expressed that questions that include subjectivity should be avoided. Nilda Burgos will check to learn if the University has selected core questions yet, if it is possible to add an answer option of N/A and if individual faculty can add their own questions if course includes a lab, is a distance course, etc.
The five college core questions from the Purdue Validated Question list as selected by the Faculty Council to include for course evaluations are:
The content of this course is consistent with the objectives of the course.
My instructor explains difficult material clearly.
The teaching methods used in this course enable me to learn.
My instructor provides me with assistance when asked.
Meaningful feedback on tests and other work is provided.
A motion was made and seconded to accept the five questions listed above as the college core questions, assuming they are not included in the University's five questions. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Faculty Senators. Carmen has received bio information from two of the four nominees with today being the deadline for submission of bios.
New Business – Jeff Miller
Parking Issues. The opposition was not strong enough and was too late to reverse decisions to affecting faculty and handicapped parking in Lots 2, 8 and 9. Lot 2 was scheduled to be closed at 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, March 18.
The next Faculty Council meeting will be at 3:30 pm on April 15 in the Rosen Center 2nd floor conference room.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm.
Submitted by
Carmen Alessi