Faculty Council Minutes -- March 2010

March 19, 2010
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty present:
Laurie Apple – HESC (Chair)
Sreekala Bajwa - BAEG
Kristofor Brye – CSES
Latha Devareddy – FDSC
Don Edgar – AEED
Donn Johnson - ENTO
Ken Korth – PLPA
Cindy Moore - HESC
Aaron Patton – HORT
Daniel Rainey – AEAB

Others Present:
Dave Kreider – Chair, Agriculture Curriculum Committee
Kelly Way – Chair, HESC Curriculum Committee

Administrators present:

Lalit Verma, Interim Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Academic Programs
Donna Graham, Associate Dean

Call to Order – Laurie Apple, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda with two updates. Dr. Graham will be late to the meeting and will give her report when she arrives. Duane Wolfe will not be attending today's meeting and Dr. Graham will give Dr. Wolfe's report. Motion adopted by voice approval.

Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve February 19, 2010 Faculty Council Minutes adding clarification under the University Faculty Senate report regarding teacher evaluations not being shared with anyone. Clarification includes teacher evaluations are not to be shared with anyone other than the instructor of record. Motion adopted by voice approval.

Administration Reports

Division of Agriculture – Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
Interim Dean Lalit Verma (for Mark Cochran)

NIFA will announce on March 23 their AFRI competitive funding program. Roger Beechy will host a Web cast on Tuesday between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Details will be provided as they become available.

Bumpers College - Interim Dean Lalit Verma

Promotion and tenure deadlines will be moved up this year with the provost's deadline for deans to submit promotion and tenure packages changing from December 22 to December 10. The College Committee's deadline will be November 15 and promotion and tenure nomination packets will be due to the dean's office by October 25. Preliminary discussions with department heads will be held the first week of August. Notification to department heads to initiate the promotion and tenure process will go out the first week in June.

Beginning in fall of 2010 each college will be responsible for maintaining official transcripts of terminal degrees of new hires. The dean's office will coordinate with the department heads to insure the official transcript is on file.

Dr. Verma has requested department heads to provide names of faculty who are eligible for three-year reviews.

The campus has a Graduation Rate Task Force with representatives from each college. Drs. Lalit Verma and Gisela Erf are reps from Dale Bumpers College with assistance from Alice Griffin.

Each college is being surveyed to learn how much is being spent for commencement ceremonies.

No decision has been made as to the space in the Ag Annex that will be temporarily made available for Interior Design as it moves to the School of Architecture.

A Future Farmers of America (FFA) event will take place on April 16. The college will help in providing two buses for tours of the University's campus to the FFA students and teachers.

Bumpers College – Associate Dean Donna Graham

There have been many curriculum changes and time has been spent with each unit talking about becoming engaged in distance education initiatives. Three items being discussed by campus include 1) a fall break, 2) implementing background checks beginning with those employees who work with children, and 3) centralized scheduling.

University Faculty Senate

A summary page was provided to each Faculty Council member.

Ag Curriculum Committee – Dave Kreider

A draft of the AFLS Curriculum Committee meeting of March 1, 2010 was provided to each Faculty Council member. There was one item of old business regarding Communications Intensive (CI) courses. A motion was made and approved for each committee member to discuss with their respective departments using foreign language as an added communication course. New business included a program change in Animal Science to allow students to fulfill the CHEM requirements with either CHEM 1074/CHEM 1071L or CHEM 1123/CHEM 1121L and to allow organic chemistry requirements to be met with either CHEM 2613/CHEM 2611L or CHEM 3603/CHEM 3601L.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the Ag Curriculum Committee report. Motion adopted by voice approval.

HESC Curriculum Committee – Laurie Apple

A summary page was provided to each Faculty Council member. Kelly Way has been elected to serve as chair-elect and will serve as Curriculum Chair for 2010-2011. Changes in HESC curriculum include 1) add graduate level credit to APST 4901, 2) a decision to delete or deem inactive HESC 3673L was tabled, and 3) junior standing was added as a prerequisite to RSOC 4603.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the HESC Curriculum Committee's report. Motion adopted by voice approval.

Graduate Council Report – Donna Graham

There was some confusion of the proposal regarding dissertation hours. The actual proposal was that the only thing firm within a dissertation program is the number of hours. The proposal was should there be a minimum number of platform course hours. Graduate Council voted to leave it as is.

The second proposal referred to having a specified limit on the number of special problems. It was proposed to have 9 hours. The Graduate Council voted to leave it as is.

Old Business – Laurie Apple
Nominations Committee
There were five faculty members who agreed to be nominated for Faculty Senate: Bruce Ahrensen, Nilda Burgos, Tom Costello, Robert Harrington, and Mary Savin. Dr. Apple requested bios on each candidate and would like to hold the vote electronically.

Department Heads Voting Status
The departmental results on deciding if department heads should be included as voting members of faculty are as follows: AEAB-No, AEED-No, ANSC-No, BAEG-No, CSES-No, ENTO-Yes, FDSC-No, HORT-No, HESC-No, PLPA-No. There was no response received from POSC.

The departmental results on allowing department heads to petition to be included as voting members of faculty are as follows: AEAB-No, AEED-No, BAEG-No, CSES-Yes, ENTO-Yes, HORT-Yes, HESC-No, PLPA-No. There were no responses received from ANSC, FDSC, and POSC. Laurie Apple will contact those departments who have not responded.

After discussion, clarification of administration by the unit heads is needed in the By-Laws. Dr. Apple will meet with Dr. Verma to follow up.
New Business – Laurie Apple
Honors Program
The new GPA requirement for entering freshmen in fall 2010 is 3.50. Students will have to complete 9 hours of honors courses from any college across the university plus 6 hours of thesis. Previously, the requirement was 6 hours within Bumpers College of honors courses and 6 hours of thesis.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the new guidelines for the Honors Program. Motion adopted by voice approval.

Nominations for campus governance positions are needed for faculty chair. Three nominations are needed to hold the election. Faculty Senate has three at-large positions. Six nominations are needed to hold the election. There are four at-large positions for promotion and tenure committee. Please contact Curt Rom if anyone is interested in being nominated.

Next Faculty Council meeting – April 16, 2010
Spring Faculty meeting – April 30, 2010

Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by
Carmen Alessi